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  1. The above reminds me of Mass destruction on the Psone, but that’s tank based only I think. Based on what you’ve said it doesn’t sound like it’d be a ps2 game but by the end of the psone’s life all sorts of random crap was ending up on it, games that looked worse than flash prototypes or easily could have been early 16-bit titles.

  2. 1 hour ago, SMD said:


    Does this also apply if you softmod them? I've been planning on doing them for ages but haven't gotten round to it, I want to be able to save all my games digitally.

    It does, it’s a hard limit. For the 3DS I think it can have more but the icons won’t be visible to actually use them.

  3. 21 minutes ago, Goemon said:

    I thought I read/saw somewhere that the expansion pak was only created because Donkey Kong had a crash in it and the devs couldn’t figure out our to fix it, the only thing they knew was that it didn’t happen on dev kits. So to get the game out for the holiday season they created the premise ‘expansion pak’ to make games better but it was essentially just to fix a memory leak.

    Sorta true, the pack was already out before the game but solved the issue. The game probably has a memory leak so would fail soak tests but the expansion pack probably allowed to brute force it’s way through them with the bug, plus they could charge more and get more adoption so an easy win maybe. It was made for the 64dd and it was only after I think an acclaim dev (or top gear game?) bugged Nintendo around 97 or 98 to release the pack cos they knew it could make their game look better.

  4. EB364C1E-9D01-4849-AC30-6C72166B0E9D.thumb.jpeg.9b1160cb06d5e301925e94df50b9acd8.jpeg


    When roblox looks more sonic than a sonic game. Seriously this is how it should have looked. I’ll never quite fully understand the inner workings of sonic team. I get the impression the director allows ideas to throw freely, which is good, but basically any idea is seen as worthy.


    They also do a lot of what Nintendo does in that each game must have a new gimmick to sell it on. Can’t be refined or more of the same, has to have a fresh idea which rarely works out. I also get the feeling the team is small, young and potentially contractors which is why the quality varies so much and the games take so long to come out.

  5. 14 minutes ago, milko said:

    Are all the team names and player names a separate deal? So they'd lose the ability to have The Official FIFA World Cup 20XXtm in their games but all the other stuff could stay? If so I doubt it'll hurt them much, indeed.

    Exactly this. People will just call it FIFA anyways.


    I hope Konami buy the license just for the lols.

  6. I love Sim Copter. One of the first games I bought for my first pc after trying the demo. It’s janky as anything, the city scape being pretty good but the npcs and the missions being a bit of a mess. But it did get me into enjoying classical music, putting on that radio station and just flying around doing missions was fun and each helicopter felt unique.


    You can totally see from this how the scrapped 3D version of Sim City 3000 would have formed but probably for the best we never got that version. I love this era of gaming, it’s experimental and full of ideas and I doubt we’d get a game like this now.

  7. 12 minutes ago, Cyhwuhx said:

    They can't possibly Sonic Cycle this, right?



    It's Sega of course they will, it'll be fantastic right up till launch with everything on point, looking amazing, positive buzz except when it comes out they'll have replaced the sonic jump noise with a fart or something just to totally ruin all the good work.

  8. This was not good. Emmerich clearly has lost his touch for making these sorts of films. ID, TDAT and 2012 were all great, fun films. ID2 on the other hand was such a disappointment and this is even worse.


    Its like there was no script, only bullet points of things that had to be in the film and they just made it up on the day. The dad dies. How? Why? Errr let’s just film it. We need a helicopter to explode as the rocket takes off. How? Errr well it errr flys into the giant wall of water instead of away from it cos it needs to circle upwards cos errr otherwise it won’t explode. There a gang of thieves. What do they do? They errr steal stuff for reasons.


    There as just so many scenes that don’t make sense. The whole getting oxygen thing doesn’t make sense till it’s actually shown why they had to do that. No one knows when they’ll launch the nukes, cos even though one of the casts ex husband is the one launching them he doesn’t tell them anything. Except just before the climax of the film they somehow know they have ten minutes before they’ll be launched. Ok then.


    The cast we’re dull in every scene. “I can’t swim” as slight chubby man struggles to stand in 3 foot of water. It’s almost like they filmed this whole thing on a blue screen and the actors had no idea what they were reacting to. So many moments when a character should be afraid like when there is a giant space monster approaching them fast and just calmly says “what is that?”. Even the disaster stuff wasn’t as good as the previous films. I’ve seen youtubers make more coherent films using an iPhone than what we got here and it’s a shame as this could easily have been a super fun movie that explored an interesting idea. Instead we get things happening to hit a bullet point or a trope with no real thought if it is even needed.

  9. 2 hours ago, Nick R said:


    I'd nominate Virtua Fighter 2 and Virtua Tennis 2 as examples of the "almost any" bit of that time!


    As for Crazy Taxi: I'm a weirdo because I prefer CT2 to the first one. I agree that the addition of multi-passenger groups was redundant (their money earned/time lost/time regained balance made them an inefficient way of getting a good score). But I never got why people objected to jumping so much. Although CT1's Arcade city is a classic, I liked CT2's Small Apple and Around Apple much more than CT1's Original city.

    Honestly I don’t mind CT2, if anything it’s the drab looking city that bothers me more. I guess the jumping doesn’t really add much and in some ways takes away the purity. It’s like comparing Burnout 2 to Butnout revenge. One has you avoiding vehicles as a skill and the other just has you smashing through them so I guess being able to jump just adds in something that takes away slightly from the original.

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