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  1. Also Pilot, CDM will likely be your main position this season, but how do you feel about being our Any? My RM is only effective if i give him my full attention.

    CDM sounds good pal

    Usually I would jump at the chance of any but I've barely touched Fifa 12. If it's only 2 players and keeper then fine I suppose.

    Is everyone still using tele cam zoomed out? cause I quite like the new default cam but not sure what everyones using now?

  2. Mario Kart 64 is a better multi-player game than Super Mario Kart.


    MarioKart 64 multiplayer was pretty shit and has aged badly. Hideous tracks and 4 player had no backround music/cheap as! Soulless game. Even Diddy kong racing was far better.

    If your gona talk about Timeless multi-player racers then Excite bike 64 is the daddy and still plays great.

  3. Just an early heads up that I'll be retiring from BAP management at the end of this season and passing the United reigns over to Steely.

    It's been a really enjoyable 9 seasons in charge of the mighty United but it's time for big changes and Steely is the one to bring the good times back again.

    I'll leave the door of the office on the latch and the keys on the table and wish you all the luck in the world Steely for season 16.

    We will be puttting all our efforts into derailing the Athletic charge for the title this season but after that, it'll be Steely's ship to sail

    Having played for United in every season since the BAP leagues inception I'd like to point out that this has not been due to my BAP prowess but moreso the fact that as manager you have to keep yourself (trust me, I questioned this choice a few times during the process)

    Don't worry Wincho Guilts a bitch, catches up on everyone!

    We will all stand by you through these tough times.

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