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  1. I got the platinum theme email as well, perhaps they are sending them out in batches? To be fair it is just a static image and not as good as the one that came with the guide.
  2. The DLC bosses tend to have delayed attacks which tend to make them harder to learn and dodge attacks. They definitely not cute kittens
  3. it was free (I don't have prime) perhaps it was for the first day only ?
  4. If you are in the UK you need to download it from UK Amazon as the US store won't let you even though it is free on both of them. IIRC he did a similar guide when IV came out for players transitioning from 3rd Strike. I haven't read it yet but his last guide was a good one.
  5. Side OPs #112 spoiler I also saw this poster in the prologue
  6. I think my D Dog needs to work on his interrogation technique
  7. So I finished all the main missions so here are some random thoughts
  8. Aw I missed this yesterday as I always enjoy a good Danning
  9. IIRC that is the base from the cardborad Death Star, isn't it? Did you get any of the other peices?
  10. More Ono and Blanka nonsense at the Dubai games a new challenger arriving
  11. Surely there is only one character that needs to return from third strike and that is the one and only Sean Matsuda and his basket ball. Oh and maybe Q at a push but definitely Sean.
  12. You probably need the right gems
  13. Just played Brylarke's Elena on ranked, it didn't go well for me
  14. Will R. Mika's alt outfit be an Anne Summers exclusive Anyway I managed to take Ryu out for a meal
  15. Joffocakes talked about the Chronus on the previous page and Nuskool mentioned in the SFV thread that there is also the Brook Convertor, but as with all of these devices your results may vary.Hori do two sticks for the PS3/PS4 comparable sticks, though I'm not convinced by the buttons or stick they use. Edit too slow
  16. Probably should be in the stick thread but I thought it maybe more relevant here. Some prototypes from Madcatz for their forthcoming SFV stick and pad more info at eventscrubs here http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2015/aug/29/street-fighter-5-fightpad-pro-and-fightstick-alpha-mad-catz-unveils-upcoming-products/
  17. So I managed to win a couple of games to stop my 10 game losing streak. Mainly by trying to block everything and do some light weight punish. I've been practising cr.mk XX sbk and cr.hp XX legs which I can do in training but manage to fluff it every time in a match. I also had one match which was one round all but then I had a brown out which was less than helpful. Anyway I like the V-Trigger which is groovy and powers Chun up nicely. Anyway her is a video of my work in progress, very much bottom of the scrub barrel but at least I can see where to improve,
  18. I managed three games last night, after a nice kind person supplied me with a code, and boy do I suck. I have played a bit of Chun but she feels quite different to her SFIV version and I think the hours of practice with Elf means I have lost any fundamentals I may have had (though it is doubtful I had any in the first place). Perhaps I just met good players but I truly felt out of my depth and very bobbins, though then again I felt the same way with vanilla SFIV so perhaps I can only get better that and this game sorely needs some Saikyo Anyway I will be on again tonight, Ono willing, and shall try to improve
  19. Happy birthday Jellym, unfortunately pressing buttons or even the Konami code does make you any younger But you still can choose not to watch top gear
  20. Oh you have no soul if you don't like Stockpile Thomas
  21. He probably should as he might catch a cold and a snotty nose just wouldn't look good on his beautiful face. I think Cammy doesn't have any pants due to the cut backs in the British Armed Forces, so pretty accurate there, maybe, but she too might catch a chill. I like the game play style of Mika but her outfit does look preposterous, on the how does it actually stay on front without even mentioning the anything else (also she will catch a cold in that outfit), but I do like the game play style, seemingly having the the high low mix up that elf has in IV. Anyway Kuma looked fair better in that outfit than Mika ever has For some reason this popped into my head when I read that
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