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  1. Exactly that, they offer adult shirts w/ sponsor and then under 18 without, both in sizes S-XXXL https://www.officialwesthamstore.com/kits/home-kit-202021/adults/
  2. I love how West Ham are again offering the U18s kit in all sizes, the home without sponsors looks absolute magic.
  3. That's true, particularly for away fans (there can't be too many away grounds with easier directions than 'M6, J3') although with it piggybacking on the existing road and light rail plans hopefully that would make a big difference
  4. It's almost perfect for me, I never really got on with the Ricoh having been spoiled by how close I lived to Highfield Road. I'm still some miles away from the uni but it's a much more convenient trip if it comes to fruition. Big if of course
  5. https://www.ccfc.co.uk/news/2020/july/news-coventry-city-and-university-of-warwick-announce-new-sky-blues-stadium-plans/ Fucking hell, IF this all came about as planned it could end 15+ years of misery. The owners have given us a lot of jibber-jabber about building a ground and identifying sites for years now but this is the first time it's come with a partner who would have no interest getting involved if it wasn't legitimate. Hold me
  6. I would be surprised if Akinfenwa is playing too much in the Championship, if that is the case he left with a beautiful parting gift
  7. They did a similar thing a few seasons ago with a odd choice of third kit that involved filling in the stripes on their home
  8. The part I found stretched credibility that little bit too much is the idea that Ellie has an original PS3 that still works after the apocalypse when mine couldn't handle sitting under a TV for 2 years.
  9. Same as Thor a few posts up, the only violent scene that troubled me was Yara getting her arm smashed in. When Ellie's walking round their idyllic farmhouse with JJ though I had an incredible sense of tension that something was going to happen to him, harming babies is definitely something I couldn't handle.
  10. It was the exact same for me, I had to come back to it the next day instead
  11. Abby going to sweep the hospital floors was probably the most tense part for me. All the talk about how there's a reason nobody's been down there set my nerves jangling and then when you're first on the other side of the door to the rat king the listening mode shows this huge fucker the other side, had to switch it off at that point and play it again when it was daylight.
  12. Finished. I though the ending went on a bit long, mainly because when Tommy pulled out his map of California I thought 'sequel confirmed, roll credits' and didn't know there was still a load left. The fight in the mist at the end felt a bit Metal Gear Solid but I was dying for Ellie to let Abby live, it threw me that you play as both sides trying to kill the other and at one point I was completely on Abby's side. Minus points for not going full MGS and having a final showdown on top of the Space Needle.
  13. Nobody's going to have to squint to see who sponsors them, bloody hell.
  14. Nike going back to the 70/80s for Roma is a good decision
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