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  1. Just because you can, doesn't me you should. Reminds me of the early 2000s where developers found the bloom option and put it on everything. They could have done some very subtle stuff, a bit like Quake for the saturn which had fancy 3d lights for the projectiles and things but this is like a complete rewrite in terms of look and tone.

  2. Can't see why it would. What i suggest saying is that you have no issue paying the VAT, but you did not agree to their fee and ask them to prove that you signed and agreed to their admin fee for delivering your product. Obviously they won't and then they'll remove it. Might take a go or two depending on the CS person you get, because as usual its mostly outsourced to people who are just following a guide and can't deviate from it.

  3. Sometimes you have to force the issue. They now just say no, instead reply back saying their delivery contract is with analogue, not you and then all of a sudden they’ll remove it.


    If all these companies won’t deal with you when it’s shipped by someone else then they can also not deal with you when they want to collect money.

  4. I'd go for a box, dreamcast games and psone i don't even think fit large letter, so just go for a box for the most protection. Also add a bit of padding to inside where the disc is to stop it coming loose and sliding around getting scratched. Don't tape the disc down, it'll probably rip off the print.


    To stop the games smashing about in the box use some old amazon packaging and just place the game in the middle of all the squashed up paper making sure it's covered at all sides. Once you close the box shake it a little, you shouldn't be able to hear it moving. If you do, it'll probably get damaged.

  5. 4 hours ago, chris on the moon said:

    As I read this I imagined that you'd put on your VR headset, and then you'd be in a virtual room, and you'd see yourself holding a virtual 3ds console which you'd hold in your virtual hands and play (a bit like those weird sega megadrive emulators on PC)

    But it probably just emulates the game itself doesn't it.

    There’s an emulator for arcade light guns that does just that.

  6. Yeah at that age games can be quite tough because they barely give them time to understand the controls or whats going on.


    But yes, Mario Kart is perfect as it has auto steer and accelerate on it. I'd also recommend Mario maker, making your own levels with no enemies so they can just have fun collecting coins and then slowly introduce more difficult things. I'd also say consider getting them a child sized controller because the normal ones are just too large for their hands.

  7. 5 hours ago, fragglerock said:

    Thanks for always posting these. I’m fed up of Hotukdeals racing to post the deals as early as possible which means by the time the deal becomes active it’s no longer on their pages as hot so it gets missed. So again thanks for posting these when they’re actually active to get!

  8. 18 minutes ago, strider said:

    It's weird isn't it. I've been using the Analogue Pocket and it's made me start picking up Game Gear games (just two at the moment). I've gone for carts, for no other reason than space now and I know a lot of the boxed stuff I might want is silly money. However, I would never knowingly buy GBA games like this because I already have a bunch of GBA games complete, so anything new would have to be complete to. Stupid eh?

    I think the argument about new boxes from collectors is that it dilutes the market and means counterfeits ruin the market. I have a couple of bootleg games and an Etsy produced box for my Goemon but they're not the same as the originals so it's obvious they are fakes.

    I'd be annoyed if I spent £200 on a game and it came in a clearly reproduced box.


    I don't think that argument is stupid, i never buy cart only, as i like the box and everything else and not just loose carts around the room. But at the same time if i can get the game for cheap, and then get a box and manual made elsewhere for cheap compared to a CiB copy thats a fortune then i'd rather do that. As long as the look and feel is the same to me thats all that matters. I certainly get not wanting to dilute the market with fakes though, but i think thats a slightly different discussion and yeah you don't want to pay a fortune for something that is bootleg in some way, but just making your own repro boxes so you don't pay £150 for a piece of printed cardboard that is in now way special or hard to recreate i certainly think isn't an issue at all.

  9. Yeah all the people moaning, for £30 im sure you're getting at least 1 game out of at least 36 a year that basically covers the cost of the sub, ignoring online play. Certainly i've gotten more value either because of games like this that i probably wouldn't have bought but can try now and probably enjoy for a few hours at least.

  10. It's possible to recreate these boxes now, even for the average person to do so they are identical. Ultimately i don't really see the point of paying loads for a 20 year old box, when a newly produced one will look no different (besides being newer). Humans are very strange in how they put rarity and value into things just because they are old, even if something newer is identical in every way.

  11. You’re right in that how can it be worse when it can do all the stuff that the DS does. But at the same time the released titles were a step down. Mainly because the 3ds was more of a traditional handheld with games where as the DS had werid stuff on it like the cooking app or eye training or electroplancton. I guess mobile phones filled that gap but it was missed even if they were not titles you’d buy a system for, they were interesting. It also felt like the stylus got far more use on the DS than the 3DS.

  12. 4 minutes ago, Isaac said:


    You don't spend $70bn to stay multiplatform.

    I think you do, theres too much money to be made by not be and basically microsoft don't care how you give them money. The xbox console for the past 2 years has slowly become just a way for you to play microsoft stuff, it's not meant to be the only way anymore.



    3 minutes ago, RubberJohnny said:

    RIP "Microsoft is going to get out gaming any day now"




    Aged just as badly as those "Apple are going to collapse now without Steve Jobs" takes.

    At one point around 2013 it was true, Phil Spencer even said they were considering it which is why there was all that talk about it. But they've pushed forward and well look at what they are achiving now.

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