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  1. People who hate wave race are shit at games.
  2. I like the look of the camera. Its saying "im fun to play with but im also functional"
  3. mine lasted 3 weeks so you've been lucky. Not played it as much since but I fear for its life
  4. This game really needs a DMC type camera system where its fixed in certain sections ie narrow corridors and small rooms.
  5. Just give me wave race wii please
  6. I think its in Biels contract that she must have a bikini scene in every movie
  7. i dont think they give a fuck about the wii's popularity. They're doing their own thing.
  8. but before that, you turned into some kind of a giant winged demon and went flying about shotting the last boss before it fell to the ground, they became one of those oldskool shooters where you go left and right and shoot at things space invader style. pretty wacky end ot the game
  9. yeah, just select japan from the list. the menus are all in japanese but its quite easy to work out whats what.
  10. PS1 games are now available for PS3 usage. Anyone tried one yet? I want rtype delta off the japanese store but they only have r-types for PS3 usage.
  11. ridge 7 is also 1080p and 60fps as is virtua tennis I believe.
  12. Both shots have the same shite art direction.
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