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  1. Apologies if already covered. I've got a few games where I've got the free PS5 upgrade version which worked great, but because you need to use the PS4 disc to play them if one of those discs is already inserted when the PS5 starts up it automatically tries copying the PS4 game onto the HDD and downloading an update; if the disc is inserted while it's already powered on it doesn't do this. It's a very minor grumble and is just of going into the download bit and cancelling but is there a setting somewhere I've not found that will just stop it doing it altogether?
  2. 01 - Run The Jewels - RTJ4 02 - Future Islands – As Long As You Are 03 - HAIM - Women in Music Pt. III 04 - Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher 05 - Bruce Springsteen - Letter To You 06 - Childish Gambino – 15.3.20 07 - Nas - King's Disease 08 - Ray Lamontagne - Monovision 09 - Prince - Sign o’ the Times 10 - The Divine Comedy - Promenade
  3. When Bryan Richardson was involved in a player sale I always found it hard to believe the player was the one at fault.
  4. I like the kit but I really love the sticker album inside the collar in particular. The area around the badge representing 5G is just another way Bill Gates is trying to control Midlands football. This'll be seven outfield kits from Hummel in two seasons with every one being an original design, never had such luxury before!
  5. You hero! That would have either ended up in the bin or the attic otherwise
  6. Am I missing a USB cable for the controller or does it just not come with one? Seems a bit bizarre
  7. If there's a big bag of bird seed inside the box, Alex is who I have to hunt down. If there's a big sack of cat litter... that would actually be quite handy, but don't tell him that
  8. Same! Spoke to Currys earlier just to make sure I still had an order and they told me it'll be honoured by December 15th so was expecting it to be nearer that time, instead I got the same email about 20 mins ago
  9. About 6:45 or so. I saw a mention of a loophole but it was just available and straightforward when I looked so maybe I just timed it well
  10. Email notification beeped, saw it was Currys and assumed it was confirming cancellation. Dear Customer, Great news. Your PS5 is on the way. Our team are getting your order ready to be dispatched today. It’ll be delivered by courier. And you’ll receive an email from us soon with your order tracking number. Kind regards, Currys PC World I still won't believe it until I see it testing the strength of my TV cabinet, but a nice surprise
  11. My Currys order is still showing as active and no cancellation email that others got hours ago. I wonder if they're honouring some or more likely just haven't got round to me yet
  12. Yeah, that's the Currys customer service team
  13. Goes against what they're telling people
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