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  1. Yeah I'm doing it for the Triumph/Title but when looked at the loot it felt very "2 blues and a token" Umbral engrams are a better way to fish for loot (or even old expunges)
  2. Not sure the point of Legendary Astral Alignment. Much like the Shattered Realm it seems harder for not much more reward.
  3. It's incredibly bad explained but when you pick up a health pack it recharges a proportion of the station. So you want to be be picking up all 3 medpacks at each ammo drop point. And then using the med packs on the team, so you can pick up another. But that relies on your team not healing themselves/not picked up med packs/needing healing.
  4. Got to the purple Emmi - oh got they made them even shitter
  5. I've just got Ice Missles and returned to Ferenia. I'm not sure I'm going the right way about accessing the missile tank and it's driving me nuts. I'm not sure it's doable, especially the last bit, but I'm getting so close....
  6. I thought you lot were going to have a missadventure on the causeway so often :d
  7. Are we going to start turning up to a village and find it already burnt down?
  8. Not overly impressed by Legendary Shattered Realm. Didn't seem to have much more rewards for extra (although not that much) difficulty
  9. Very unexpected story given previous weeks, but yeah proper Trek. A clearly defined sci problem/anomaly (and a localised one, not a universe ending one. Looking at your Discovery) with a decent solution with nice character beats (and horny dolphins) along the way,
  10. I think the dust rotation is often mined by "hackers" in advance. (Not sure how hidden it is/much work to find. It might involve something called an API!)
  11. Way better than Haunted Forest! The Spider mount is cool but I went for the Vampire Coat from last year They fixed bottom Tree Dawnblade
  12. This game really doesn't like you to backtrack/explore for items does it? Just done second boss (not Emmis) and the number of times it's sent you down a "corridor" of rooms and then TPed you out, or just blocked off doors/passages ways so you can't explore is sad
  13. Armin Shimerman was main cast wasn't he? The amazing thing about so many of DS9's side characters is how few episodes they are in, completely disproportionate to the impact/memory you have them
  14. Emmi's are really odd. They're fucking annoying as shit - which the devs obviously recognise since they give you an easy another go/respawn. But in some ways that just makes it more frustrating because the impact of (a single) failure is so light - why even bother having it? You spend longer on the near impossible QTE than you do re-running the section.
  15. I’d like to play (although don’t have MDY sheet) but two might be two many We sold here a load of stuff and I bought components (eyeball in a gem)
  16. Are you sure it's the same thing? If you shot and killed it, you lose that weapon (Omega beam) that lets you shoot that way. You'll encounter other Emmi you have to run from...unless you can find another Omega beam This Metroid, more than most, seems to ferry you in the right direction (at least so far) If it's your second Emmi and you don't have a weapon - run. You'll find a away away. You might have to loop in some rooms to help you get away.
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