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  1. MaffewE

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    Won't get a chance to go back there for a few days now, so my chances of being able to help are minimal - it's in the WH Smiths on Gentleman's Walk, if that helps anyone.
  2. MaffewE

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    I've also spotted one in Norwich - but as someone not that worried about Dark Souls and who already has their own subscription copy, I've left it there. For now.
  3. MaffewE

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    Similarly to some of those who have already commented, I really hope there's a special edition or something coming soon. While the content is as high quality as ever, and the covers are nice, the covers are also the only thing that really seem special. Which is a bit disappointing for a 25th anniversary. Heck, my wife's 1000th issue of Heat magazine seems to have more special content befitting an anniversary....
  4. There has been no confirmation of the price going up in the UK, just in some other European countries.
  5. Robocraft Infinity was first when it arrived on 11th April, surely?
  6. MaffewE

    EDGE 315

    As if by magic, it just appeared.
  7. MaffewE

    EDGE 315

    Total Film turned up on them both on Friday. Official Playstation Magazine is still missing, presumed lost to the void. Digital copies are GREAT, eh?
  8. MaffewE

    EDGE 315

    By contrast, both the Official Playstation Magazine and Total Film are out now in newsagents, but not on Google Play or Readly. So best keep whoever's doing those two away from Edge... (It's going to be all the same people, isn't it?)
  9. MaffewE

    EDGE 315

    Not this time it isn't... still the Final Fantasy issue on there at the moment as the latest one. The other Future magazines released in the last week or so seem to have made it, though... Official Xbox and PC Gamer are showing up as the new issue, for instance.
  10. No sign of my subscription copy as yet (yes I'm in the UK), and the postman's just been for today. Should I be concerned? (edit) Scrap that, he's just come back with it.
  11. MaffewE

    Edge #311

    So. What's this Edge Annual thing that's advertised in the magazine, then?
  12. MaffewE

    Just switch your brain off!

    I despair. How is it not obvious that, when responding to a post which reads: ...that this reply... ...is needlessly aggressive and personally-focused, rather than actually addressing or discussing the topic at hand in any way?
  13. MaffewE

    Just switch your brain off!

    I prefer to think of it as Benny, the person who had an opinion which he expressed in a thread which asked for peoples opinions.
  14. MaffewE

    PS+ Price Hike

    ..wait, one game?
  15. I doubt the one on the top-right here has one of those things:

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