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  1. Given BotW was literally Nintendo playing magpie with western sandbox videogame concepts this post is fucking hilarious. I loved BotW, and it's more than the sum of its parts, but the parts it lifts are not innovative, in videogame terms. They were just innovative when applied to the Zelda template.
  2. At 55" the difference between 1440p and 4k is pretty much imperceptible sat more than about 1.5m from the screen. Perhaps it's worthwhile at larger sizes? Selling 8k TVs at 55" is properly stupid, mind.
  3. Dream Daddy is a genuinely great dating sim full of heart that is full of nothing but respect for it's queer audience, and the fact you find that laughable says a lot more about you than it does about her. The game isn't even really about dads dating dads - it's probably the best depicted father-daughter relationship ever in a game. Its spot on the list was well deserved.
  4. Watched this tonight. Was incredible. A really moving film, with a sympathetic view of asylum seekers and what they must go through. Was much scarier than I expected!
  5. These are two pretty broad buckets to put things in, but I'll give it a shot. Japanese development, bar a few exceptions, really lost its way around the PS3/360 era, conversely western development has gone from strength to strength. You'd lose so many more games if you went purely Japanese now - not in the least because the kindest thing one could say about Japan's indie scene is that it is nascent. In addition, so much Japanese development resource is now focused on mobile. They just aren't putting out the games they used to. I'm just talking co
  6. Either Brewdog's quality has massively dropped, or they've just been left behind by smaller brewers, but almost all their beers are thin and rubbish now. It's something about not being able to brew at scale perhaps. They are the best beer you're likely to find in an off license at 1am, but that's not really saying much.
  7. I do wonder what Digital Foundry are going to do with updates. These games are coming in hot thanks to the pandemic, and so they keep making videos and then having those videos be out of date a matter of days afterwards. The Valhalla tearing situation for example, that video came out then about a week later it was patched. The same thing happened with CoD if I recall, they mentioned something being broken on the Series S and then it was patched days later. What's the point in performance deep dives if the video is old news extremely quickly? I m
  8. This is so long. I'm now in Sussex and it's beginning to wear a bit thin. Might give up on it.
  9. Picked up this Kiwi import at my local bottle shop and it's excellent. Extremely smooth, hoppy and hazy IPA with a strong pineapple flavour. Need to pick up a few more.
  10. I've never tried much Thornbridge stuff - to be honest, they need to sort their marketing out. I'm going to order a case for the weekend to properly give them a try but the reason I've not tried them before is that I do tend to judge a beer by its cover, and their branding makes them look like supermarket own-brand beers. The font on their website is awful too - it's so thin it's hard to read. Looking at their stuff they just don't really fit in with the existing craft beer scene, which typically goes either minimalist and hipster or quirky and 'out-there', or puts artw
  11. CD Projekt Red's solution to RDNA2 ray tracing being poor is just to launch the game with no ray tracing on AMD cards on PC. We will see whether they manage to get it in a good state over time, but it doesn't bode well, does it?
  12. Not sure about next-gen, but the games got enhanced to run at native 4k on the One X.
  13. The ray tracing resolution on the consoles is already very low - I doubt it could be reduced much further without looking like total arse. These consoles just don't have the dedicated raytracing grunt required unfortunately.
  14. Bit of an unfair comparison really, considering you can do so much more with a PC than you can with a console. Also it's a bit of a waste of time surely - we know that PCs are massively more powerful and capable, so what's the point?
  15. Yeah the patch at launch for PS5 just allows it to do what the Xbox does by default - that is, take advantage of the power of the new console to run the old game at unlocked better frame rates, higher internal resolution etc.
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