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  1. You don't say! I'm pretty sure if Timmo bent over you would lick his brown like an ice cream.
  2. Very true mate! Timmo stop trying to be a smart arse, everyone knows about the chips on fifa 10. See you at the beach!
  3. Right so you have made it clear about your defence of chipped balls on fifa 10. What about your attack? your telling us you never scored chips on fifa 10?
  4. I wouldn't listen to Timmo really think he was just trying to annoy me more than anything with that post.
  5. We expect a balenced game! every year they fix things and break other things. How many chipped goals do you think people scored when fifa 10 was going? Now how many headed goals do you think people scored already with fifa 11? Super unrealistic amounts thats how much! Whats it going to be this year? probably unrealistic amounts of volleys and bicycle kicks.
  6. Pilotwings

    FIFA 12

    Your gettin robbed all the same.
  7. Great games tonight lads, good debut from stephen aswell.
  8. Positional Prefs: Anywhere but RB Bio: Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Its unique formulation is also highly effective for ageing and dehydrated skin. Profile Pic: -thanks
  9. I bought the noble maps for 400g,bought them for my nephews as I don't really play it! so did I get robbed then even though it was half price? If I see the defiant for 400g soon should I not buy it? bit confused...
  10. See if your ever in lidls supermarket? don't buy the cheap lidl brand maltesers!! ( mr choc, Malty milk chocolates) I was nearly sick of the cheap plastic taste after only 5 of them. Don't know how they sell! and I aint usually fussy with lidl cheap shit.Been warned!
  11. Well I must admit they played amazing tonight and didn't bore me.boo hoo!
  12. For being the best team in the world I actually find Barca boring to watch.Lads lets stand still and not attack.. waste time passing about at the back to get our beloved 70% possession stat. Obviously if they score heavily playing this way it will look amaze etc. Even Arsenal are starting to bore me trying to walk it in all the time. Utd have the best style to watch! they mix it up.
  13. You don't support Barca, don't lie.
  14. Mine was a piece of pie.. as usual Got it Wednesday.
  15. Cheers for entering me into the world of Rigby, Charlie. Many wanks!
  16. Good wins last night lads! we got tested a bit but we got the goals at the right times to kill the games off.
  17. Juan Antonio Giggs Fucking legend!!!!
  18. I've had this many times before, usually sorts itself if you keep on tryin.
  19. You can still sign in if you left? cause I can't.
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