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  1. Based on that, I think I might sell them. Will try and hold out in case they take on more significance in the next update (assuming there is one, post-foundation) - but if they're worth a fair bit that'll help me progress quicker through the ship and suit evolution process, which is likely to keep me enjoying this for longer. Ever found anything useful using a L2 or L3 Atlas Pass? Might make finding some operations centres my next personal task, since apparently that's where L2 and L3 blueprints are likely to be hiding. Just wondering if it's worth it though... god, really wish that this was on a handheld or something. It's perfect for idling away with whilst dual-screening. Being on the PS4 (for me), just makes it a little less accessible these days - don't want to monopolise screen time and my wife hasn't been complimentary about watching me play it ("what's the point?", "it doesn't even look good", "at least when you're shooting people [in an FPS] it's interesting to watch" )
  2. Cheers @Davros sock drawer - will see if i can steal half an hour of TV screen time this evening to get to a Korvax system...Remember meeting scientists before but they're like buses. One never shows up when you need them. I've been to a couple of Atlas stations. Grabbed the red balls and that's all good. Just wondered if I just keep an eye out for them and keep accumulating them or whether i need to do more? Also, do you have to keep them or can I sell them and free up the inventory slot?
  3. Had an interesting weekend playing this (couldn't be bothered getting out into the real world since it was consistently raining - although thankfully it wasn't toxic). Anyway, just thought i'd share some observations. The most stressful part of my task was mining. Firstly I had a nightmare in that I mined two gold deposits almost entirely and then went to board my ship to head back to the trading post and my PS4 froze entirely and needed rebooting. Lost it all. Too greedy! Then, when I picked up my controller that I'd thrown in rage I reloaded and went back to another gold deposit. It was an ice planet. Nighttime temperature was -75, there was a storm so I'm digging into the gold deposit to get shelter. Might as well dig deeper whilst I'm here I think - no harm in that and I'm still not exposed. But like the dwarves under the mountain, I dug too deep. Thankfully, they haven't bothered coding a balrog (i'm not sure if that was a pre-release promise). Instead they just let you drop below the map into a void of nothingness, which is at the same time full of invisible sub-zero water. I tried to get back to the spot I'd dropped down from but it was waaaay too high above the invisible water I was in, so couldn't reach it by jetpacking. When i found an area where the 'surface' was low (i.e. a valley) i found I could get close to the surface and just about use my mining tool to zap stuff, so I figured I'd fine a mineral/mining cave deposit and mine my way back to dry land. But this freezing planet was massively hilly and I was running out of life support, oxygen (for which I was repeatedly hovering above water to refill) and and my hazard protection was taking a beating (and I couldn't get any minerals needed to refill that since you needed to 'grab' those rather than mine them). Finally, not being able to find a below ground mineral vein and running out of multi-tool parts that I could dismantle to use to recharge my life support kit, I found a really shallow spot below the surface, equipped some plasma grenades, punched myself a hole in the 'surface' after a couple of attempts and jetpacked my way through onto the 'surface'. Must've been under there for about 20 minutes, essentially going "shit, shit, shit"! So, yeh, I basically glitched my way into a slightly different version of survival mode. Good times! After that, i did some more careful mining and trading, got my multi-tool to 24 slots. Traded up ship a couple of times for ones with better slots (and that weren't pink, because i wanted some intergalactic streetcred) so that's at about 23 i think. Exosuit is at 31. Getting there. Still a bit bamboozled by it all. So, some questions: - Mining (gold, emeril mainly) got me from U2m to U3.5m, but all the ships i fancy are U5m+. Do i essentially just have to keep grinding it out? Does it get quicker/easier? - I'm looking for a scientist in my home base - where'd I find one of those? Need a blueprint for a voltaic cell apparently. Every system I warp itno has armourers and more construction people, but the scientists must all be busy in labs or something because i can't find them... - I warped into a system where some robot in an anomaly offered to put me back on the route to atlas or something, I said yes. It showed me where to go and i warped there. So far in that system i've found a lot of ruins but nothing else. Am i still on the path or am i doing it wrong? - What's the deal with 'farming' pearls and stuff. Will that all become obvious in time if i just crack on? Joined this late and struggling to find much info about the early/mid game bit. Most guides are for starters or experts. Feel a bit lost in the middle. TL:DR - still enjoying it!
  4. dunkle

