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  1. Did they let you change it for free?
  2. Did you see the Berto v Ortiz?
  3. I thought it was a good fight,and I never hype myself for a fight cause they can be rubbish.Pitty my stream went shite from round 9 onwards. Wlad was class! Haye done good to not get knocked out like most of Wlads opponents
  4. I usually use boxingguru.eu I'm going for Wlad to ko Haye round 7 1:50min Won't surprie me if Haye does win though.
  5. Pilotwings


    If Nadal offered me a polo mint I wouldn't take it. Full bum picker he is!
  6. The only year from 1996 he didn't fight was 2008, hardly big retirements.He's still fighting, thats all you need to know.
  7. I know it's not exactly what boxing fans want to hear is it even Khan was saying recently that he wants to retire at 27 or something. I know a lot of people hate Mayweather.. but atleast he said recently that he might have 10 more fights in him and hes 34 now! Thats more like it!
  8. I didn't even play in either game, that tris post is from last week. Anyway congrats on the 4 points lads!
  9. Bullshit! both games should have been restarted.I take my free time out to play these games and I don't even get to play in either game? Total jokers
  10. Thanks a lot Charlie for refusing not to restart like you always do.I could have done better things with my time! than sitting in the free roam arena.
  11. Why the fuck didn't the managers do a restart? I don't want to sit in the free roam arena! I want to play the fucking game! edit- Oh fucking great I miss the 2nd game aswell after restarting my router.I said to wait a couple of mins in the party but I guess nobody could hear me. Unfucking believeable
  12. Don't have a clue whos gona win that fight, thought Haye at first but now I'm thinking Wlad.
  13. Right so I played this game ages ago and thought it was to hard or didn't play it properly. So just bought it again to give it another go. Should I put the difficulty bar down from halfway? and who should I pick to have an easier game? I really I'm an RPG noob! Just want to play the game without getting annoyed,cheers.
  14. Yeah well played Rovers. That cross to Mardigan/finish was a bit good in the first game. Still wouldn't say you Destroyed us sith (Town 8-0 Utd) but yeah you played really well tonight indeed.
  15. Good games tonight lads! Always good to bounce back after a defeat. We weren't top of the league after playing Rovers early in the season, so things haven't changed really! Still getting the results needed to compete at the top Roll on
  16. Japan isn't in the game. Playing lower star teams doesn't bother me either really.
  17. Having more possession and more shots at goal isn't Destroying anyone. You scored 1 goal in two games! you win 1-0 then we win 2-0. Come on now get real sith.
  18. Great games last night everyone! samos on roids
  19. Destroyed isn't a word I would use for winning 1-0 and then us beating you 2-0.
  20. It was easily our best defensive display yet. It's nearly impossible to not conceed with the defenders being so unresponsive in fifa 11.
  21. Great games tonight lads 8) Congrats to stephen for his first goal which earned us a point. Amaze hatrick samo Everyone pld well!
  22. Yeah why not! I have Fat Cat -rep.
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