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  1. I was at this game live, glad I didn't need to watch with that commentary! The atmosphere every time Judge was up was electric, the 1.5 pint cans of Stella were excellent, as was the hotdog. I was sat next to a wee girl and her grandad who were a great laugh; she knew her stuff and was calling balls and strikes all the way through
  2. There's still next year for the 2nd half of the final season
  3. I LOVE IT
  4. The Safety Car really spoiled an intriguing final stint of Max chasing down the 1-stop Mercs there. Lewis just can't catch a break this season. The Sky commentary was the worst it's been all season, it feels like Croft has been caught up in the Netflix zealots with how desperate he was bemoaning Russell pitting for Soft tyres and letting Max into 2nd, and generally being on the verge of tears that Lewis wasn't getting that win afterall. I get it mate, we all want a decent race but at least be professional about it... There was absolutely no chance of the Mercs staying ahead of Max on brand new soft tyres. In hindsight they should have brought Lewis in for Softs as well to guarantee a 2nd/3rd finish but I guess they simply couldn't bring themselves to give up track position. I feel like Mercedes' last chance for a win this season is going to be Singapore in a couple of races time. There rest have long straights and/or bumps which won't help them at all. I wonder when the deadline on next year's design philosophy is?
  5. A wee FP2 run through Monaco: https://www.xbox.com/play/media/GJUQ6MXE
  6. Thankfully they already announced Spa would be back for 2023, because that race was a total snoozefest. If only it rained (but not too much).
  7. Yeah pretty much! I do love Motorsport Manager and wish they would do a proper sequel on PC.
  8. Feels like it's still bugged. I'll keep an eye on it. There's definitely a difference between tyre degradation and the drop-off in pace, and I've been going Medium-Hard 1-stop strategies in races with good results. On console, there's only font colour options, nothing on dark UI or scaling. Yup, the five sliders are the only set-up options that I can see. It's like a slightly more complicated version of Motorsport Manager.
  9. Crofty fucks off with a volume slider, thankfully. Imagine being a Team Principal on the pit wall and having the commentary blasting from the world feed. Jesus Christ.
  10. Not a good start a couple of races in. It looks good and everything, but when your driver gets alongside and then just slams on the breaks half way down the straight because the AI cant figure out what it's meant to do, regulating in the car behind getting a double overtake... Well I just had to turn it off.
  11. There's a post on Reddit that clarifies the phonecall, as it was clearer on the German dubbed version.
  12. What a brilliant race that was. Hopefully Ferrari and Merc can get closer to the Red Bull pace over the summer, otherwise it's going to be easy for Max. I think he would have got the win again today if he didn't have damage. Ferrari need to get a strategy team together ASAP. They continue to embarrass themselves with idiotic calls. Leclerc missing a chance for fresh tyres and then trying to tell Sainz to back himself into the faster Hamilton and Perez, who would almost certainly catch Leclerc anyway. Wild calls to be making. This must be Daniel's last season in F1. Just nowhere again with no excuse for it. I feel for him, but the results don't lie.
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