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  1. Has anyone actually gone broke from being woke? I'd hate for this to be the first time I question the sturdy wisdom of Nick Sabella 29.
  2. That explains this monstrosity
  3. As much as it leaves me cold, I'd be amazed if we ever have a home kit as bad as 2016 again
  4. England going for Euro 96 and Italia 90 in the same year, not sure I like either
  5. I'm glad you get a random selection of 'to do' tasks because one of them was to get 200 points on Woodgal Jr so I just turned the game off entirely. I think 16 is my best score, the game makes me panic too much to get on with.
  6. I watched the Crystal Palace one last night, felt sorry for the kids with the incredible pressure put on them by the parents, one kid was basically being emotionally battered by his dad who just professed to love football. At that level they should keep the parents away from pitchside and let them watch it on a livestream from at least half a mile away
  7. In that case I don't think I've ever seen someone with printing at all on an international shirt and not realised. Had no idea about that
  8. I don't mind the Italy one that much when the number is part of it, but I don't think I've ever seen someone get a number printed on the front as well as back Morocco definitely won this round of Puma madness, their home 1998 remake is a cracker too
  9. I got the computing book which opens up some more stuff on the office PC and unfortuantely also the glasses which lets you zoom in on litter and nothing else. Instant buyer's remorse.
  10. Glad there's a thread for this. Having got some way into it and extending the back room so it's a neon heaven, I'm at the point where I'm doing no laundry at all unless it's one of the daily tasks but I will still pick up all litter and chewing gum out of a sense of workplace pride (£150 on a bigger bin bag, arguably the best purchase made so far). Favourite games so far are Blockchain, Woodgal's Adventure and the GTA/Pacman one although I am absolutely hopeless at that. Currently one more day away from being able to buy the dancing game, wish I'd got that instead of getting the cheaper darts machine which is a bit rubbish
  11. I've really gone off the home particularly after seeing it in person, but the away and this as well as the swanky keeper kits make for a good year otherwise
  12. Our new third, not so much sticking the cathedral theme as absolutely steamrolling it
  13. I'd certainly hold them partly responsible for the heatstroke victim unless it was unseasonably hot that weekend. The choice of venue, awful layout and price gouging all seemed to create what happened there
  14. We've already had Tuesday's home game vs Wigan postponed now and with another set for four days later I wouldn't be making travel plans if I were a Huddersfield fan. On the plus side our away form saw us go 2-0 up at Millwall before losing with 10 men so everything's coming up Milhouse at the moment
  15. While I could certainly see us another miserable trip to the Pirelli Stadium at some point, I at least thought Burton Albion would be part of it. I make it five different stadiums we've played at home to Bristol City now, wonder if we're approaching some kind of unwanted record
  16. One of my highlights was Fred Durst watching everybody start breaking stuff as they played Break Stuff, then come off stage and immediately say it wasn't their fault.
  17. They officially have exclusivity of the ground until the 14th still to allow them to pack everything up, which in their defence was booked a long time ago while we were ironically playing in Birmingham. They agreed to let us in early to play but I don't know if their heightened security on all their venues extended to ground staff not being allowed to tend the pitch or not. We're meant to be hosting Bristol City in the cup on Wednesday too, can't see how that's happening
  18. Q. How much football needs to be played in the season before the pitch starts to look a bit ragged and unsuitable to play on? A. Absolutely none
  19. World class special effects, dance moves put together 10 minutes before they shot, listing a load of girls that make them cum in their pants at night, this has all the hallmarks of a classic
  20. The designers did nazi this coming
  21. AFC Wimbledon home kit 2022/23 AFC Wimbledon away kit 2022/23
  22. Extending the sleeve design onto the shorts is a big winner.
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