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  1. I would hate to be a comedian in this modern age..
  2. Ah I had almost forgotten about this! I am having a stormer of a season with Lemmiwinks Utd, an overall ranking at 682 at the moment, so am glad its back
  3. marcus

    Perfect Albums

    Loving the replies, I intend to listen to as many as I can that I am yet to hear. As it goes, I have been working my way through the Rolling Stones Top 500 Albums list (currently listened to around 100 or so of them) so I expect many of these will come up in due course. Love the Public Enemy mention, but for me it has to be Fear Of A Black Planet. I am going to add this also after much deliberation Childish Gambino - Because The Internet
  4. marcus

    Perfect Albums

    Which albums do you consider to be 'perfect', by that I mean these are the albums you can listen to that consist of only great songs, no filler? Ill start off with: D'Angelo - Voodoo Nas - Illmatic Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon Amy Winehouse - Back To Black Frank Ocean - Blonde Michael Jackson - Off The Wall/Thriller Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
  5. I admit to watching horror movies at a much younger age that I would allow my daughter to do so, but it did mean I lived through that whole videoshop era and I got to stare in awe at the boxes and the Evil Dead artwork was amongst my favourites, the film itself had a real aura about it. I didn't go out and rent Evil Dead from day one, but built up to it over time. I recall the video shop owner telling me that if I am able to watch House By The Cemetery, then I would be able to watch pretty much anything. The only time I ever was unable to stomach a film was first viewing of Cannibal Holocaust, disturbing on every level. I remember the two Demons movies being pretty strong but nothing came close to CH in that respect.
  6. Have been working my way through In Search Of Darkness, and its wonderful, so interesting and despite being over 4 hours long its never dull. The 80s was an incredible decade for horror and this brings back so many memories.
  7. I watched The Eyes Of My Mother a while back and thought Id mention it in case its not been seen. Proper tense and at times brutal horror, the trailer is below for those interested but Id recommend just to watch the movie Others worth a look - Goodnight Mommy Sweetheart Cold Skin Brutal, bleak and amazing.. The Nightingale
  8. Watched Season 2 and its not that great is it. Sentimentality as subtle as a sledgehammer hits time and again, repetitive is the best way I could describe this season. At a level I found it watchable and at no point did I want to give up on it, but it all felt so contrived and pointless. Note to the repeated and unnecessary use of the C word throughout, and the awful therapist who is *such* a bad character choice.
  9. I have just started watching this, and have got to episode 4 where the dog eats dope brownies and Ricky gets shot in the leg by his 6 year old daughter. Loving this so far, its so well done and the characters are just superb. Bubbles is already a legend in my eyes, the dynamic between Ricky and Julian is also continually entertaining. Have been trying to convince the Mrs to join me watching this, but she hears all the shouting and swearing and tells me its not for her. Its a shame, as already I can see this developing into one of my favourite shows.
  10. One thing I miss a lot at the moment is my regular trips to the cinema. The Cineworld unlimited card has dramatically changed my usage of cinema, and I loved ducking out for a few hours to go and see a new movie. Its insanely good value, I just take my own popcorn, drink and whatever in, I never buy the overpriced cinema stuff. I do hate the adverts also, none more than the Cineworlds own advert about the guy who is able to 'do anything' now he has a unlimited card.
  11. I saw Underwater in the cinema and loved it, but this sort of thing is right up my alley so am not too surprised. I always feel that Kristian Stewart puts 100% into whatever role she is playing, and this was no different.
  12. Really enjoyed this, for the most part it was pretty tense and creepy.
  13. I was heavily involved in the one and only clan I ever participated in back in the day, just loved this game in multiplayer. The rocket launcher was so satisfying.
  14. I genuinely loved this, I am not such a big follower of Star Wars to know much of its lore but as a neutral watching on 3D IMAX this was nothing short of awesome. Kylo Ren and Emperor Palpatine smashed it, the opening 15 minutes or so was jaw-dropping. That said, I was amazed at the low IMDB rating for this and forum feedback in general. Producing a movie that would please hardcore fans and neutrals alike for most films must be incredibly difficult, for a series as sacred as Star Wars it must be nigh-on impossible.
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