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  1. They change it every year anyway
  2. Hence why it depends.
  3. Or maybe he would...
  4. It's the one you haven't heard of before that's the new one. And if they do indeed release two specs, the more expensive one is the better one. Don't worry about the people who don't browse rllmuk, they'll be fine. Probably better off with the way this thread is going
  5. I'm afraid to look at my library, but I don't think it's quite as ridiculous as that!
  6. It is, for I have my own interpretation of them that is different to yours.
  7. I think the interpretation of "next gen games" is a game that you can only play on the new generation of gaming hardware. Different people obviously have different interpretations...
  8. Have fun... Er... Kid
  9. Doesn't sound like that much of a fuck up when we get a decent win out of the situation. Stop worrying about Microsoft's Series X sales figures and just enjoy the games
  10. It's fairly similar to what has happened at the start of this gen, except that we'll have crossplay across XOne, XSX and W10. Sounds decent to me.
  11. Or to put it another way, you'd rather buy the console that has software only available on that particular console which is perfectly reasonable and actually pretty awesome because you get the best of both worlds/platforms.
  12. But they are making games for it, they're just giving you a choice of platforms from which to play them. Choice isn't a bad thing. Even if they weren't making games for Xbox One, they'll still be released for PC giving consumers even more choice. And then there may even be streaming to mobile devices in the not too distant future, meaning you don't need to buy any Xbox or Microsoft branded hardware at all to play them. This is the route Microsoft are taking and has been well known for years now.
  13. It's pretty bad from my experience, just a difference of opinion. You do gain an immediate advantage in some cases as the blueprints you can buy give you some attachments and perks that you otherwise need to grind for over time. Other items are cosmetics. The battle pass is flashed up after every game, showing you what you could have unlocked if you paid the 16 quid for the two month long season. I haven't had much exposure to this stuff so it may be OK in comparison to other games. This is the first COD I've played proper since MW3.
  14. Are you saying that Gamepass resulted in those games having microtransactions? Because I don't think that's quite right. Halo 5 and Gears 4 came out long before Gamepass, and Gears 5's microtransactions are apparently 'less shit' than Gears 4. I can't remember what FH4 is doing differently from FH3 with regards to microtransactions. The worst game for it that I have experienced recently is the new COD, but that isn't on Gamepass. I'm struggling to see the link between Gamepass and FTP Microtransactions.
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