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  1. The camera angle is the only thing I can think off Getting chainsawed instead of chainsawing?
  2. Nothing wrong with a bit of bullshit trolling to mix it up between the hype and changing rooms posts I suppose.
  3. FH4 - 75GB Destiny 2 - 109GB Halo MCC - 121GB Gears 5 - 76GB Ori - 9GB They may be larger on the Series X will added shiny things. Cyberpunk must be pushing 100GB surely?
  4. Most (I think iir a poll that was done around pre-order time?), not everyone. Not everyone needs the Series X. The Series S looks like good value if the output suits your budget/peripherals/reasons.
  5. I had a really hard time with this last night. With the new bugged AR shooting through five walls, the new marksman rifle 1 shotting from several lightyears and the shotgun craze going on I wanted to uninstall forever. But I downloaded hundreds of GBs so I can't let it go just like that.
  6. Looks excellent @RubberJohnny.Will give it a look next time I'm on.
  7. Yeah, definitely seems a bit dodgy!
  8. 1 month of GPU is 12,000 points and I accumulated 17,000 points in September, although that included some bonus rewards for pre-ordering things eg. spending actual money on Starwars Squadrons, the Rocket League Season Pass etc. With this being the 2nd of October, all I've done so far is completed the daily quests on the Bing searches and the two apps on the console, as well as a couple of weekly quests, to earn 821 points (ie. things that don't give me reward points for spending money). So taking that as an average I should earn 12,315 points over the course of this month by
  9. It does. Merc already supplying McLaren, Aston Martin and Williams. Ferrari supplying Alfa Romeo and Haas. Renault don't have any customer teams for 2022 so they'll be obliged to provide RB and AT with engines unless another Supplier comes in.
  10. Its not integrated into the game, so you'd need to mute the in-game music and have Spotify playing over it. FH3 work brilliantly with Groove Music.
  11. They haven't announced anything on a v3 of the Elite pad. Still very happy with my Elite v2 so I'm not in any rush - easily the best controller I've ever used.
  12. Whats your Activision ID? I'll ping you a friend request.
  13. I'm addicted to Warzone at the moment. Anyone else regularly playing on Xbox, PC or Crossplay?
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