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  1. I think King on game pass is a bigger deal than CoD. You get Candy Crush on game pass (or free items or whatver) and you open it up to a whole new market.
  2. Backbone is an odd game. Completed it a while ago. It has a really, really fantastic first act, then it takes a left turn and the quality drops massively, before a rushed ending that leaves you thinking "is that it?"
  3. The Switch needs a grip to play handheld without getting cramps. It's one of the least ergonomic gaming devices ever made straight out of the box.
  4. Don't care about console-only 30fps ray tracing modes. Show me the PC ray tracing with all the settings cranked at stupid fps please.
  5. Yeah, all the podcasts I listen to have very much been 7/10-type impressions, so it is wild to see that the actual reviews have been so universally positive. Shows how dead criticism is in the review format.
  6. Fine, replace the word journalism with criticism, the point still stands.
  7. Video game 'journalism' is an exercise in rewarding big budget games with big scores.
  8. Canopy near me are closing too: https://www.instagram.com/p/CkqFYeHInvc/ Doubt they will be the last.
  9. I will give you Elden Ring but the new GoW is the most 7/10 game out there. It's just shiny and expensively produced, it does nothing new, interesting or original. It's also overlong, and needed an editor.
  10. If you buy the ring controller you can absolutely emulate Ring Fit Adventure on a steam deck. Any Switch based periperal can be used with Yuzu.
  11. The N64 emulation runs better than it does on the Switch, thats for sure. So do half the Switch games!
  12. Here is an uncomfortable truth - absolutely everything is covered in poo particles. Especially everything outside your house. Every single door available to the public for example, is covered in poo particles. You can play every single Nintendo first party game ever made on the Steam Deck. VR is a gimmick that is mind blowing for about a week then quickly ends up sat in a corner, unused. Ultimately most people's lives aren't compatible with strapping something to your face and shutting out the entire world for hours at a time. Nobody has solved that issue yet.
  13. Just Cause 2 is on Steam and plays perfectly on the Deck if you use -dx11 in the launcher, FYI: Will run a lot better than a PS3 emulated copy.
  14. Destroying money in a cost of living crisis is a nice thing to do to be honest - if we destroyed £1bn of cash tomorrow everyone's money would go a hell of a lot further. Prices might fall too.
  15. Jak & Daxter 1 is better than Mario Sunshine. Significantly better.
  16. I am about 15 hours into this. I love the actual remake bits but my god, there is an insane amount of filler isn't there? It feels like the whole game should have been around 20 hours. It needed an editor.
  17. Yeah, this is me at the moment. I have a 3080 and am curious about the 4090, but I'm still on a 1440p screen. Can't really see any benefits until I go 4k.
  18. We got 12/18 people tickets (including me). Two out of three groups. I got my group at about 10:16, well after they announced they had sold out. Even more technical issues than usual this year - I got to the payment page twice and it timed out after putting in card details. That has never happened before. We will all try in the resale for the last group.
  19. Isaac

    Confidence Man

    What an amazing gig that was. The level of energy was insane: VID_84820427_030235_315.mp4
  20. Isaac

    Confidence Man

    This is one of my favourites, so much energy when it takes off at the end: The video is great too.
  21. Anyone trying to get tickets this year? Nobdy in my group of 20 got through on the coaches yesterday, going to try again on Sunday.
  22. Isaac

    Confidence Man

    I'm off to see them at Koko tomorrow night - they're doing a DJ set until 4am after, might pop along to that too. Buzzing for it!
  23. Isaac


    Quick listen to 11 this morning and wow, these aren't just EPs and off-cuts, are they? 11 sounds like a proper, full featured sequel to 9. And that's just one of the albums!
  24. Steam reviews complain about how there's no colour-space reproduction, they are laggy, the music is glitchy, and there isn't even an options menu to adjust settings. You're better off emulating them on a deck.
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