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  1. Nope. I've read various workarounds online for it and none of them work (eg. Disconnect all USB devices, headsets etc. And of course the big hold on the power button)
  2. I can't even get the game booted on Series X. It crashes back to dashboard when any button is pressed. Another broken/bugged game release. What a time to be alive!
  3. You're clearly doing it wrong mate...
  4. There's probably a whole host of reasons on top of the few you mentioned, but I can't say I really care too much. Genuinely not concerned.
  5. This. RB need to sort their strategy out, they lost the race today.
  6. Not that badly. Bottas was always going to undercut him and the Merc is so much faster anyway.
  7. Indeed, and there will be many different possible scenarios that lead to it. I mean I have Netflix but I'm not a big movie/TV person at all, I just have it for convenience.
  8. I still don't see why it can't become the primary method for game distribution. I can see why it isn't the primary method at this moment in time, but i see no reason as to why it can't be in the future if it's managed accordingly.
  9. I don't see why it can't become the primary method of game distribution with the way the service is growing. I think it just depends on how it's managed and targeted in the coming months and years.
  10. That is quite confusing but I think the implication of it is there is a difference between a safety car period during the race (Perez) and a formation lap (Kimi). The confusion coming from Kimi's scenario being a formation lap for the restart of a race that happens to be a rolling start instead of a standing start, so it looks and feels like a regular safety car period. I think that regulation needs cleared up...
  11. IMO I'd class it as a 'racing incident', but it's more Russell's fault that Bottas'. Bottas was following the racing line which he is entitled to do (racing line being the dry line which doesn't stay on the far left hand side of a left handed kink in the road). Russell didn't quite realise how much space was available whilst he was going at 180mph and ran onto the wet grass. If it was dry conditions he would probably have been fine and got the overtake. I'm also disappointed by Russell doubling down on his take. He might look back in a few days and change his mind yet.
  12. Reminds me of indycar at COTA... If it isn't being enforced then this is what you get...
  13. I really like the look of that. Where do we sign!?
  14. If the rules clearly define what a sustained advantage is ie. Leaving the track at the point of overtaking the car in front, then yes it is, otherwise its just another grey area decided case by case where one driver will say "I had nowhere else to go, they pushed me wide" and the other will say "they went off track and gained an advantage" Is doing it for 20 odd laps in a row which contributes to you being able to undercut the car in front at the pit stops a sustained advantage, or is it just when you use it during an actual overtake manoeuvre? (I know it wasn't just Hamilton goin
  15. Its the stewards that are having a hard time with it. It looked like Hamilton was leaving the track at T4 for about 20 laps before the stewards warned that they would start issuing penalties (B+W flags followed by time penalties). That wouldn't happen if it was indeed clear and not just governed on a Race/Qualy/Practice/Corner2Corner basis. I'd suggest simplifying it to a rule stating that they must keep at least 1 wheel within the white lines at all times. There is no reason to sometimes let them do it.
  16. The stewards have a lesson to learn with regards to track limits. Just have a hard rule in place for all races and that's that. I don't understand what they are achieving by allowing going outside the track limits at some GP weekends and not others, never mind allowing it within some sessions of that one weekend and not others, and then in this case allowing it for half the race distance before enforcing it! So weird and a bit embarrassing. Other than that what a cracking start to the season!
  17. Quick search of the interweb,... https://cdn.klarna.com/1.0/shared/content/legal/terms/0/en_gb/account_agreement 7. Early Repayment You have the right to repay all or part of the credit early at any time at no extra cost. We will let you know the balance outstanding upon request.
  18. Why can't you sign in on the XSX?
  19. Its an official update so I suppose it would be
  20. It lets me keep playing, but it doesn't record my progress after the mission is complete unless it decides it can get reconnected to the server. Its definitely a game problem rather than a console problem.
  21. It doesn't maintain any connection to a server in the background, don't expect that to change. Hopefully game devs start to keep this in mind as its really irritating with some games eg. Hitman, even though its single player.
  22. Despite buying Hitman 2 I never actually played it So I'm going through the full trilogy from scratch and being reminded how good it felt to play Sapienza on Hitman 1 at the time, after the previous game deviated from the magic formula. The options available to you in every mission makes it a AAA game for me. Having the full trilogy in one is just incredible value.
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