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  1. This should be interesting...
  2. Looks interesting. Defo willing to give this a go. Scorsese vibes.
  3. I loved how he never spoke Bar the show. Amazingly well played by both I though. Essentially just a couple of lines of dialogue (Bar the show) in the whole chapter.
  4. Absolutely loved this. To echo the above the panning chapter was visually mind blowing & such an amazing story. I loved the darkness of it, just a reflection of the reality of that time IMO. No sugar coating it. The harshest bit for me felt like the thespian for the chicken & how that panned out. i need to watch the last chapter again but the subtle shifting in the lighting was so beautifully done.
  5. I view the Ham thing very differently after hearing Sir was on an out lap. Yeah Ham shouldn’t make a sudden movement with a car behind but you also wouldn’t be expecting a car on an outlap to be coming around quite like that IMHO.
  6. The ending was just so... Is that it? So much shit left open ended & then just a total damp squib. I couldn't have cared less about any of them main characters by that point.
  7. Watched it all, load of shite. Terrible ending. Not worth anyones time IMHO.
  8. God damn, that solo at the end is stunning.
  9. Sorry if this has already been covered earlier in the thread but is anyone on PS4 having an issue installing the data disc. It’s consistently crashing around the 20GB mark & just says install error. Looking here I don’t seem to be alone... https://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/PS4-Support/Red-Dead-Redemption-2-not-installing/td-p/25859049#thread-replies
  10. I’ve crumbled for the first time in years, just grabbed this & renewed my PS+. lets see if I’ve still got it
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