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  1. I'd have paid you a couple of quid for them.
  2. TIME Stories: The Asylum 2nd session of this to finish to after a run last week. Took us 3 loops to clear it - we could have possible done it in 2 with some luck, better choices. Really liked it - really like the mechanics and the theme. Choices were hard, and you could RP to add to the game. 2 actual puzzles occurred (one more in depth than the other) this time too - which pretty nice beyond just working out where to go/which order We become 2nd Class Agents based on our rating. I think I'd be a little peeved if I paid £35 quid for this though. The in box stuff is now "done". I can't see anyway you could replay it. (even with a different group, only me the same, I wouldn't really have much to do). ~£20 is much more palatable. Having to pay £10-15 per xpac to keep playing feels on the steep side (although it's a cinema ticket and drink)
  3. Ah I have a similar box but no dividers - etsy always seemed very exspensive, and I don't have a printer
  4. Fog of Love So this happened. Myself and chum had a great evening laughing over this. I'm not entirely sure it was a Rom-Com though - both our runs through Love Stories involved a domineering, assertive horrible person (or stalker in one case) and a nicer meeker partner just going along with it. Proper passive aggressive stuff as well. But giggles were had by the players - and the characters stayed in their relationship. Their toxic nasty relationships. I think much came down to the RP experience and how you roll with it. The gameplay is actually quite strong, but also out of your control a lot of the time. (We both agreed there needed to be more ways to discard/redrawn scenes if you had nothing that would help you with you goals). What we probably did badly on was trying to work out the others goals and helping with that
  5. Community's 3rd and 4th seasons. And a lot of 5th. 6th recovered somewhat
  6. TIME Stories : Asylum Loved this. The systems work well and it's thematicaly strong. There aren't so far any real puzzles (so far), just a how do you want to explore/do this - but choices matter as they cost you...time The fact you read a card to yourself, and then explain and evoke to your team what's happened in your own words adds a nice bit of flavour. We had a group that played up the roles well which added to the fun. Got asked/told to bring it back to the group next week, and one player is off to badger people to let her borrow xpacs - so that's a sign of like
  7. Haha https://www.cbr.com/the-boys-chace-crawford-massive-bulge/
  8. He does. We were all puzzled. I think it's cus she makes his dingle tingle.
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