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  1. Season 2 is where the show really takes off and explores its themes in more depth, it's by no means worse than season 1 - it's where the show really becomes a masterpiece.
  2. Think we need to get some rllmuk games going on this - it absolutely sings when you are playing in a squad, but is pretty frustrating playing alone.
  3. There is no fan/menu issue with the Xbox One X, although the patch issue being fixed would be nice.
  4. Yeah, in Trackmania's defense the base version of the old games was just as sterile as this new one looks - you need the community to make the maps, dedicated servers, and all the random music stuff. Hopefully there's sufficient customization options for that to happen here.
  5. Thanks for the pressure drop recommendation, that will be where I order my next case from. This Howling Hops lager is the best lager I've had in a long, long time: https://www.howlinghops.co.uk/product/packets-4-x-440ml/
  6. I would have gone absolutely apoplectic with only one hour combined screen time as a child, my main priority would be figuring out some way of circumventing that. It seems awfully strict.
  7. I'm loving this, it's reminding me so much of my old CS days. Me and two of my friends who used to play CS have begun playing it. Still getting my head around the abilities. Gravitating towards Jett at the moment.
  8. Yeah this is really really good. And as @kerraig UK mentioned, they handle the victimhood of the protagonist really well, she is a victim of a vicious assault and yet never loses agency within the plot at any point. It feels very grounded and real. I guess Fleabag probably felt real for frightfully middle class affluent people with millionaire parents, but this feels actually real. The nights out in East London and the whole portrayal of mid-20s London life is absolutely bang on. It's also consistently funny.
  9. Netflix has actually been posting very healthy profit margins lately, and with Covid leading to dramatically reduced production costs is actually looking cheap, when viewed through a P/E lens. I think Netflix's business ultimately is one of the more sustainable cloud businesses. They made $1.9 billion net profit in 2019 (and yes, they have a $3.3bn debt pile due to content production but that's been dented by a billion thanks to covid halting all production costs).
  10. This post was sponsored by Wether's Originals.
  11. I expected the Giant Bomb staff to be getting paid more than that - for a public facing media personality with easily six-figure weekly eyeballs (or ears, in the case of the podcast), $65k is below market rate. On Patreon you'd get more than that with a tenth the audience. I always figured the Giant Bomb staff would be earning pretty standard presenter salaries, say $100-120k. Guess I was wrong. Being a public facing media personality with an audience is a well paying job, but it's hard to break into. That's how the deal works. Anyway, the latest beastcast is well worth a listen, they really do a good job of grappling with the whole speaking out gaming thing, and their own role in some of the personalities who have been outed as abusers being featured on the podcast.
  12. Well they haven't though, have they? MS have explicitly laid it all out, Sony have said that the 'majority' of games will work, although no details of whether they will take advantage of the new hardware, and no details yet about whether you'll get PS5 versions of multiplatform PS4/5 released games.
  13. I don't think that there is a Microsoft requirement because I think literally every title ever released for Xbox One will work, with machine-learning based HDR and 4k/60fps support. Sony are still being quite patchy on it.
  14. I think because Microsoft already have a comprehensive BC software solution in place that allows you to play thousands of titles right from the original Xbox, whereas Sony have nothing in place at all yet beyond cloud streaming - and have typically resorted to hardware BC. Sony's messaging is also mixed in that while they say thousands of PS4 titles will be available at launch, they have also said that they will mandate any PS4 game released post-july will have to run (which suggests it's not automatic) and they haven't said anything about about PS3, PS2 or PS1 games
  15. If you can be arsed with the faff, I much prefer just ordering direct from different breweries every month, instead of giving money to another company skimming off the top. Plus you get to really sample all a brewery has to offer, typically. So far I've ordered variety crates from Partizan, Villages, Tiny Rebel, Hackney Hops, Brewdog, and I'm currently eyeing up a few others. I think my next order will probably be the mixed case from Brixton Brewery. Most breweries will do a mixed case of 24 cans for £45-55 delivered.
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