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  1. You can the option later you have to demolish one and then build another rather than straight replace
  2. Hamfister "you are the special one" Limited character choices The gassy/misted planet. The plot hasn't developed/been given any depth.
  3. Fuck I just pathed my entire town and now there’s decent homemade ones
  4. The opening few hours are the worst by far
  5. Does anyone want a wheelchair? On sale today
  6. not for sale but 8 seeds by airport all fruits on trees come take a few cherrirs JL9C3
  7. I like pretty things Plus you can’t store them which is how I ended up with the dumping ground
  8. Opening now Orange or pinks? I’ll bring to airport
  9. We’d have to visit and drop Think I can do Pink Rose (3) Orange Rose (3) Pink Cosmo (3) Orange Cosmo (3) Blue Hyc (3) Orange Hy (3) Pink Hy (3) Can open now (Ben/Nookington) if you’re about
  10. How much for some Red Moms and Blue Pansys? I can offer money or pink cosmos/orange tulips
  11. Watering them helps/makes it more likely I think - or rain will do it too
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