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  1. Underperforming in the context of 37% growth instead of 48% is still quite a lot of growth. It tells me they were extremely bold in their SaaS growth projections. Series X ongoing supply shortages can't be helping either.
  2. Microsoft own Azure, which is 20% of the entire cloud computing market. Suffice to say, they have a hell of a lot higher capacity than Sony. Hell, Sony hosts PS Now on Azure. Game Pass now has over 30 million subscribers.
  3. Good luck avoiding any spoilers for this for ten weeks given how massive it is.
  4. I renewed my game pass for three years for £70 using the Turkish gold codes and a VPN. I think thats probably the cheapest you can do at the moment.
  5. It had teething problems back when they were migrating from the Windows Store to the dedicated Xbox app in Windows 10. It's been rock-solid for a while now though. You get the occasional issue when a game is first released if the developer hasn't kept the PC game pass version updated to the same extent as the Steam version (The Ascent), but this is also massively improving. But as someone who plays Game Pass games pretty much exclusively on PC pretty much every day with no issues, calling it 'shite' is massively missing the mark.
  6. As someone who mainly plays game pass on PC, this statement is total tosh.
  7. Everyone on the forum who isn't a PS5 gamer just has Game Pass and is drowning in games to play for their subscription, and this whole £70 dilemma seems like it's coming from another planet.
  8. On a lighter note, anybody else ordered their craft beer advent calendars yet? I'm trying to decide between the Hop Burns and Black Advent Calendar and the Craft Metropolis one, both seem great. Here's what was included in the HB&B one last year: https://www.hopburnsblack.co.uk/blogs/news/our-2020-hb-b-big-beery-advent-calendar-revealed
  9. Yet another #metoo shitshow in the craft beer world, disappointingly. This time it's several ex-employees at the global beer company Mikkeller who have alleged sexual harassment and gender bullying. Mikkeller have not handled it well. After their CEO went on air denying the allegations a bunch of breweries (including DEYA, Kernal, Verdant, Boundary, Track and others) have pulled out of their upcoming beer festival in Copenhagen: https://www.goodbeerhunting.com/sightlines/2021/11/under-pressure-breweries-withdraw-from-mikkeller-beer-festival-in-response-to-sexual-harassment-allegations Following pressure from these breweries, Mikkeller have issued an updated statement on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CU5EyGONUZ9 Read the comments for more victims statements and experiences, it's really grim: Fuck Mikkeller it seems.
  10. This starts slower than any Metroid game I've played previously, and filled with boring lore I dont care about. Admittedly the last one I properly played was Super Metroid. Does it continue throwing cutscenes and dialogue at you throughout?
  11. Yeah I always thought it was because Edge shut the place down.
  12. Anybody got a link to the Discord the ERA PC community set up?
  13. Yep, was enjoying this again and now Ben has shat all over it.
  14. Yep, I watched 30 seconds of that 'first 8 minutes' trailer then bailed as I don't want to spoil actually playing the intro. The intro to FH4 was probably my favourite gaming moment last gen.
  15. Most of Bill Murray's lines in the original Ghostbusters were ad libbed.
  16. I mean wrestling is literally live theatre, this guy plays to a crowd day in day out for years. Of course he will be a natural. This is why so many wrestlers make for great streamers.
  17. This absolutely nails my thoughts on the game. The visuals are outstanding, but the music is probably the most forgettable music in a game I've played this year.
  18. I loved her last one and thought it was massively underrated - I didn't see the new one is out. Will immediately give it a go.
  19. What's the performance like? That IGN gameplay video posted a few days ago looked choppy as fuck, was hoping it was just the capture...
  20. Well, there go my evening plans. Half of my friends are on PC and half on PS5. What a bunch of bullshit.
  21. They have already confirmed you can opt in or out of console & PC cross compatibility, the same as CoD.
  22. I'm downloading the PC beta now. Does anybody know if the beta has cross play enabled?
  23. That's handheld - it does any resolution you like plugged into a screen. Game-dependent, of course. But I imagine there's a ton of indie games it'll run in 4k.
  24. Yakuza is Shenmue with a coherent plot, sense of humour, and a decent combat system. The fact you like one and not the other is genuinely odd.
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