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  1. Unlucky again last night! I thought we deserved the 4 points, they had 2 shots on target and 2 head goals in the second game, Jesus I thought our attack was good at times! but overall I don't think either teams attack was that great last night to be honest. I thought fifa 11 fixed the stats so that everyone roughly has the same stats. On my screen me and Tris was the highest rated in our team for the second game. Not that I care but was surprised to see quite the opposite on the website.
  2. Lets be honest UTD.You have 2 of the best players up front in Baring and Tyler, and all you could manage was 2 shots on target and 2 typical fifa 11 head goals in the 2-1 game.The first game deserved a draw but I think we should have won the second game. For the record I wasn't really impressed with either teams front attack last night. The defence of both teams was a lot lot better, midfield play was decent/good at times. GGs
  3. Fry some dude in off topic saying he wanks about your eyes and beard.
  4. I've been playing the DLC maps to get my moneys worth(bought for nephews really).Trying to get a game on breakpoint seems impossible! don't think I've pld it yet and if it does come up some day no one will pick it I bet. I don't really like the way they have normal maps in the DLC playlist either. How come some maps don't show the name of the map? is it just a different game on that map just shows how much I've pld it actually starting to enjoy it the past couple of nights even though I'm shit.
  5. Dony know if posted before but noticed this on the fifa forums. http://forum.ea.com/uk/posts/list/0/933577.page
  6. A quick match online is perfect for people who want to play whenever they want. No stress, no arranging games or waiting 2 weeks for your friend to come over, just BANG straight in! no messing about. Even when I play in the forum leagues I will always still play quick matches and enjoy them.
  7. I just hope with all these new leaderboards that they wipe all the glaringly obvious cheats off whenever possible.
  8. In FIFA 12 you pick your club, kit and lineup changes first before searching.
  9. That 4-4 game when outsider scored the winning penalty was epic.
  10. I thought Manic would hate 1v1 since he got promoted to the Prem? and how come he doesn't like BAP since UTD are quadriple champs? a re he he
  11. Funtime Dave invited me to a party straight after the games. He said that we deserved the 4 points and he was crying and everything, in a right state so he was!
  12. Yeah I agree! best performance from zero points you'll ever see. Lets just hope all of our unluckyness has been used up now Not really Towns fault I suppose, they did what they had to do.
  13. Never seen luck like it in my life. Well pld though!
  14. I can sell you a brand new official black wireless mic tobert. Just tell me the price you can get it for from GAME and I will post for half that price. Pics if you want.
  15. Pilotwings


    Whats that on Gervinhos head? is the really his Forehead?
  16. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=213601&st=0
  17. I'm not touching the demo this year, no point. I'll download the PES demo for a laugh though.
  18. Hope thats not the sound of the ball at 47secs. The tactical defending and precision dribbling look similar to what you can already do.
  19. Well it does make sense actually, since your doing well in your 1v1 league and not so in the Bap league.Just saying not arguing or anything.
  20. Looks like UTD have the hunger again 8)
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