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  1. Isaac

    XBOX gamepass and Xbox app coming to switch?

    No, they physically can't fix the lag due to the laws of physics. How many times does it need to be explained? They are pursuing it regardless not because they've managed to break the laws of physics, but because they are banking on enough people not giving a shit about input lag, or not knowing any better. This is a fairly safe bet, I imagine people like us that care are the distinct minority, and there will be more than enough casual players to make it economically viable. I think you are setting yourself up to be disappointed if you think that Microsoft has somehow invented a solution to the fact that data transmission isn't instantaneous.
  2. Isaac

    Fighting with my Family

    It's strange because it's got a great rotten tomatoes rating. I'm really looking forward to this, I'd written it off as dogshit but all the good reviews have me intrigued.
  3. Isaac

    Edge #330 | Shenmue III

    This is the worst post on here in quite some time. Tetris 99 is going to be rllmuk's 2019 GotY.
  4. Isaac

    XBOX gamepass and Xbox app coming to switch?

    Tons of kids are playing Fortnite over 4G on a phone using a touchscreen, clearly input quality really doesn't matter for a huge section of the market.
  5. Isaac

    XBOX gamepass and Xbox app coming to switch?

    So you've gone with Microsoft figuring out a way to break the laws of physics, rather than them just hoping that enough people won't care about the lag? That's certainly an interesting conclusion. As has been previously mentioned, enough people play games with a ton of lag thanks to the wrong TV setting, there is certainly a market for this kind of service with people who are looking for cheaper access to games and really don't give two shits about input lag.
  6. Only negative about the Switch edition is that it's significantly more expensive for a lot less game, as you don't get the expansions. Hopefully they'll fix this soon.
  7. Isaac

    Yoshi's Crafted World - demo out now

    It's almost as if some people think that design and art are more important than resolution. (Hint: they are)
  8. Isaac

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes! Love Trials. All depends on the handling though...
  9. Isaac

    Nintendo Switch

    Dead inside.
  10. Isaac

    Nintendo Switch

    Animal Crossing is out in 2019. Expect a full reveal at E3.
  11. Isaac

    Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo doesn't do long hype cycles. See Mario Maker 2. They announce and reveal more typically 3-6 months before release.
  12. Isaac

    Nintendo Switch

    Fill your boots.
  13. Isaac

    Nintendo Switch

    Also I echo the comment above that the way games are supposed to be played is while on the bog taking a shit. I don't get why anybody would buy any Indies anywhere except the Switch.
  14. Isaac

    Nintendo Switch

    I own a PS4 (that I haven't turned on in months) and a PC too - hardly a fanboy. I notice you haven't mentioned portability there. For many (me included), I'd happily sacrifice features, frame rate and resolution for portability. I just think it's nuts to say that the Switch is in a drought when I actually can't find the time to play all the games I have on it at the moment. Between Tetris 99, Katamari Rerolled, NSMB-U, Diablo 3 and Hyrule Warriors I have too much to play as it is, and that's before factoring in the ongoing Splatoon 2 and Smash Bros online support. I also bought FFIX the other day, fuck knows when I'll have a chance to play it. My commute is only 30 minutes each way! Unless you are actually unemployed or aren't interested in whole genres of game there are more games on Switch than any adult with committments could possibly find time to play.
  15. Isaac

    Nintendo Switch

    Maybe they're targeting the Switch Pro?

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