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  1. Great 4 points from Town tonight lads! Real team effort that was
  2. Played the demo and it definitely grows on you the more you play it. I agree that playing against the AI is more fresh compared to the stale Fifa AI. Really like the default camera and the way it zooms out from kickoff! looks realistic on my TV. First goal I scored was with Modric, like his recent strike against Liverpool only the other side of the net and slightly lower. Pretty shocked that I quite like it as I didn't like any of the other PES games this Gen. Whether or not I buy it, or it's a better overall package than Fifa is another story though! I feel way to old for 2 footy games and I'm mostly an online player.
  3. Pilotwings

    FIFA 12

    Messi riding on the back of an emu. My god EA what have you done.
  4. Could be something like 5am sadly. That Fury fight was fun I switched to ch5 analog when the digital died.
  5. Great wins lads! glad I could help we the goal, cheers for swapping players Rogue great defence from all. I could hardly hear anyone for most of that second game.
  6. Pilotwings

    FIFA 12

    If it's default online meaning only EA can adjust them then fine. If playing offline then set it to the newest default online option. Isn't that how NHL works?
  7. Wll pld everyone 3 points each was fair! and good to get points from Athletic.
  8. I think that second game was the best any team has played against us this season. GGs
  9. Nice to see 2 games with lovely goals and no headers for a change.
  10. aww isn't Winchos little gang cute. Heres some lollies kids! give Winch the twister one.
  11. Wow if me maths is correct we top the league? wasn't expecting that. W pld everyone
  12. So since one of you guys told me Breakpoint(map I paid for)is an Invasion map. Well I've been quitting out of games before the little Beeps end when the games start, and noticed I can quit out as many times as I want without being penalized? still haven't got to play the fookin map though, I know everyone needs the map.. but still I paid for that map! V silly it doesn't come up on the DLC playlist. edit- finally after loads of quits it pops up and everyone picks it, what a great map! Scary thing is I betrayed someone by accident at the V start but he didn't... Can't stand coag/hemorrhage map for Invasion with randoms, way to open and everyone quits on losing team.
  13. That was the worst lag I've ever had in clubs, real shame was looking forward to some late night games
  14. Like smithstock already said in the Athletic thread(but was strangely negged) People can't really talk if they have used custom formations against people who don't use them, or other exploits. There is no rules on Saints footy site to say you can't use customs("obsessed with winning"), but show me the rules on the footy site to say you can't shove keepers about or score if they kick the ball into your path etc? So when I joined the 1v1 league I was surprised people using customs on me even in League 1 and 2. It's totally seen as an exploit from Thousands of Fifa gamers! isn't that why they took it out of clubs mode this year? I remember everyone jumping on my back for latching onto a keeper throw out and scoring against Peter UK, but yet I would hardly mention it if I seen someone using a custom formation against me. Remember no bold rules against either! I know everyone thinks I hate Wincho at the mo! but this is just mearly an example of people being 2 faced Wincho is one of many guys on here who jumps down peoples throats for scoring cheap goals in 1v1! but yet he changed his formation into a 4 1 5 against me in L1, and I was V lucky to not concede from his 1 man midfield and 5 attack cheapness. And also going from the Athletic thread he doesn't mind keeper pushes to much it seems. So Anyone on here who has used anything seen as an exploit to many on Fifa is simply 2 faced Whats that 99% of us? Awaits Wincho to deny and twist everything then all his friends neg me and +1 him
  15. Don't be silly Wincho the first game was more even game and stats, we pld better first half and you guys came back second half, Rickys goal was going in. And yes headed goals are cheap and mostly random crosses from out wide. Even when we won the league with USA last season we scored loads of cheap undefendable headers. Do I think teams shouldn't score them? erm again don't be silly! it's not our fault EA fucking up on the defending part of the game. Like I said you had Tyler and Baring(2 best players)up front, and all you guys managed was 2 shots on target and 2 headed goals. I mean hardly a convincing win considering we had the best chances and had 8 shots on target. Don't try to twist things and show off Wincho. I'm calm now
  16. Great forgot about that, don't know what system I like better now then (scratches head)
  17. Nobody "suggested" that we played amazing and got totally robbed. We didn't deserve much more than a couple of draws means we didn't deserve to get beat! and I have a case for thinking we should have won the second game. We had 8 shots on target and scored 1 good goal, they had 2 shots on target and scored 2 boring headers. We had better chances on the break aswell that you guys fucked up. Just telling how it is! I'm perfectly allowed to go into other teams threads and say how I feel about the games and vice versa.
  18. Just telling the truth like always. Problem?
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