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  1. Wow I missed everything, didn't think it was so soon.
  2. Dino you should buy Tris and then win league 1 with him
  3. Cheers ears I got the noble pack for 400 a while back, this defiant pack seems way more worth it though. How come all these deals aren't on the dash? I wouldn't have knew.
  4. You had a really good season I thought.
  5. Amazing season lads always sinks in better a couple of days later for me. Even though the season 6 City team I pld for only lost 2 games.. I still think this was the best defence I've pld in! as the season 6 City teams attack was ridiculously good.
  6. In One more season before I have to quit for a bit due to moving house.
  7. It sounds unbelieveable but the most rage mail I've had is from Peggle. Wish I still had that funny one I got when playing clubs with smith and Mitch
  8. The smoggies have us all under the thumb.
  9. I said most of the smoggies who have been in the leagues for ages, so that rules you out. Like baring, sean and nathan who have all rage quit.
  10. Whats with all the snobbery about mics in these leagues? I mean I'm all for people having a mic handy incase something gos wrong and you need to quickly chat. But if someone feels they play better without a mic and doesn't want to hear all the moans, groans and sniggering then so be it. No need to force it down peoples throats like some sort of school teacher. Also I think what Link did has been blown out of proportion.Ok he done wrong! but he's only in his second season and he probably won't do it again.I mean most of the smoggies have done far worse and been in the leagues for ages. Cheer up
  11. Crazy that I wouldn't know the name of your centre-back. Crazy I wouldn't automatically assume you wanted to make a substitution. I normally just wait until I'm next in possession to make my substitutions in this situation. I'm genuinely sorry that you didn't get to make your substitution when you wanted to, but that feeling has waned quite a bit after you accused me of cheating and ruining TWO games, followed by you having a massive strop about something so ridiculously pointless. See you at the beach, pal! Fixed.
  12. It's a shame cause I think my isp just randomly died this time, if nobody else dropped.Still 3 points from Town is good like you say.
  13. I dropped 2nd game not sure if it was the game or just my connection. Goodluck anyhow.
  14. Fair enough if you like KOs, everybody does.Just a shame people don't give Wlad credit for his boxing skills.
  15. Go and watch pacquiao's last fight, and while your at it go and watch some of Wlads other KO fights You and Charliemouse clearly no nothing about boxing with them posts
  16. I changed mine recently to my surname.Only like a 7 for an I and z for an s, so not exact same. I've seen loads of people using names while playing or on my friends list.
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