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  1. I'm open to that combination, Jeff & Jeff have had great chemistry the few times they've been on stuff together. As Vinny mentioned on the last Beastcast, Bakalar has that Ryan-esque quality of just being gregarious, naturally charismatic and able to get on with anybody, which is a personality I think Jeff G bounces off very well.
  2. Yep I'm a member of the Facebook group 'Supermarket craft beer' or something like that and all the discussion on the new Salt supermarket tinnies is about how disappointing and bland they are and how they are a real step down compared to Salt's typical quality. Which is a shame. I tried the new Cloudwater Tesco tins recently and of them I think the IPA is probably best. It's a very nice IPA, especially for a supermarket brew, although obviously not quite as nice as when they brew it themselves. I still think the Vocation Love & Hate available in Tesco is
  3. Is it an issue of self control then? Still yet to hear a single argument as to why adding an easy mode to Dark Souls takes anything away from it that makes any sense. If you want the challenge just don't play on easy, surely. Anything else is entitlement and gatekeeping.
  4. Can't believe there are still people arguing against making things accessible for disabled people without an ounce of shame. It is quite grim.
  5. @Broker the mental gymnastics you've performed in that post are genuinely astonishing to behold. Just a fantastic example of distorted thinking.
  6. There is no way that he wouldn't be aware that at least Vinny had one foot out the door before he moved, they are close friends outside of work. Jeff even alluded to how they'd been talking this over for a few months on the Bombcast. There's no way that Bakalar found out recently.
  7. This is such a shame, they've been a huge part of my life over the past 20-odd years (I've been listening since the Hotspot days). I really wonder what happens next - whether the three of them go down the Twitch path forged by Dan, or whether Vinny goes into a less publicly-facing role again, or what. Having said that, Jeff & Jeff are great together so really interested to see what happens in the future. I wonder whether Giant Bomb continues to exist. Weirdly, the one who would instantly be a massive deal and make a ton of money on Twitch is
  8. Isaac

    Xbox Game Pass

    If you can look past the slightly dated gameplay, the art, character work and general design of the thing is still really brilliant. The Milkman Conspiracy is probably one of my favourite levels in any game ever made still to this day.
  9. EA is willing to pay Sony (and only Sony) an additional fee if there is a disconnect between the number of players playing on Playstation and the amount of revenue received through the store. They are the only major company requiring this: Essentially this slide: Is why we don't automatically have cross play on everything. 4 the players indeed.
  10. "As you know, many companies are exploring this idea and not a single one can explain how cross-platform play improves the Playstation business" is fantastically unguarded language. Obviously all of us here know that companies don't give a fuck about you, but having it laid out that openly is quite something.
  11. Here's a good spoiler-free video to watch in 4k showing you how insane the ray tracing looks on the PC version: Even then detail is lost with the youtube compression, but you can see how much the lighting adds to the physicality and 'realness' of everything.
  12. In terms of graphics, yes it is. The ray tracing in the PC version of this is the best implementation of ray tracing we have yet seen, and is beyond what either of the next-gen consoles will be able to do. It looks properly next-gen on the PC, a whole step above basically anything else out at the moment. Although it might ruin next gen console graphics for you perhaps.
  13. Halo Infinite and Starfield will be the big MS reveals. Sony aren't officially in attendance, but if they do end up doing a stream I imagine the new Horizon will be the big focus. Perhaps gameplay of the new God of War too. Nintendo will be showing a new anime character with big tits for Smash Bros and a remaster of Wind Waker.
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