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  1. So Sunday is the only day we can do Pandemic Legacy with my group. (We're on month 11 out of 12, and it's amazing.) I've made clear to them I need to leave no later that 7pm to get home in time for DnD (and LEAVE at 7, not "start packing up at 7) but I'll still be at the mercy of traffic (it's only a 20min drive normally)
  2. Mentioned during S1 (and seen but not cast in glimps) Iain Glenn plays a recurring older Bruce Wayne in season 2.
  3. it does by the way - alt fire staggers unstoppables And you don’t seem to need to have equipped to progress catalyst
  4. The seasonal exotic not having an inherent anti champion ability like Vow or Bow feels like a mistake
  5. Yeah the splitting of story threads (especially the S/M/C one) is really hurting the momentum Hopefully past that now
  6. Yeah - but they've dropped hints there's some they've kept secret.
  7. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/0b/07/0b07601a-6ac3-4333-ac41-b6d1b9a979da/sw03_learn_to_play_web.pdf Page 11 - "Only one objective can be played during each combat and each Refresh Phase." So yeah if I recall correctly both those are "refresh phase" cards, so you could only play/complete one of them at a time. (There's some others particularly in the xpac...maybe only in the xpac...that change it up a bit as they endure over multiple rounds until someone does something...but you can still only "play" one card a turn even if you end up completing multiple objectives on one turn on cards played previously)
  8. Have you seen episode 2? There was more in there - but yeah Episode 1 was pretty straight faced. Even Sara's not been a flirt machine!
  9. Which objectives - normally you can only reveal one during each window IIRC
  10. Warlocks really need a better wardrobe next season
  11. Why did they take it down? He said something naughty? Poor Sprinkles
  12. I think it'll be "cliffhanger" territory. (Probably the heroes lose.) And then the 2 hour finale will be the Endgame/fixing it. I think episode 2 is more important than you
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