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  1. Ep 3 continues to be solid B grade CW fluff. The two sisters continue to be best bits (loved the shade being thrown at Sophie) but Rose is still doing better than expected. Hush is a pretty poor villain in general in comics (despite being in big stories)/ but separated from Batman/Bruce and this specific version was particularly poor
  2. Crucible does seem in a really good place atm Im even liking sniping in it!
  3. That’s a warmind thing for getting lots/all of the nodes I think
  4. Im a fuddy duddy but I can’t get into watching hours of YouTube
  5. Nah it's just "there" when you look to equip mods. They're not consumables like before, they're unlocks. If you try to equip a class armor mod the one that dropped will be there (it might be for a different element if you can't see it on the class armor you're looking at) There doesn't seem to be a central list of every mod you've unlocked in game I can see. Iron Banner packages gives a good rate or Enhanced Mods though. Up to 961 now so only pinnacle gears up - gonna have to start to pick proper items/gear....IB seems to be high stat?
  6. Yeah IB is great but they need a bigger map rotation in it Or at least better maps
  7. Hexx


    It's back. And it's leaning hard on the feels, nostalgia and sentimentallity - but by god it works. (At least on me :P) They've had some up and downs but after 7 years you still have a lot of warmth for the characters/world. It's amazing this is some characters...6th?...return/resurection/altenrate version/reappearence and it still hits home Needs to chuck the future stuff/spin of set up though.
  8. You'd be ok with this then. Ruby Rose is a quite wooden in the pilot - struggling with a "hardened" character and coming across as granite. (Plus there's a couple of clunky lines that NO ONE could sell). She's better in the 2nd episode and certainly not a train wreck.
  9. Anyone having issues with the grenade launcher step of IB? Militia Burden and Fighting Lion don’t seem to work
  10. 2nd episode was better - still not all out amazement by any stretch but comfortable CW fare. I loved how they had Alices DNA and no one wanted to test. Beth or not still learn stuff about her FFS. Also while cults/religion of crime might be too much for TV I’m worried their making Kate ‘Batman but a woman’ rather than leaning into the more distinctive elements of BW.
  11. you might need to play another game at fable for it to count I did
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