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  1. You should come to Gloucester ComiCon! No queues to meet Stars Wars Cantina BackGround Extra #24
  2. His boon was great! Extra attack and the flaw was "show no mercy" I don't think I had a single fight where I got to use it Cheers all. A thought is slowly forming.
  3. We are at some point going to have to have a long rest somewhere though... My God notes were in my old defunct note book. Am I right in thinking we knew little of personality/ethos of Obolak? (We know Zorbo - but no one spoke/got his boon etc) I/Fenneth are ruminating on these tombs.
  4. I think I'm to the end of 2(that's Realm Reborn right?).X - although that's more based on "It's gotta be over soon, how big could it be?" rather than anything else Things have picked up a lot Way beyond the basic good/dark story of the main bit - and is feel proper "Final Fantasy" now with different storylines/
  5. I've put down in party back on the assumption you and roscoe took a healing. If you want to mix it up just shout - I was just worried I'd written nothing down.
  6. I tell a lie! It's different in PS/PC versions! https://www.neoseeker.com/final-fantasy-vii/faqs/163295-psx-pc-script.html
  7. You've been thinking about it wrong I thing - it's it not them. “I’ll cut it off.” ”I’ll rip it off.” ”I’ll smash it.”
  8. The guy from GTAV is who it makes me think of.
  9. Umm....you can submarine there can't you?
  10. Bit more play...I really like Red Mage. Pretty Pew and OOT flourishes. MSQ down....got a bit silly at the end as I have to do EVERYTHING while the others stay at the base "analyzing intelligence"... Like all the cut scenes put your front and center of the raid group. Adds to the "it's your story" feel they're doing so well.
  11. That Dungeon wasn't so bad! Then got 49! Time to progress.... Into an 8 man instance that needs a queue. I gave it an hour this morning before I had to go to work. Ended up buying Stormblood for a coupe of quid on Amazon (might want to Red Mage)...code didn't work on PSN. Square Enix have a specific webpage/form for this exact issue - new code already got. Was it a big problem at the time?
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