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  1. No this week I according to my diary
  2. Um...ah you hitting with thier shields up? It one shots trash at the start...
  3. Pyro is silly against bosses (although only at Parish) - such high damage!
  4. Hexx

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    My sorceror got a cloak of billowing
  5. I've given up reacting to casting news. So many times my gut is wrong (e.g. Heath Ledger, Chris Evans etc) that I don't trust it anymore. These people have made one of the most successful film franchises/universes ever- I trust them to pick well. Have any of their "curveballs" really not worked out? (Even the bad films, e.g. Maliketh, are because of writing not acting)
  6. Not sure if here or AD thread is best
  7. Hexx

    The Flash - TV series

    I think its remarkable how much I liked Barry in S1 compared to my thoughts now And are they going BACK to Time Travel (which they handle so poorly inconsistently)?
  8. Hexx

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    Yeah yeah got that - trying to decide between Swashbuckler or Assassin Rouge (Would be BattleMaster FIghter 8/Rogue 3 in a level and some change) At the moment - a "guaranteed/very likely" crit loses out to better initiative and mobility (my gnome fighter would be great at attack them and run away...he's duel wielding rapiers and once boots activate gets 50 feet of movement. If I took Assassin, I'd look at Mobile Feat at next ASI...so it's either Assassin/Mobile or Swashbuckler/[ASI of some type]) (Although taking Mobile..and then with Boots going - Move , Dash, (Action Surge) Dash, (Cunning Action) Bonus Dash for my 3 foot gnome to go 280feet in 6 seconds sounds AMAZING. 30-35MPH. Faster than Usain Bolt )
  9. Hexx

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    2 Questions >Does holding your action ("I hold my attack until I see someone") use your reaction when it triggers? >How the hell does 'Surprise' work? (I'm looking at Ass. Rogues really)...
  10. Hexx

    Pokemon Go

    Car parks (SuperMarkets etc) are the best
  11. Hexx

    Bob's Burgers

    Another season over - 2 good strong episodes, but not the knock out of previous years Love the songs, but not as much as "bad stuff happens in the bathroom"
  12. Hexx

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    I thought it would have been fine as a finale (although I want more obviously). The end worked for me as "Whatever you want it to be" thing

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