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  1. SNES Mini

    I love mine, it gets used infrequently but it's great to have when you fancy a quick go on something. My only real gripe with it is how absolutely shit I am at Mario Kart now, 12-year old me would be so ashamed.
  2. I left Inter as the conquering hero and there was mild interest from Barcelona if they ditched their manager, but he held on so I'm doing a rescue job at Everton now, who have only had one 6th place finish in the near-decade my game's been running. The season's started a bit rough with three defeats and three wins, but one of those wins was an absolute battering of West Ham. Ha! That'll teach you for helping me springboard my career!
  3. Hi Mum Hope you are well. How's everybody? We are having a great time in Italy, I've got a lovely tan! Can't wait to see you all during the holidays PS can you check on the cat? I forgot to leave food out and it's been six months now
  4. NFL 2017

    As much as I like him, I hate everyone who is good at more than one sport when there's me struggling for competence with any.
  5. Football Kits 2017/18

    I don't think the rule was all that strict, but the manufacturers seemed to go along with that anyway. I like England's kits but I can see France and Portugal having the exact same templates. I'd almost given up on Nike completely BUT THEN
  6. Dark (Netflix)

    Finished this yesterday, loved it. Lost track a few times so I had to read an episode synopsis immediately after each one, but I think I understand it now as much as I can. One question Based on the poster I was expecting something about a beastie living in a cave and only watched because my wife likes watching things in German. So far it's two good (this, Deutschland 83), one nicht so gut (Babylon Berlin)
  7. Hitting January and it's all going quite well, but the position is courtesy of a 100% home record and slightly shaky away. Happy Christmas for the managers of Spurs, Liverpool, Arsenal and Inter who all get fired and I'm linked with all of them. Spurs offered me no transfer funds at all and Arsenal had Piers Morgan fly out to meet me in Switzerland with a shirt printed for me so both are out. It's between ending Liverpool's lean spell outside the top 3 (nothing since 2014) and Inter who currently sit in second place in Serie A, only behind on goal difference. Leaning towards Inter, I just wish I hadn't poached their young forward and made him the best striker on the planet now
  8. I love the idea, but I can never really commit to any times I could play.
  9. One of the things I like about the board requests is if they say no one of the replies is 'well I thought we shared the same vision of the club but I guess I was wrong' MEOW YOU BITCH
  10. 2023/24. This time next year Rodders, we'll be championaires. Come on you spanners or whatever we're called
  11. Wrestling PPV Predictions

    1. Smackdown Tag Title (2 Out of 3 Falls) - Usos (c) vs Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable - 150 points 2. Raw Tag Titles - Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan (c) vs Sheamus & Cesaro - 150 points 3. WWE Title (Handicapped Match) - AJ Styles (c) vs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn - 150 points 4. Universal Title (Triple Threat) - Brock Lesnar (c) vs Braun Strowman vs Kane - 150 points 5. Womens Royal Rumble - Asuka 200 points 6. Mans Royal Rumble - John Cena 200 points Bonus Questions Mens Royal Rumble 1. Longest innings - 50 points Finn Balor 2. Shortest innings - 50 points Heath Slater 3. Most eliminations - 50 points Roman Reigns 4. Number 30 spot - 50 points Shinsuke Nakamura 5. Surprise entrant (anyone current not active on the Raw or SD roster) - 50 points No Way Jose Womens Royal Rumble 1. Longest innings - 50 points Sasha Banks 2. Shortest innings - 50 points Dana Brooke 3. Most eliminations - 50 points Asuka 4. Number 30 spot - 50 points Trish Stratus 5. Surprise entrant (anyone current not active on the Raw or SD roster) - 50 points Trish Stratus 1. Extreme Rules - Aleister Black vs. Adam Cole - 100 points 2. NXT Tag Team Titles - The Undisputed Era (c) vs. The Authors of Pain - 125 points 3. NXT Women's Title - Ember Moon (c) vs. Shayna Baszler - 125 points 4. NXT Title - Andrade "Cien" Almas (c) (with Zelina Vega) vs. Johnny Gargano - 150 points
  12. Two Point Hospital

    This person's feeling light-headed
  13. When driving around in GTA V I try to stay consistent with characters. If I'm Michael I'll stick with my sedan where possible and obey traffic laws, with Franklin I'll only steal cars if completely out of sight and I'll speed but not go too reckless, and if I'm Trevor I'll fuck the exhaust pipe of any car that stops at a red, take the driver's head off and wear it as a hat.
  14. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Same for me, the left stick on my original day one pad lost all grip and eventually the right trigger stopped springing back into position so I gave up on it. I think the replacement pad I bought will now have been in use longer than the original and it's been absolutely good as gold with only the tiniest difference in grip between the left and right stick due to comparative use. The weight of the DS4 is the best thing for me, especially compared to the Sixaxis which felt so flimsy and rubbish.
  15. NFL 2017

    I'm living vicariously through the Jags next week. I can't believe it was only 3/4 years ago I saw them get battered at Wembley by San Francisco to the point that when they finally scored they got the most patronising ovation I've ever heard. On that alone, I'm looking up odds on the Cleveland Browns winning the AFC within 5 years.

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