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  1. Hexx

    The Good Place

    Bad news - next week is the last one!
  2. Well I thought that was good - especially given some of the late info coming out. It's not "slow" as some of the reviews have said, it just has scenes which breath and people talk normally. It's people having conversations (with the camera staying still) They could still muck it up, and I don't like the isolationish federation teased - but it's showing good potential with something to say
  3. It's your world. You make the rules. But I would LOVE Danny Dyer esque Strahd.
  4. Those top 3 all sound good! With a slight preference for the dragon one since apparently we're not allowed to be vampires (or at least not suppose to want to be vampires...I'd just be hanging around open windows at night rubbing moisturizer on my neck )
  5. I quite liked The Lodge - but the ongoing laughing joke got old the first time never mind the later times. Then again the guy playing the owner is my least favourite so predisposed to dislike anything he does
  6. Hexx

    The Good Place

    So for those that have watched the penultimate episode - next week's finale's title echos Micheal's words "Whenever you're ready"
  7. Hard to disagree with anything said about our adventures.options. I've thought they both had a good mix of story/combat/rp/lore/the journey so all types of players get something and there's week to week variety (even in the "dungeon crawl" we got RP) But basically this; I can be around on Sunday but I'm not sure I'll roll stats over standard array. Damn my luck with dice! (I'm definitely not rolling HP. Definitely. Absolutely not) Also milestone or whatever you want is fine
  8. So from a lapsed player who still pays attention - is 8.3 as bad/light as it sounds? The "end" cutscene looks....slight.
  9. Drinking game! Take a shot every time the camera spins Down your drink everytime it goes upside down You'll be dead by the half way point
  10. I just assume the camera operators all off their heads on crystal meth
  11. I'd settle for camera work that doesn't make you want to vomit
  12. Luck feat is banned in this campaign as completely and utterly brokenly OP I had to beg, bribe and prostitute self to be allowed Variant Human.
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