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  1. Watched this on IMAX this evening, holy shit if thats not the loudest movie I have ever seen, an hour later and my head is still ringing .! I enjoyed it too, yes the script was 'lacking' but the monsters were all very cool and thats pretty much what the ticket was bought for after all.
  2. Well that was a LOT better than I was expecting.
  3. I watched John Wick 2 earlier in the week and felt it not so great, so was not expecting much from this. But holy shit, this is all kinds of awesome isn't it
  4. The only streaming service I pay for is Tidal Hi-Fi at £19.99 a month.
  5. The Mrs persuaded me to watch the first episode last night, having never heard of this before, and I thought it was superb especially Fleabag herself. I loved the icy, awkward relationship between her and her sister. Going to binge through the remaining episodes and looking forward to it.
  6. marcus

    Xbox Game Pass

    Are games time-limited with Gamepass, I have a couple that I would like to play but not before I finished my current game, is there a chance they will disappear (Tomb Raider and Senuas Sacrifice) anytime soon?
  7. marcus

    Crackdown 3

    I wish I felt the same about this as you guys, but its simply not interesting enough for me to be a standout game. I can easily disengage my brain, wander round mopping up orbs and engaging activities which require little in the way of tactical consideration or thought given that I feel almost invincible on standard difficulty. In that respect the game works for me as an easy way to unwind playing at the end of the day and I intend to finish the story-line mode, but auto-pilot based tick-box games like this are in my consideration a huge waste of time and its this feeling which will linger rather than anything notable about the game itself.
  8. Its utterly fantastic, I love what they did with this. Some moments of pure ballsy horror few other games have managed. I intend to replay this again shortly and complete the DLC.
  9. Art The Clown is a charismatic and brilliant baddie. I loved the whole scene in the cafe, really surreal.
  10. I have played this for about four/five hours and am starting to wonder if there are any other enemies in this game other than Scorched and Molerats? I did also come across a radioactive frog. The perk system baffles me. Exploring mines/caves is still fun.
  11. Thanks, that isn't very interesting to me, am not certain Ill persevere with this.
  12. I started this yesterday having got it as a freebie in my Xbox bundle, initial impressions are good as its a lovely looking Fallout. However, I have no interest in the online aspects of the game and want to play this solo with as little interaction with 'real people' as possible, which seems possible. Problem is I dont want to invest my time into something that is essentially open-ended, and so far I am unable to detect a central storyline I need to follow. Is there a actual point/goal to reach to effectively finish the game?
  13. marcus


    I have just joined in the fun and am adding everyone from this thread, feel free to add me I intend to do one or two sentences for each film I watch. Horror is my favourite genre, and I am currently working my way through the highs and lows of 1980s horror at the moment. https://letterboxd.com/marcus74/
  14. I bought an Xbox One X with RDR2, Fallout 76, Forza Horizon 4, Forza MS 7, Tekken 7 and Project Cars 2 for £409 which I thought was a pretty decent deal all told. Its been about 5 years+ since I owned a console, I am genuinely shocked at the patch download sizes, the one for Fallout 76 is bigger than the initial game install itself. It wouldnt be a problem were I not without fixed internet where I am staying, and having to rely on my 60GB 4G data phone allowance :/
  15. Same thing happened to me last year and I never bothered watching the final in the end. I know how you feel :/
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