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  1. Well that was fine. It’s not bad by any means but I don’t think it’s as anywhere as good as knives out. Certainly didn’t hate it, and the 2 hours flew by, but every element was slightly worse or worse than the first.
  2. Jeez. The final "spectacular mysterious area" is like a 360 game environment struggling to run. 3 paths and their follow up done - about 290 caught, 340 seen. I'm not sure I'll go back for a bit. There's something very very satisfying about slowly ticking off the pokedex as you fill it up, but I really don't want to spend anymore time in this open world right now. Feel sorry for Gamefreak. The crunch to get his out the door must have been ridiculous. They've just about reach a viable product, but you've got to feel for them,
  3. Yes! When you see they Gyarados' are HUGE
  4. Getting a little down(er) on this now - although I've played a lot this week. 5 Gyms 4 Legends 3 Base. 190ish caught/220ish seen The world is huge...but dull. I've not (yet) come across any real emergent stories or settings. Coupled with identikit cities and it's feeling big for big's sake rather than any reason. The pop in and pokemon spawning about 25m in front of you (and despawning as you move away) is beginning to make the world feel soulless to. There's no set spawns just "You'll see this list of pokemon, spawning randomly spaced 3m apart in this area". It's like they took the approach to what could spawn in the "tall grass" and then just said "spawn anywhere". The spawn locations haven't been designed/placed etc. I don't feel like I'm traveling through a world or environment - just seeing zoning of pokemon. (Not helped by moving slightly away and then back sees an entirely different set spawn). Arceus did the "Pokemon Safari" feel much better Perfomance continues to be terrible - and now I've found one that's affecting my gameplay. "L Targeting" sometimes working, sometimes not. I've not found any rhyme or reason to why sometimes it'll refuse to lock on and others it will snap on.
  5. Is there any way to use the ‘let’s go’ battle xp when your mains on a rampage to trigger level ups? Also anyone found a way to change Pokémon names yet? Got a lovely one from trade but it’s in Japanese characters.
  6. The performance and graphics are legitimately terrible. It's amazing how both are so bad when there's far better on the Switch, both individually and together., BUT None of that affects (so far a few hours in) the actual gameplay. It's funny/jarring when you see an NPC frame rate in town switch to a literal slideshow as they're more than 10m from you (everything largely seems distance based)- but it means nothing to the actual playing experience. Catching, exploring, fighting etc all flow well and new approaches don't need 60FPS/20billionp to have turn based battles etc. One thing that does grate though there's a 1-2second pause/slowdown when you open some menus (e.g. pokemon boxes)
  7. All the final evolutions this time are a complete dumpster fire. I think the water one is only slightly redeemed by Sass
  8. Anyone who doesn't pick Quaxly is dead to me and I hate them.
  9. Yeah the "combo" to generate encounters stuff felt like filler bollocks, but luckily the 3 pillars all have a quick option (at least if you're overlevelled) Yeah that's the hardest NPC by far. I had to rejog armor to include a fair amount of passive healing. There's just too many near-guaranteed damage attacks
  10. What a load of fucking crap. If anyone else wants to answer obvious question "everyone should know" feel free.
  11. 40% off in Black Friday PSN sale already
  12. Platiniumed get. Not too bad to get - although the 2 final optional bosses are bonkers hard. The crucible challenges are a timesink, not difficult.
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