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  1. No idea! What do Apple do with iPhone/iPad? "iPhone 1234 or newer required"?
  2. Never noticed that. What the fuck!
  3. PS5 definitely has that distinctive 'next gen' message to it, no doubt about it. We could potentially be seeing different paths between MS and Sony here. Sony sticking to the traditional break in console generation (however they would be absolutely mad not to have backwards compatibility, as in complete bonkers), and MS going for iterative hardware releases that will effectively allow cross-play between Xbox One, One S, One X, Series X, Series S, PC and even through potential back-compat as we've seen with Xbox 360.
  4. The One X is just the older X series console, it'll still work but theres a newer version of it coming out. Similarly the One S will no doubt be replaced with the new and improved S Series console. And this is what people mean by no more console generations. Just newer models of the same brands.
  5. There will only be one Xbox Case for any given game in the shops. You take that game home and it'll install whatever version is required for your console. Whether it's an X series console or an S series console. It's not that much of a stretch for the imagination because that is how it works today. It's seems obvious to me that going forward we'll just have newer versions of console added to the X series and S series and the game cases and discs will remain the same. They're going full iPhone model with the console market.
  6. Because there will most likely be at least 2 series of the console and the name differentiates this.
  7. Feeling the irony that after all this time playing Halo with only a couple of friends, I now see my friends list busy with folk on MCC while I can't tear myself away from COD Looking forward to playing through Reach again over Christmas
  8. They need to scrap this race from the calendar. Its always been awful. Still, looking forward to next season and, all going well, a little trip to the Hague and Zandvoort!
  9. Great show to attend. Played some Starwars but it didn't have Invert Y and my session was on the big screen Also missed Spencer's meet and greet while I was making a cunt of myself. Next up... E3 sometime... Now away to the casino to get blootered xx
  10. Possible Halo Reach on MCC Launch tonight "Someone has been tweaking the release date for Halo: The Master Chief Collection overnight. At first the date changed to December 3rd; now, it's showing as November 14th, which is today. In fact, it's currently showing with a release time of 9pm UTC – right at the end of the Inside Xbox show scheduled for tonight" https://www.trueachievements.com/n39682/halo-reach-pc-release-date-today-x019
  11. It seems like a strange decision to have skill based matchmaking in a game that doesn't have any skill based ranking system. It feels pretty half arsed in that respect.
  12. I'll need to find out how to add mukkers on this. I'm getting COD4 vibes but most are on PlayStation nowadays.
  13. There are some instances where a running jump is useful to get across some rooftops or other gaps so I don't think I'd remove it entirely. If they removed the accuracy of your shots so that it was pointless to even try it then the kiddos would stop doing it.
  14. The sub reddit is a mess. I've been told that I shouldn't voice my opinion incase the devs take it seriously and ruin the game even more for everyone I was only saying that the jump-round-corner thing that people do looks daft and spoils the immersion... I've played this two days straight now. So long, weekend.
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