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  1. I was heavily involved in the one and only clan I ever participated in back in the day, just loved this game in multiplayer. The rocket launcher was so satisfying.
  2. I genuinely loved this, I am not such a big follower of Star Wars to know much of its lore but as a neutral watching on 3D IMAX this was nothing short of awesome. Kylo Ren and Emperor Palpatine smashed it, the opening 15 minutes or so was jaw-dropping. That said, I was amazed at the low IMDB rating for this and forum feedback in general. Producing a movie that would please hardcore fans and neutrals alike for most films must be incredibly difficult, for a series as sacred as Star Wars it must be nigh-on impossible.
  3. A headstrong, intelligent, focused young woman that rubs people up the wrong way because society says should just shut up and listen. Clearly the media are going to turn Lottie into whatever they want to because it sells.
  4. Saw The Nightingale earlier, hard to say I 'enjoyed' such a film given the act of violence that forms its core, but it was one of the better survival horror movies I have seen. The total lack of any soundtrack I found to be quite effective, and notable in its absence.
  5. marcus


    FKA is absolutely amazing. Magdalene has been on repeat for me, her last album was serious too.
  6. I have been branching out into Electronic music and have been listening to Floating Points today, and have lined up The Orb. I love Thom Yorke's Anima album, definitely 'spacelike' - can you recommend more along those lines?
  7. Anyone else watched The Eyes Of My Mother? Beautifully shot in black and white, a superb film that pulls no punches with moments that stick with me for song time.
  8. I started this the other day and even on Normal am getting killed frequently. I don't mind that so much, my character stats will improve with time, but the long load times and reset are a bit of a bore.
  9. Lottie is the only reason I watch this otherwise largely uninteresting show. I have been watching it for years, but think I am pretty much over it now.
  10. I have a Cineworld unlimted pass and go whenever I can, usually on my own. Love it
  11. marcus

    This is Hip-Hop.

    I listened to Little Brother (any most else produced by 9th Wonder) religiously so its great to hear them back again. I briefly heard bits of Rapsody and that also sounds promising.
  12. Is base building a necessity, or can I pretty much ignore it and carry on with the rest?
  13. Watched this last night, and loved it. Up there with the best of the year for me so far.
  14. I would imagine they were fans if the sickly-sweet Ashley O expecting to see more of the same who left horrified at her change in direction.
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