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  1. Isaac

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    ...so much content! Going to have to try some custom stages now.
  2. Isaac

    Line of Duty (BBC)

    This is the only twist that makes it make sense I think, that it's a long con where he's baiting the corrupt officers out. However he is a stickler for the rules, and actually involving yourself in a dodgy financial scam doesn't exactly seem like the most effective way to expose it.
  3. Isaac

    Line of Duty (BBC)

    This bit is the most unbelievable part of the plot to me, more so than all the ott shootings and twists and turns. You're telling me that Hastings is clever enough to head the unit, yet stupid enough to fall for an investment scam twice in a row? Him falling for it once was hard to believe. It's completely out of character for him. He'd be a classic "keep all your money in a savings account" type person, he's incredibly risk averse. That whole plot point just doesn't ring true. I wish they'd gone with something else causing him financial difficulties. Perhaps an ill wife who's treatment isn't covered by the NHS or something. He just isn't the gambling type.
  4. Isaac

    Cook! Serve! Delicious! 2!!

    Let me know what you think of it if you get the chance. I'm still addicted to it.
  5. Isaac

    Cook! Serve! Delicious! 2!!

    This is now out on Switch, and is amazing. I've been playing for three hours straight this evening, it's gaming crack.
  6. Isaac

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Rayman Legends and South Park looking temptingly cheap in the sale...
  7. So if the extra money stayed in your pocket rather than went to the developers. What do you have against paying the people who made the game you're enjoying?
  8. Also Valve are libertarian bastards who are happy to host really, really dodgy shit on their storefront. Fuck Valve.
  9. This would be true if you gave zero fucks about how much of your money is going to the people who are making the games you buy.
  10. Isaac

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I fucking loved Cook Serve Delicious 2 on Steam. Bought.
  11. This could be this decade's Super Mario Bros movie. I'm in.
  12. Isaac

    Nintendo Switch

    Punch Out is good, but seriously, how many decent NES games are left? We want SNES games!
  13. Isaac

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    Never had you down as a fan of something so inherently preachy. It's the film version of being told off for two hours straight. In terms of good horror films, you could do a lot worse than starting with The Exorcist.
  14. Isaac

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    More on topic, I saw this last night and loved it. It perhaps doesn't have as much to say (and isn't as important) as Get Out, but it is thoroughly enjoyable. I love the earlier interpretation of it as a parable about middle class violence.
  15. Isaac

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    Funny Games isn't a horror film, it's a shitty psychological test from Michael Haneke, who completely misses both the point of horror films and misrepresents the role of violence in film, in a turgid attempt to make a point typically made in a PTA meeting. Please go and see some more good horror films.

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