    Pokemon Go

    @superstarbeejay - how are you checking these IVs?
  5. dunkle

    Pokemon Go

    Just hit 300 magikarp this evening. Caught one in the wild. It appraised as 'amazes' but I've got three other amazes so I binned it. Sorry @_Pow_ Trying to get my bulbosaur and charmander candy while it lasts. 80/100 and 60/100 at the moment for their evolves. Gonna do me some more pokestrolling tomorrow lunchtime whilst this event it on. Still only on 114 in my pokedex though and lv26. So lots of grinding to do. Plus I want a baby mon. Haven't hatched one yet despite all the free incubators over Christmas.
  6. @Davros sock drawer - you running PS4 or PC? Those screenshots look cracking. I threw a few more hours into this last night - my ship is still tiny (18 slots?) but found a few upgrades so my suit is c.24 slots and my mining tool is about the same. Much more helpful in raiding abandoned posts and for mining. The exosuit slots took my units to c.300k but it was no trouble at all to do some mining and get me back to 600-700k. Next step for me is to upgrade my ship next as that's my weak point storage wise. Now, onto freighters - can I dock with one of those straight away - or do i need to get to a higher level/further into the narrative? Generally when i see freighters and ships looking to attack me i scarper (well, if there's a few of them), hence i havne't flown around freighters much - but when i have i haven't seen the option. Presumably i haven't 'unlocked' this yet?
  7. Yeah, I figured normal was a sensible starting point to familiarise myself. Then when i'm comfortable with the concept I can throw in some risk and peril. But to be honest I can see a lot more wandering about before i get to that point. I'm enjoying trying to upgrade my exosuit and ship first... then i plan to work on my home base (albeit i'm loathe to do this since it's currently on a planet with some pretty bad toxic rain storms and irritable fauna!). Loads to do!
  8. This is the interesting thing for me. It is mostly a relaxing, peaceful endeavour. I'm not tense when I'm playing it - normally I'm just a little bit baffled if anything. I just pootle about and collect some things. Fly here, land there, collect some stuff, mine a bit. Heck, I even generally try and avoid getting sentinels interested in my actions. So it feels relaxing overall - and it's piqued my interest in terms of what's possible, what I should be doing, what I could be doing. When I'm not playing it i'm trying to read about it and think about what i'd do next. But not with a sense of obligation - more with a sense of curiosity. I like that about it.
  9. Came to this one late and have to say... really enjoying it. That i'm interested in the general premise of space exploration might help, but I like the laborious mechanics which are quite nonchalant. Aside from difficult ship to ship combat mechanics there's plenty of scope to just amble about, mine a little, explore a little, trade a little. It's hardly twitch gaming so it suits a nice sit and ponder with a cup of tea. A planned half hour on Saturday morning turned into 3 hours! Probably only about 12-15 hours on the clock for me in total at present, so maybe it will tire - but enjoying it immensely so far and plenty of value from a second hand price (about £1/hr so far). I do have some questions though and wondered if you guys could advise: - I'm trying to stick to the prescribed path of exploration and narrative - but am I ok to warp between systems or could this derail me from the prescribed path? Specifically i've sorted a home base and am looking for spadonium for my construction gek. Can't seem to locate it on my local planets/moons - should I wander further afield? - How much should I be exploring each planet? The completionist in me wants to scan every flora and fauna and mine the hell out of every seam. I'm wasting time, right? Obviously it's one way to get more units (I'm only c.500k) but is it better to upgrade my suit and my ship by finding ones to repair or by grinding out trades? - How on earth are you supposed to navigate the galaxy map? I've tried a few times and I can barely fathom where i am, let alone how to navigate it. Or is that just me? Cheers.
  10. dunkle

    Pokemon Go

    The trouble with the egg route for me is that my walking part of my work commute is about 750m either end from the tube. So 3k per day if it registered properly - more like 1.5k. So that's painfully slow, unless i max out on incubators. The rest of my walking is so sporadic - normally around London with work but not usually at times when i want my phone out and to be rinsing the battery. Worst of all it classes (even my really slow) running as 'travelling as a passenger'. Otherwise it would actually encourage to get outside and run more rather than sticking to a gym treadmill. So I agree that it's an interesting feature. But they haven't cracked it (bu-dum-tish). I was also wishing for some double XP for Christmas... guess my grind to 30 will be slower that I intended. I'll still get there... already got my Christmas Pikachu which felt good, despite it clearly being a novelty item that will probably become far too prevalent...
  11. dunkle

    Pokemon Go

    Thought it was my phone. Glad to hear i'm not alone! Sometimes takes three or four goes... In positive news, I'm way behind you guys but I've finally ticked off over 100 in the dex (onto 103) and have reached L25. Which I'm happy with as a casual player. Also finally found the Magmar that had been lurking in my nearby tracker for three days (which was a bit odd - thought they just spawned randomly - this thing appears to have been tied to an area for a period of time). Anyway, shame the double XP has ended - felt like I was making some real progress...
  12. Needs some Fog. I'd also like some True Love Waits - but not the MSP album version. And Killer Cars.
  13. That's just cheating! You wouldn't get that winning feeling when something comes out spot on. Also, you'd get no man points
  14. dunkle

    Pokemon Go

    Have you upgraded your bags? I'm 64 hyper, 90 revive then 44/60/16 balls and 70 raspberries. Discard all normal and super potions. Might get rid of some more raspberries - can't say I've ever noticed they have much effect.
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