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  1. It should pop up on screen prompting you - press L1 again (on PS5)
  2. I’ve not tried hard mode - but on standard blocking (and then push back) made so much difference to damage you take
  3. It doesn't include deaths/retry, map times or ship time apprantly.
  4. And done. Just over 10 hours Last 30 minutes is silly I bet this plot was re-written and redone constantly. It's a complete mess and there's a couple info dumps in the last 40 minutes. Enjoyed it loads but it's front loaded - the castle is such a lovely place, the other areas all don't compete (although the second is very scary). I think RE7 was a better "experience. This is a mix of 2, 4 and 7 but somehow just becomes less than sum of it's parts.
  5. 5th area and 4th Lord down - feels like the last charge now. Getting a bit silly now I actually said out loud
  6. Does anyone else feel the pistol in this is really really weedy? Even super upgraded it barely touches things. It might be a choice to try and make things "scarier" but it just feels annoying,
  7. 3rd Lord down, and everything in village cleared. Feels like I'm approaching end, everything's upgraded, 120k in the bank, no routes to unlock bar the one forward. All food (bar 1 I can't complete as I missed some fish, I looked up)...
  8. The objective after your second visit the village
  9. Except with the huge variety of positives/negatives - and the lack of correlation between the two when you gamble, which you nearly always have to do to get enough power to progress - it's more like playing blackjack. Except you don't know what number you're trying to get to and you don't know what cards are in the deck.
  10. Castle done. Not convinced this is better than RE7 as a first time experience, but it's solid action/adventure (with confusing plot) At this point Ethan must either be dead or hallucinating though. The amount of damage he's taking (especially to the hands) and shrugging off is insane Edit - Although quick cycle weapons. That might explain why he can deal with damage to his hands
  11. Boss 4 down but starting to lose interest. Went into Biome 5 and first room (3 new big enemies and 6 turrets) wrecked me. I barely tickled them The reset in Biome 4 just brings back and amplifies all the earlier problems. Punishingly difficult, not challengingly so. risk/reward near impossible to judge - but also mandatory to hope for power, RNG dependency becoming more and more obvious (5 runs in a row straight into a combat room with 10 enemies with 3 varieties - thanks! ). When the game works, it's brilliant - my run through B1/2/3 that got me here was great, and I'd managed to craft
  12. It counted down and unlocked at 1pm but is relocked and counting to midnight while I finisher work
  13. Seems to be a global unlock based on Aus or NZ midnight
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