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  1. Hexx

    UK Games Expo

    Tickets and Hotel Booked! Looks like Friday is a full day for the public, rather than a lunch time opening as previously. Anyone going and wanna buy some tat fine merchandise?
  2. Hexx

    The Division 2

    The challenge drops as you get a decent build, but it's never a work in the park. Hard Mode is pretty easy for me now, and Heroic is tense to the end. You "only" get more drops of the same (you get more xp/money/materials) level - but that helps if you trying to get better stats/perks on gear (which is more important that level)
  3. Hexx

    Star Trek Discovery

    See I think this was the moment where the series turns from "Meh" to "Bad" for me. Mudd tortures the crew for days (months?). He's trying to spy for the Klingons and would cost Starfleet the war. But oh....he's going to be henpecked by his wife? That's really funny. Off he goes then! That's punishment enough!
  4. Hexx

    Star Trek Discovery

    You might want to spoiler that since Dekay's about
  5. Hexx

    The Division 2

    Surprise patch today! https://www.vg247.com/2019/04/18/the-division-2-difficulty-rebalance-reduced-damage-named-bosses/
  6. Hexx

    The Division 2

    That's insanely good
  7. Hexx

    The Division 2

    6 pieces get \o/ And did a +3 CP. ouch they hurt!
  8. Hexx

    The Division 2

    WT5 is when it happened for me
  9. Solid but unspectacular. Feels more hit than miss when there's only a few left.
  10. Hexx

    The Division 2

    Oh is that where you get more BP? I'm terrible at the random open world stuff - happily doing dailies/projects/bounties. Don't forget Special Ammo drops are often driven by other people in your party having a spec activated, with the ammo perk and getting kills in right way for their spec to drop ammo for the team. If the team plays well you can really feel the ammo flow.
  11. Looking at this boon Clipper sent. Yeah I could probably give you a headache.

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