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  1. Enjoyed that battle against you Mick in the praccy games!
  2. Tight game the first, was surprised how open the 2nd game was! GGs
  3. That 2nd game was really fun! haven't had BAP fun like it for quite a while. Some of the play was nice to watch
  4. Wincho to step down as manager? if I win the votes Get voting Springfield I mean rllmuk
  5. I was gona say to Wincho that I heard Barings voice, was afraid to though!
  6. Wincho wtf? I'm sure every Wanderers player to read that would be like WTF?
  7. Well if you want to base your evidence of not throwing your final games on one little video.. go for it. Why would I lie about this? what would it achieve? I think I've played enough Fifa to know if people are messing about during games. I won the league with Wanderers, so seriously the only reason I would have to bring it up is because I would rather every team had a fair chance to lift the trophy.
  8. I'm not really convinced.I remember him being on his line for quite a bit an then rushing into that place. The thing is it wasn't just me who thought you guys pld shit on purpose. Even mac and rouge agreed! it's only me that it annoyed cause I like things being out in the open.
  9. I remember the keeper being on his line and then rushing out all of a sudden.Defo looked like tyler brought him out to us. Some of the play from UTD looked like 3year olds wiggiling the analog sticks and smashing buttons. I mean fair enough if you all had been drinking beers.
  10. You can't blame me for wanting to play in a fair league Wincho?
  11. Remember tonight is revenge against UTD for you lot.
  12. I should be on about 8 if anyones around for some early praccy.
  13. Thats 2 seasons in a row railtons gone AWOL.
  14. Sorry guys I was in a daze when Athletic put them 2 early goals past us. First one was my sloppy pass which sadly led to the goal, second goal wasn't really my fault! I got trampled by a giant when trying to head it clear.Thats what happens with zero practise, did play a lot better from then on. Trigg and Ricky played great I thought.
  15. Pilotwings

    FIFA 11

    Yay 100 ranked wins, thats me until Fifa 12. Might use the time to power my we pro guy up now. Anyone getting this EA sub thing?
  16. 1st Athletic - Maybe a blip last season? could easily bounce back. 2nd Wanderers - Amazing manager with pretty much the same squad and 2 nice new signings. Have faith Rogue 3rd Town - Great squad of players and Timmo, will defo be in top three and could easily win the title. 4th Rovers - Not convinced that Rovers are as doomed as everyone thinks. 5th United - Very disappointed with the gameplan of not turning up in the last 2 games of the season! Basically Town/Athletic didn't stand a chance of winning the league, the three horse race as it should have been was killed off. Nothing we could do but beat them like we would have anyway. A sly sly team with a few players I've lost respect for and deserve to win nothing. 6th City - I think City could do well in future seasons but not just yet. Golden Boot - Evil Sean Gate - maybe UTD?
  17. Jesus what a travesty, feel sorry for ye muckers.
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