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  1. Completely forgot about this, apologies. I'm free tonight and tomorrow to derail your title hopes.
  2. Roca has filled my dance card for the night, Manic. I'm MOTD then bed after. Sorry. You free over the weekend?
  3. Either of you available tonight, before or after I play Keith's Dad at 9?
  4. Any evening but Monday is fine for me. Same goes for Roca.
  5. Sure. Anyone else want to take my pre-BAP slot?
  6. Sith and Timmo, who wants to play before BAP and who wants to play after BAP?
  7. I could play whoever's not playing Wincho at 8.30. Can't. And can I use a magic sponge on Toni, FTL gods.
  8. Back of the line, Joffy.
  9. If there's space tonight/the rest of the season for a GTA Race League legend and champion to make a return I'd like to get in on this.
  10. Cardiff Underway With Mixed Start RIP GARY MEDEL LittleJoe 1 - 3 Wincho Injuries: Gary Medel A game with a lot of straw clutching on my part best summed up by me emphatically backslapping Toni - 'That's what I bought him for!' - as he guided an all-too-generous Odemwingie cross a good 5 yards over the Liverpool goal. With Liverpool two goals to the good, and the game slipping further from their reach, the mood was further soured when a horror challenge saw central midfield destroyer Gary Medel knocked out cold for several minutes. However, one Craig Bellamy would provide a moment of rare genius to lighten the mood at Carrow Road. Entering the fray alongside Liverpool subs Sturridge and Couthinho with the game all but lost, the chippy Welshman soon picked up the ball out wide and began a mazy run that slowly wound itself to the heart of the Liverpool box - beating some of the hapless Merseyside Galacticos twice - before placing a cool finish from close range past a stunned Mingolet. After such transcendence, Liverpool would go down the other end to kill the game for good with a grubby, forgettable goal, but the outspent Cardiff side left the pitch knowing the moral victory was theirs. Wincho 2 - 3 LittleJoe Injuries: Luca Toni A end-to-end game that only got more reckless as Wincho went two-nil up shortly into the second half. Frazier Campbell's contributed a poacher's header inside the six-yard box before more impressively teleporting across the goal to run the ball back to the center spot to start the comeback. An outside the box strike from Capoue drew the teams level and was confirmed as 'Gerrard-esque' by several pundits and Mingolet - whose Salmon dive fell short in stopping the drive - in spite of Wincho sourly comparing the flight of the ball to a peashooter. But there could be no denying the emphasis of the winner. Deep into injury time and out wide, Bellamy jockeyed with Glen Johnson long enough to wedge a hanging, time-slowing cross that eluded the outstretched hands of Mingolet but found the head of the same roving DM of peashooter equalizer fame - now airborne - who sent the ball and his own body flying into the back of the net to steal the win. For Gary Medel. Cheers for the games Wincho. Was fun just going for it in the second.
  11. I'm out this time around. Sorry to keep everyone waiting.
  12. Cardiff Sign Capoue In £8.7M Deadline Day Raid Bluebirds Gift £1.8M 'sweetener' to Spurs Boss Anticipated Barry Deal Falls Through Due to 'personal differences'. 'Athlete' Capoue Suited to Cardiff Philosophy, Says LittleJoe Great doing business with someone I can talk to, Tomox. Spend wisely.
  13. Thanks Timmo, Wincho. A real honor to win back-to-back Champions League titles. Thanks also to Sith, who gave me an invaluable warm-up in our league games.
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