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  1. Volunteers have been vaccinated for nearly a year now.
  2. Oh my. In person it’s actually lovely. Can’t believe it’s almost a nice light grey colour and not the horrible shiny white it seems on video. Kudos to Shopto who put it in a paper thin cardboard box with no padding whatsoever. Nice hole punched through the outer and inner boxes. Twats.
  3. I’m delivery 108 and Leston is on delivery 107. Come on Leston!!!
  4. My saves have transferred fine from my One X to my Series X as I have Gamepass, but of course my lad’s from his profile haven’t. If I buy an external drive can I do this from the storage option in settings? As, if I can’t, I better make plans to leave the country.
  5. Finally managed to setup and sign in and I’m now playing Duck Tales Remastered for the 360 on my Series X. This is doing launch day right.
  6. Have done! F*cking hope he’s still smiling tomorrow.
  7. My Series X is dispatching now. Thank you very much to that fantastic mukker who posted the “secret” Amazon link on the 22nd Sept.
  8. Ah, damn, the launch was all going in such a lacklustre fashion... just when I thought I was out... roll on the 10th of November.
  9. The EA app hasn’t worked on my Xbox for God knows how long, just freezes. Never got around to cancelling my yearly debit of course. Maybe when it goes on Gamepass I can access the games again.
  10. 3 year breakdown cover for 13 quid too. Wow.
  11. Microsoft and Apple are very pally nowadays. I wouldn’t cry too much about this, it’ll be on iOS soon enough.
  12. Cheers for the heads-up! Mine’s arriving on the 23rd of this month so not bad at all.
  13. I never quite finished it at launch and I’ve been meaning to start again. The anniversary gives me a nice excuse. Going to take it easy and enjoy it instead of rushing it over.
  14. Took me about fifty tries on that level to realise/remember I could pick up the power switch and lob it. It’s these moments that make me ask myself who the prime minister is and do I know where I am.
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