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  1. I ****in adore Kane, and this was always one of my faves
  2. I found this list quite interesting / useful - https://letterboxd.com/robbthemoth/list/horror-gallery-every-horror-movie-ever-updated/ - supposedly every horror movie ever made. I am on 1% seen, thats 421 of 28350 listed, but thats only based on entries I have put into my Letterboxd account. I have started working my way through them where I am able to watch the films, short movies included. I am well aware there is going to be mostly garbage, but there will be some gems to uncover and I am pretty much used to watching terrible horror movies so will see how it goes
  3. I watched Atroz (Atrocious 2015) last night, holy shit that was a nasty one. I felt compelled to have a shower after watching it, to symbolically rinse the dirt off me that I was feeling. Few films do that, and this is one of them.
  4. Well The Sadness was a ride, it was non-stop and as clunky as most Asian movies appear to be to my eyes at least, it has a particularly nasty streak and pulls no punches.
  5. I have had my XBox Series X for a couple month now, and have played and completed Lake, the brilliant Edith Finch, Halo Infinite. I have a few on the go at the moment, but the game which gets most of my time for the last month or so is the original 1993 classic Doom. I have played it many times of course, my plan is to work through every Doom game on Game Pass on Ultra-Violence difficulty. I completed the original game and the first listed expansion, and have started the second Doom addon, Arrival, and am now onto map 6. Holy shit this one can be difficult at times, its brilliant though and there is nothing like Doom. I completed LIS True Colors, which I thought was magnificent, the two central characters Alex and Steph are just so strong and the way the game conveys the facial emotion is astounding to me. I started also Visage which, as someone who loves horror movies and games, was going to be right up my alley, but I reached a point where I literally have no idea what to do (other than cheat the answer) and got frustrated with it. I imagine I will return to it at some point.
  6. My interest in this has nosedived in the last few weeks. The racing itself is quite satisfying, and it always looks astounding. I look at the map littered with icons, 90% of which I have no interest in doing, I don't play online either and am realising that there is little left anymore to motivate me in playing. Probably I might like to purchase the properties, and I will dip in on occasion, but there just isn't much left to lure me back to playing how I did in the first three weeks or so.
  7. Very impressive, I love how smooth your control is. When I play it seems that my cars want to skid and lose control all the time, especially the faster cars. It feels like maybe I am playing it wrong, or not learning the road layouts and focusing on what is coming up. I am very much full trigger on/off, I think when I take corners my finger is still on the accelerator but at the same time I am braking to try to get a optimal speed to take a corner. If I come off the gas completely and brake, when I then floor it again the faster cars often spin or I lose control. If playing this properly means a gradual usage of the triggers, as in real driving pedals, then I am in trouble as its depressing fully is ingrained into me.
  8. I have been playing this since I got the Xbox Series X recently. Is the difficulty model broke? I started on Average, and win pretty much every race, so the game suggested I go to Above Average and now I am lucky if I finish 9th. There seem to be very little middle ground between the two, so much so that it makes me think I am either awful at it or missing something.
  9. I picked up a Series X a couple weeks back, and promptly got on with completing Halo Infinite campaign. Yet with all these jaw-dropping games at my disposal, the game that I have sunk the most time into over the last week or so is Doom (1993). Playing it yet again, on Ultra Violence, there is still nothing like it. My plan is to work my way through each Doom game on the X, up to Eternal which is the only one I am yet to play. The other game I am on-off playing, is Lake, between the two its hard to get more polar opposite games.
  10. So I wanted to buy my daughter an Amiibo character-thing, whatever that is, but are these things basically unavailable at the moment..?
  11. My daughter has Animal Crossing NH, and keeps talking to me about Amiibos. I had a look and from what I can see they are figures that you can buy to give new costumes and such, but they seem to be unavailable or out of stock. How would I get one of these things?
  12. Have any of you watched Be My Cat? Adrian Țofei's depiction of a nutcase obsessed with Anne Hathaway is about as chilling as it gets. Several of you mentioned Midnight Mass (something I enjoyed greatly), I would also recommend season 1 of The Terror which is set in the 1800s about two ships stranded in the Arctic who have to contend not only with the harshest environment on the planet, but also with brutal and deadly attacks from something else out there with them. A great cast, superbly acted and a decent blend of drama and horror in good measure. I did start season 2 but lost interest in the new storyline after about three episodes, but I would wholeheartedly recommend season 1.
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