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  1. Hexx

    The Council - episodic narrative RPG - TWISTY

    Massive episode 4 spoilers
  2. Keep an eye out - there's some heroic stories that can be done in about 3 minutes (e.g. first warmind mission)
  3. Should have been a new strike as well
  4. The gifts don't seem to give enough rewards to be worth pushing for/grinding - but it's a nice little aside and constant stream of things. They've announced next Iron Banner 25th Dec to 1st Jan (Double and then Triple Rep during event as well)
  5. Hexx

    The Council - episodic narrative RPG - TWISTY

    Blasted through to end of episode 3. It's pretty good. Lovely sense of place/style. As other have said the voice acting is a bit weird - and accents can be out of place. (Subtitles and Dialogue also don't always match up - and in one point said a different code number!) How does replaying quests/chapters go? Looking at the trophy list it looks pretty easier to platinum is you speed through chapter 1 twice (and a bit)
  6. Hexx

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    It’s the Stunt team from marvel movies
  7. Hexx

    DC's Legends of Tomorrow

    So not part of the cross over - but still utterly bonkers fun.
  8. Hexx

    SSBU DLC Fighters Suggestions

    1. 2. 3.
  9. Hexx


    Elseworlds Part 2 Suffers with being a flabby middle (don't we all :() Not quite as fun or energetic as Part 1 - and with less "OMG they didn't" moments - but it's still strong and made with care/love. Ruby Rose did well with limited screentime I thought (although the handwaving for Batman/Gotham have always been here was odd) Still feels like a "crossover" (like the earlier ones) rather than an "event" (Invasion/CoEX)...but it might be leading to something
  10. Hexx

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    So far....no. There's none of that in "storymode" (about 2 hours in...there's so much to do elsewhere). Others further in might be able to contradict - but storymode (so far) has been a paper thin excuse of a (huge) series of structured fights/challenges on an overworld map
  11. Hexx

    Doctor Who

    A reviewer pointed out something I hadn't really thought of. Describe to me Yaz/Graham's relationship? Nah I couldn't give an opinion either...that's pretty poor after a series of adventures.
  12. Hexx

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I love samus. Where can I learn cool techniques? Also who else should I try. I want to use a Pokemon and a cute character. Are the ice climbers good. Have you tried the "knock out" Smash mode (can't recall title - but you each pick a fighter until all are gon) It's a quick and easy way to try a lot of characters - and you can set the difficulty low for an experimental challenge
  13. Hexx

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I think Nitendo's website says it takes up to 72 hours from when you redeem coins. Mine took about 2 days from when I input digital code for game (and automatically got coins)

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