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  1. I love the idea of this but it’s just a shame it’s locked to Philips tvs. I use Philips hue and that works great On films (I use an app called sync my lights but that requires people to manually create their own light shows for a film) but it’ll only (as far as I’m still aware) show one colour, it can’t do gradients and certainly not gradients around matching the screen specifically unless they’ve released something else that can do that?
  2. I love this game. I knew I’d like it after Astrobot vr but ugh, this is so great. Is this the first time someone other than Nintendo has pulled off making a Nintendo feeling game? I think it’s all the little touches, the animations of the bots, the secret areas just off screen, the nostalgia nods. Without those it’s a fairly competent platformer but those make it whole. Every section having a unique gimmick probably also adds to this. Ive loved almost every 3D mario game, with odyssey being...a disappointment? I’m not sure how to explain it, I completed it with all stars and it’s certainly not a bad game but it didn’t feel like a Mario game. I really can’t explain it but it’s not a game I care to ever visit again compared to 64, sunshine, galaxy and worlds etc. But Astrobot feels as good as those games and certainly much better than odyssey. The music whilst not as memorable as mario titles is still great, so happy and jolly with a catchy theme. I’d love to see them expand this in a future title. Ive already completed 3 of the 4 levels and it’s just been a constant delight every single second and I’ll be upset when it ends. I could easily play another 15 hours of this. Let’s hope an Astrobot 2 or vr 2 comes about and soon! This could be a game of the year contender for sure!
  3. The ps5 controller is great. Now it’s probably a little over sold, the rumble and haptics are great but I think it’s like comparing playing a game before the N64 rumble pack and then playing Star Fox 64 with the rumble pack. It’s a new and positive experience and in Astrobot is absolutely perfect. But it’s a little more subtle than you may think. The triggers work great but seem to work best with more deliberate use than pushing them in as if they are a button. But yeah really great. The set up process for the ps5 was great too from asking if you want to install a game whilst setting up to already downloading the updates whilst also doing setup. The ps4 transfer was easy enough (and fairly quick for just a few games). In fact all the PlayStation menus are nice and simple and much more friendlier than even the PS4. Pretty happy at the mo but like the series x a lack of new games in the coming weeks will be the only downer.
  4. Ketchup

    Outer Wilds

    It does a great job of making you feel like you’re really exploring. There’s a bit of caves which is actually quite linear but your first time through them really does feel like an underground labyrinth that you could get lost in. I think it needs another play through in a year or twos time as I’ll probably have forgotten a lot of it by then.
  5. Currys dispatched mine last night and got a dpd tracking number but all morning dpd have said it’ll arrive today but so far they don’t have the package. Currys couldn’t have made a bigger mess of this if they’d tried.
  6. Wow thanks for that, what an odd piece of hardware then, wonder why they made that when Naomi already existed.
  7. So how have all these ports been able to be done? Is an atomiswave basically just a dreamcast?
  8. Well currys is a bit of a cluster. Managed to get an order in yesterday at 3am. Got an email telling me my order would dispatch later that day. Today the order has gone from order received to order complete to in progress and back to order received. Those that ordered after me have been told their orders have dispatched only to then half a day later revert back to order received. Im confident currys CS is off shore as every answer they give is totally different and no one has an actual answer. So am I gona get mine? Don’t know yet as Currys clearly can’t put out a quick tweet to let their thousands of customers know what is happening.
  9. Nah they were just brand new GameCube pads, it’s why everyone bought them so they could have brand new pads for their 20 year old console and especially the fighting tournament scene.
  10. Wow at that prize. I worked at the store with the highest turnover in the company and won the prize (a pack of cheap beer) for selling the most Xbox pre orders. Wonder why your region got that as a prize!
  11. Wasn’t there 35 secrets in the clock? What are some of them?
  12. If people want them it's something that could be done for sure!
  13. Might spend the weekend 3d printing a stand for this.
  14. The build limit I guess is slightly expected but should have been mentioned at some point before launch. I assume the new consoles have no such limits? As for gamepass that does suck for those that bought it but at the same time gamepass games only stay for a limited amount of time so it’s not a total waste buying it.
  15. They probably are. The size and weight alone would make it costly to ship and that’s ignoring the insurance add on.
  16. Surely that stuff will stay around the same as it’s waiting for hundreds of players to connect and sync up?
  17. This quest 2 is currently £275 on ebay. I've currently got and love PSVR but im sort of tempted by this. As someone whos never done PC VR what can this do? I understand it's a standalone unit but can i also run pc games on it? Can steam vr games run on it? Can i do this all wirelessly? The oculus store seems kinda empty and lacking is that the case? Also what PC games are worth picking up that haven't come out on PSVR as i've probably already got them there and really don't fancy buying them all again at full price.
  18. Yeah depends on the store, couple I worked in years ago were like this but then they were the larger stores and could demand that to squeeze as much money as possible from every sale.
  19. It won't sit there, this is GAME, it'll be turned in to a MEGA ULTRA GAMER BUNDLE! Featuring 5 controllers, all the launch games, a camera, 2 years of ps plus, disc care for all the games, insurance and a game guide plus a special launch lanyard for £2000!
  20. This popped up on my kickstarter recommends earlier and as a huge fan of the Toe jam and earl series I had to back. http://kck.st/33cPiy7 It’s a cool book which sounds pretty odd at first but the game is filled with food and yummy treats so makes some sense right? Inside looks pretty amazing and matches the look and feel of the games. It's official too which makes it extra great, love supporting the the creators of this series. I first played it on the Mega Drive back in 1991 before i even knew what a rogue like game was. It was so different from every other mega drive game but the humour and weridness drew me in. If anything i feel like i love the second game even more although most people are a bit down on it. I didn't realise that the team making this cook book also did an unofficial zelda series cookbook which looks great too, wish i'd backed that too.
  21. For the most part I agree but there are often times where playing more of the game either changes your opinion or the game radically changes or opens up in a way you’d never have guessed. I do feel some reviews can be inaccurate due to the reviewers rush to complete the game. Is a game like Red Dead Redemption 2 worthy of all its praise when you complete it over a weekend rather than slowly spending weeks with it and understanding and living with both its good and bad parts? Then you have games that are only a few hours long. On first play through they may be fine or even boring? But multiple replays are where they open up as you experiment or understand the mechanics more. Playing Crazy Taxi is fun the first time but when you have played it for hours and nailed the mechanics it becomes a different better more exhilarating game.
  22. This popped up on my Facebook and looks really cool. Inspired by Power Drift and super scaler games it’s so bright and colourful and fast that it really takes me back to when games just screamed fun! https://skydevilpalm.itch.io/victory-heat-rally Edit: Didnt realise it’s a kickstarter currently as the website mentions pay what you want.
  23. Bosses should be an experience and tell a story through their attack patterns and changes. Being difficult is not fun, and being easy is boring, but they should be fun like an action sequence.
  24. Would defo be up for that some time.
  25. Maybe i missed this in the replies but the S is a more (less?) than just a machine that outputs at a lower resolution. It's missing the disc drive too, so some cost will be absorbed by that being missing, probably the DVD licensing fee too? But also it means every single thing you buy has to be via the xbox store. No more second hand, no more cheap disc deals. Same as with the PS5 digital edition, the idea being that yes the console makes less money but it'll make it back because everyone owning one is forced to buy via the store. This all adds up much more than just going, how can it be half the price for slightly lower resolution.
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