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  1. Anyone cooping and finding janky connections/enemy movement (PS5)?!
  2. Both those theories are horrid (sorry) The reason mutants resonate with audiences is they're people that could be anyone born different. Marvel's not daft enough (hopefully) to neuter the message by making the trigger someone external./
  3. I keep reading the title as ‘Alien vs Farrow’ and disappointed by the more mundane film it turns out to to be
  4. This aged well. :p Lots of answers and set up. Nearly everything is on the table ready for the finale. And I have no idea what’s going to happen. Another mid credits sequence btw
  5. Just ask then. I'm utterly terrible so try to avoid RP (or at least instigaing...I'm more about inventive problem solving with tools to hand) but if you want to make the oppertunity. (RIkku/MDY were good at doing this during watches in Chult campaign). If that's what you want to do - go for it
  6. I don't know it sounds like us. You talk yourself down but the entire thing nearly always seems utterly seemless as we go through. But yeah this one occasion where it felt like we "got" you
  7. And it's back https://deadline.com/2021/02/dr-frasier-crane-kelsey-grammer-reboot-paramount-plus-1234699954/ Only Grammer currently attached. Not sure how to feel. It was magnificent (although there were large variations in quality in the later half) and I don't want it tarnish
  8. As I alluded above - first I’ve read after seeing character pop up lots of places so no idea if it’s ‘true to character’ or what not but I’ve enjoyed it
  9. Only just realised Poor Jimmy from Supergirl doesn’t get a mention in the flashback or invited to the wedding
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