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  1. Thanks again for the help! Sorry for the slightly mute responses - still don't really know how to emote yet
  2. Really?! Thanks, that would be great! How do you send / receive items?
  3. Added myself to the Google Doc - this is our first Animal Crossing game, playing with my fiance. Added a few people from the doc as friends. It's brilliant isn't it? We are on day 3, museum is under construction having given him the 15 animals. One minor criticism - it didn't make it clear enough that eating fruit means you can destroy rocks, and so I then went around destroying all the rocks on my island. Which meant we were totally fucked when it came time to getting the 30 iron for the shop. Only one rock has respawned overnight, and it is the money rock. We have had to spend 2k nook miles a go to go to random islands, and still only have 20 iron nuggets. I really wish it made it clearer about eating fruit and destroying rocks. Didn't even realise they weren't meant to break until later on.
  4. I am also skeptical about all these no-name Youtubers popping out of the woodwork to defend a multinational corporation - coincidentally lauded by everybody already emotionally attached to a purchase they haven't even made yet.
  5. Bit of a boring question this. I'm a recent Xbox One X owner and I use the console a lot with headphones plugged into the controller late at night - this is rinsing AA batteries incredibly quickly. Is there a specific plug and charge controller kit that is better than others? Or am I best off just buying some rechargeable AAs?
  6. The ending of this was just perfect. The middle sags a bit, but it never got boring, and that ending had me in buckets.
  7. I wish this forum had a remind me function, because I bet this will have aged badly by this time next year
  8. I think the games reveal for MS was planned for E3 - so I expect to see a big online showcase of the Series X from a games perspective in early June. Sony weren't planning to be at E3, so I have absolutely no idea when they are planning to reveal some games.
  9. Nice shifting of the goalposts there. You asked for something 'real' running on a series X - that is Gears 5, running on the Series X, using graphical options and settings that would be impossible on the One X. Pretty much the definition of a real game running on the new hardware.
  10. We now know basically everything about the Xbox except price. MS have already said there won't be any Series-X exclusive games in the first year. We still know relatively little about the PS5 beyond a dry tech talk and a spec sheet. What little they have revealed about services (such as BC) has been muddied and confusing.
  11. I really hope that's bullshit. Imagine if Sony try to pull a re-remaster situation with the PS5, forcing you to rebuy all your PS4 games in 'PS5-enhanced' editions. Shit, maybe it is true.
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