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  1. Yeah Ron Funches is a really good edition to the podcast, I hope they bring him on again.
  2. I tried searching for an FKA Twigs thread, but couldn't find one - please feel free to merge if I have just missed it. Anyway, this release is brilliant. I've listened to it four times through now, and it gets better with every listen. It's so raw, introspective and honest, but also bold in terms of the production and the sound. It's a fantastic break up album, written after the end of her very public relationship with Robert Pattinson. The album really deserves a listen from start to finish, but this track is probably one of my favourites, it absolutely soars: Album link here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DXbR9WuupETfd?si=s8nvEEl3Sm2A-MH8M21CsQ And the pitchfork review is well worth a read too - https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/fka-twigs-magdalene/ Anybody else been listening to this?
  3. Isaac

    Best New Music 2019

    FKA Twig's new album is an absolutely exceptional piece of work. So much so that I might make a thread. I don't understand how someone can be so talented across so many disciplines
  4. I may have already posted this, but there is a guy on YouTube who rearranges genesis music who is an absolute wizard with the YM2612 chip. Listen to his rearrangement of the Golden Axe theme: It's even better than the arcade version.
  5. If you have already done overcooked, get Heave Ho:
  6. Isaac


    There are so many good side quests in each area.
  7. Isaac


    Maybe you played a different game? I actually felt the levelling system ruined it, in that from the first big area I was consistently 3-4 levels above the tasks I was completing, and as such I was over-levelled for everything. The side quests were great too, don't know what you're talking about. Most of them had multiple steps, decent plot, and usually included some sort of curve-ball you couldn't see coming. They weren't quite on the same level as the Witcher 3's side quests (but what is?) but they were clearly Witcher-inspired, and came really bloody close fairly often.
  8. Isaac


    I think it is a real shame that all their games feel similar because in terms of environmental design pretty much nobody can compete with Ubisoft. The Assassin's Creed games definitely need an engine change (the PC ports are absolutely awful - they need to steal the engine used for the Division) but otherwise they are beautiful historical wonders - the educational museum modes are fantastic. They just need to do some real thinking in terms of gameplay design and how to make their games distinct, individual entities. The Division 2 was much better than the first, I completed it and really enjoyed it, but they did make a mistake in rushing it out before Division 1 had run its course, and also hiding all of its best gear behind an 8 person raid.
  9. Isaac


    I respectfully disagree with this. It's not for everyone, but if it's for you, Assassin's Creed Origins (and Odyssey) really is amazing. They're both fantastic sandbox games with some of the best environments ever created in a game. The attention to detail in Origins' Egypt is really something.
  10. I just ordered this and it's arriving tomorrow, having finished the demo. My question is - the battles were getting very, very easy by the end of the demo. Is it worth restarting the game with the tough battles option switched on, or does the difficulty ramp up?
  11. Where can i find this? I can't see it on the homepage.
  12. Absolutely this, for introducing 10-year-old me to house music.
  13. Wow, just finished Top Boy. It's really really good, isn't it? End of season spoiler:
  14. Caught this last night. I thought this was brilliant. Easily the best musical I've seen in quite some time, the staging was great. I wasn't that familiar with the story at all either.
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