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  1. Ha. You’re so much better than me. About 30 runs and just made it to Elysian for first time
  2. Can someone explain your cast to me? Seems pretty lacklustre
  3. So reached the ‘end’ of the post game campaign It’s a Mega Hive. Only one character at a time (no AI or online Teammates) and if one Avenger falls you go through your roster If they are high enough level/gear Only my cap is high enough. This might be problematic.
  4. It doesn’t address the locked weekly missions or missing skill points etc Still it’s steps in right direction. A lot of it is tuning like enemy ranged attacks (which are horrific) and Fire Adaptiods
  5. https://avengers.square-enix-games.com/en-us/news/v130patch/
  6. Still enjoying world/characters but it feels aimless somewhat. Needs stronger ongoing narrative/character goal. It may pull together in back half (they keep setting up lots of bits that are left hanging)
  7. I saw one person on PS4 list playing launch weekend and that’s it. Doesnt look well on steam https://steamcharts.com/app/997070 And yeah the ‘what you do’ endgame is odd (like so much)
  8. I'm hoping patch 1.3 fixes a lot beyond than that
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