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  1. http://time.com/2850146/shigeru-miyamoto-nintendo-interview/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
  2. Or- scott, we thought you pulled it off while you were playing any Nintendo game!!!!
  3. Fuck. I can't take my eyes off the screen let alone drive one-handed.
  4. He's rich, though. This makes no sense at all.
  5. My friend did that once. At The Island Games. That's him. The other guy is Mark Cavendish.
  6. He was thinking Victor Moses would be playing against a former club - a situation where players normally, if they're going to, excel. I'd have done exactly the same thing. Let's not forget Moses was a fluffled finish away from winning it. Also, somebody's blaming Aspas for Chelsea's second goal. Pretty sure it was Sturridge who gave that ball away. I don't like that - ragging on the substitutes because they don't turn the game around. Gerrard got carried away, Suarez looks knackered but I reckon he's made a deal where he can't be subbed. And Henderson's red card. That's what's hurt us. Still. Yaya Toure's been fucking incredible, so has David Silva. And we've still got a chance.
  7. What's all the bollocks about THIS IS OUR BEST CHANCE TO WIN IT. If that is the case I don't care if we win it or not. Don't wanna be one hit wonders. As for last night's game. Well, fuck. The only thing I'd criticize Rodgers for is not bringing off Suarez. The lad looks FUCKED. Thought he did everything else right. We really miss Henderson, huh? Lucas hasn't been great. Lacked a bit of POWER. Ah well, you never know, Villa might win and if not at least I'll be able to enjoy the Newcastle game.
  8. Okay guys you've been waiting for my analysis of the match and here it is. For those wanting a more defensive display. Liverpool had 3/4s of the ball. What do you want them to do with it? Stroke it around at the back? Under no pressure. They tried that, look what happened. And that's what it all boils down to. Those wanting a dour nil-nil, that's would it would have been had Gerrard not fucked up. If that was part of Mourinho's game plan then he's not a tactical mastermind, he's a fucking witch. So, yeah, it was just a mistake. Play that game a thousand more times and it wouldn't happen. I think Gerrard's getting off lightly, actually - not so much for the error (though had it been Sakho then there'd be a lot of anger aimed at him) No, I think Gerrard is more to blame for his wayward shots in the second half. Gerrard's done more than most to build this up, instead of playing it cool, and it came home to roost. In conclusion. One mistake was all it was. To say we only needed a point is not really true. We needed to win. You can't plan to draw and then take for granted you'll win the last two and fourteen wins on the bounce was never going to happen. I reckon we're more likely to win the last two games after the Chelsea defeat than we would have been had we beat Chelsea. Because you have those games where it won't go in. And we had that game. So chins up, yeah?
  9. Here's the thing, yeah, it's kinda disappointing but when you think about any game reveal ever. That one that blew you away. That one. Do you wish it was announced sooner? You know? It's tricky, right? Because the closer to release the better. So say they announced a bunch of stuff. Next month we'd be all, but what else?? They probably are working on some games. They've got some great games out at the moment. If you're going to buy a WiiU buy it for the games you can buy now otherwise you're going to be unhappy. Personally I thought it was a great reveal. Up there with WiiFit Trainer being in Smash Bros.
  10. They fixed it. Fixed mine anyway, with the last update.
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