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  1. And a twitlonger from someone who worked at Blizzard, calling out the behaviour of senior members of staff (and naming names): https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1srp3fb Trigger warning: descriptions of sexual harassment.
  2. A thread from the World of Warcraft lead designer calling out Activision for how terrible their statement was, and touching on how badly it's been received by staff.
  3. It's extremely tasty though and the small portions mean I can have it without feeling grim all afternoon/evening afterwards. Still enough food to fill you up.
  4. If you'd ever actually decided to eat there you'd realise that the 'generic cheeseburger' comes with a selection of 15 toppings that you can add to the burger for no extra cost: But you like Byron and GBK so your opinion on burger places is invalid. If you aren't after something sloppy like Five Guys and are in London and going to a chain then Honest and Shake Shack shit all over the likes of GBK and Byron from a great height. Plus as others have mentioned Byron should be boycotted for ratting out their underpaid immigrant workforce. Bunch of cunts at Byron.
  5. Bam has always been the shittiest of human beings. Really nasty guy.
  6. Blizzard is full of socially awkward nerds who have (mostly) spent years dreaming of working at Blizzard and are generally excited to be finally working for their dream company. Many of these socially awkward nerds will either be closet or open misogynists too. I don't think it's hard to imagine why they wouldn't stand up for the women affected. It's fucking inexcusable but all too easy to imagine.
  7. Arcade Berg looks like one of those people who's just started going to the gym a few times, made some newbie gains, and is feeling great so decides to show it all off in a t-shirt that's a size too small.
  8. The chicken selects at McDonalds (and the wraps) are amazing for the price. So is the breakfast. The beef is bland and tasteless though I agree.
  9. Wish I lived that close to Beak. I've been toying with the idea of cycling down to the tap room (from London) as a fun way to spend a hot Saturday, although getting back might end up being an issue...
  10. I've had the best pale ale I think I've had all summer so far yesterday. Treated myself to Beak's latest pale and it's beautiful. Perfect balance between smooth, fluffiness and abv for me.
  11. World of Warcraft popularized the most common colour coded tier system that's used by basically every game now (white<green<blue<purple<orange). Diablo was one of the first to use colour coded loot, but they used a different colour scheme.
  12. Finally got round to playing (and completing) the campaign of this thanks to Game Pass. It's incredible isn't it? Started quite slow, but the moment you get to the time mission it just soars above pretty much any other single player FPS campaign out there. I could play a whole game of that time level.
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