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  1. Don't worry Wincho Guilts a bitch, catches up on everyone! We will all stand by you through these tough times.
  2. 6mins Ban custom formations, but allow custom tactics Just right!
  3. Well I think most people would prefer it as nearly everyone bashes away at 6min games against randoms. Do a poll? Custom tactics I have no beef with.
  4. This list is pretty much perfect! I would do 6 min matches and Prem pick last every other season.
  5. The two main things I didn't like when I played was. Opponents cheap custom formations and 7 mins a half drags on to long.. 6 mins is perfect.
  6. He switches the turn notifications option off a lot.
  7. I don't really buy many games, especially Arcade games! But I gave it a lot of thought the past few days and bought the Marvel pinball pack to go along with the freebie table. Also bought Super Meat boy! Always feels great when you wait for the mega bargains
  8. If anyones selling Fifa 12 for a nice price giz a shout. cheers
  9. So So pleased for Arsenal, great game.
  10. I got a yellow for a standing tackle mac, only my second ever since my first season/shocked.
  11. Really good competitive games tonight Athletic.
  12. Amazing season lads! two really tough games against Athletic tonight. Thanks for the 3 seasons mac top manager! good luck next season with the auction/games. Great goal at the end Ricky! and great orgasmic sounds coming through my TV in your praccy games, not your private 1v1 game with Tris
  13. Doubt I can make praccy. Sadly I will be micless again and forced on a smaller TV. Should be good games
  14. Put me on the list for Fifa 12 second season>>>> cheers
  15. Soz/delay moved on the 30th and got the net yesterday. Out
  16. Great games lads! We had millions of chances tonight think I had 3or4 good chances myself. Some amazing attacks going! and some orribly fizzing out was all good though.
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