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  1. Yeah Rayman Legends is better than both NSMB:U and Tropical Freeze.
  2. Isaac

    The Division 2

    What? Ubisoft are one of the best publishers at continuously providing new content and updates for old games.
  3. Yes, please don't give a platform to these 'losers', it only encourages them.
  4. I am so happy that this swept the Oscars. A very worthy winner.
  5. I mean, I can understand if the film doesn't resonate with you, but I really don't think that this is an argument that can be leveled at parasite. How are the characters cartoons? One of the things I loved about it was that none of the characters are completely unsympathetic - it would have been easy to make the wealthy family cartoons of privilege, but they really aren't. In many ways they are likable.
  6. Short answer: No. It's a fucking masterpiece. It improves with every viewing too.
  7. I hope the only constant in the sequel is Benoit Blanc - I don't think we need to revisit Marta and the rest of the family. I want a totally new whodunnit. I guess bringing some of the police officers back would be fine too.
  8. Picross crossed with Phoenix Wright? Shut up and take my money!
  9. Give me a procedurally generated world / roguelike using the BotW engine and characters and I'll be a lot more interested.
  10. I've tried a bit of this on a 50MB connection and it looks much much worse than just streaming from my PC with something like Moonlight - and my PC only has a 1060.
  11. This launched a few days ago on Steam Early Access, although it seems pretty well developed already, barring some of the item descriptions and a truck customization system still to come, along with new territories. It already has voice acting and the soundtrack is complete. Big differences between this and Cook! Serve! Delicious! 2!!! is that in this one you are running a food truck - this means rather than having waves of rush hour followed by slow periods, instead you do a ton of prep in between stops, with a few advance orders on the road. They've also completely removed chores (such as dishwashing and taking out rubbish) which makes for a much more fun game. They also have added a proper campaign mode, with a campaign map and location-based progression. Last big change is being able to flick the right stick to serve all your ready dishes at once, which is great. Here is the launch trailer: They have also been very open with the Early Access updates, here: If you liked the first two, this is brilliant. It'll be great on Switch in Summer too.
  12. It's got fantastic art direction and a relatively interesting story, but the gameplay isn't great. I enjoyed playing through it though.
  13. Isaac

    Edge #342

    Why don't you find them interesting any more?
  14. This is basically exactly how I found this place too! I had every issue of that magazine until the PS2 came out.
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