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  1. Got my popcorn ready for this one.
  2. Same just finished episode 6.
  3. “That’s what you get when you don’t leave the space”
  4. I’d love to know how many times Lewis had yielded to Max pre silverstone because I seem to remember a lot. You could see that incident brewing in races beforehand. Your only racing technique can’t just be expecting your opposition to move or crash as Max’s seem to be.
  5. I wonder when max will get his reality check, he still just strikes me as an overly entitled kid empowered by a bad combo of Horner & Marko. I’m genuinely worried about both his safety & the safety of other drivers. Will it take a tragedy for him to realise every overtake isn't literally do or die? I get I’m biased & Lewis is a very hard racer but looking back over the season bar Silverstone Lewis will be the one to back out, never feels like it’s the other way & look at where we are now. Without the halo today could’ve been an absolute tragedy, & the worst bit is even if that was the case I get zero sense that would change anything for Max.
  6. For me it’s still Max revving the car while his nose is in the gravel & his rear is in the air on another car. I know it’s all heat of the moment but fuck that!!! I want to see a full replay of when lewis tries to reverse, I’ve only seen him try when Max has walked past the car with zero fucks. apologies in advance if I’ve missed anything major but the wheel spin is just SO fucking dangerous in the circumstances.
  7. Buzzing for Mclaren. Take it home lads!
  8. Also max did the same in reverse to lewis on lap1, just without Hamilton’s car flying over Max’s head
  9. after, Max’s arse is in the air after going over another car in the gravel & still spins the wheels up. WTF
  10. I’m biased to lewis I know, I’m worried this fight could end very badly. Neither will yield, Max is FAR to happy for cars to touch, how many times have we seen this now?
  11. Fuck max spinning his wheels right by lewis face. Jesus
  12. Sick!! such good times, loved that League.
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