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  1. Yeah that’s what I’ve read, however when I go to any of the books on other islands I can’t access them, only the original shroudbreaker one. Upon starting the game I have no books or anything in my inventory and if I start the shroudbreaker one it only shows that original mission in the book despite doing at least 2/3 missions after this.
  2. Yeah did that and just says. No checkpoints found.
  3. This game is so frustrating to play casually and just enjoys wasting your time. A few months ago we started the tall tales, did the shroud breaker and a few others. Not it says I have no checkpoints and the only quest I can start is the shroud breaker one again. We just want to carry on from where we was before but can’t and even finding out if we can or can’t is an hour of sailing between islands to find the right book to see if we can start it. So am I doing something wrong or basically does it think we haven’t done any of the quests?
  4. I think the problem is it isn’t quite as good as the original Sega Rally and the port being a let down on what was supposed to be this super powered console. Sega really rushed those initial Japanese launch games that could have done with an extra 6 months to be perfect. Although it’s amazing we got Sega rally 2 at all considering this was a quick rush job from the pc version because the original port wasn’t going so great. Would have been nice to see that to see how bad it really was.
  5. It’s not too troublesome to set up, there are a lot of advanced options that could be hidden to most users though. On pc once the software is installed it is fairly plug and play except when it comes to what emulators want from you, same with raspberry pi. I’d say I got it up and running within about 30 minutes with one game but after that it required maybe an hour or two getting a pre made pi file, installing roms and setting up what each rom wants from you. Visit the support page on the official wiki and there’s links to a few very good YouTube videos that explain setup. But yes it could do with being more plug and play for sure.
  6. oh the accuracy seems fine, certainly comparable to gun cons and the like. The issue comes with arcade games and their in built calibration. For example on Virtua cop 2 arcade You have to use the roms built in calibration but you’ll need a video guide someone put on YouTube to make sense of how the calibration works as it’s about setting values than pointing and shooting. Retro pi as per my posts in that thread also requires per game tinkering of the settings so it’s not quite plug and play. Ive got the one with the kick back and it’s loud and powerful. But I’d love an all in one image with all the gun games together pre made with this in mind, especially as the model 3 emu is command line only so is especially a pain to start each rom.
  7. I mentioned my thoughts on it in this thread. It's great. Im waiting for the software and setup to be a little more user friendly but otherwise works great but requires a bit of messing around. Im hoping he releases connectors for retro consoles which was mentioned at the start of the kickstarter as being something he wanted to do.
  8. Ten years later and I’ve come back to this. I enjoyed it before but after unlocking Luigi I stopped although did play all the extra levels. But that’s meant I’ve been able to go through it all again with Luigi and enjoy it a second time without restarting and unlocking the extra hard challenge road style level. I really enjoyed playing it again for the most part although I feel like my memory of it was enjoying it just a little more. It’s actually a fairly short game and you can get through the first set of levels within a couple of hours. It’s not as inventive as 3D world but it’s still great. The only two downsides I’ve found is the controls can be a bit too slippery, partly down to the circle pad and partly down to how slidey mario and Luigi can be, especially in tighter areas and the camera often just being an odd angle. I’d love to have some side on or closer to the ground views but as it is even with the 3D landing some jumps can be imprecise. The view field at times feels a bit too tight, especially on scrolling stages where as other times too zoomed out to be able to make accurate landings. Oh and evil Mario appears far too close to you that means you can bump in to him far too easy. A great 3D handheld platformer and one everyone should play through. Give me more like this Nintendo!
  9. Their problem was they advertised that 5 lucky people each month would get a super rare game. So when you didn’t you was annoyed. I think it was fairly successful but they were way in over their heads doing mystery boxes and of course once you’ve bought a handful of common carts it either gets costly or difficult to source quickly 300 different games.
  10. Finished a link between worlds. It was pretty good although the longer it went on the more simplistic it appeared. Combat was super basic, I never used the shield, the dungeons bar one were fairly easy and I never had to think about the puzzles or what to do next although there was some clever ideas in there. The final boss was the only difficult fight. A not bad out of 10 for sure.
  11. I think you are correct on the breadth of software, but the quality im not so sure. I think the 3DS in some ways is a bit like the N64, the great games are the best, where as the DS is more comparable to the PSone where it's range is larger but its highs are not quite as high. Blame ios auto correct
  12. I really don’t want to ever see this game ever again. I finished it back in the day but it has to be the worst Zelda title out there, or at least worst 3D version. I quite liked the waggle so that isn’t even the issue, it’s just a dull game that is frustrating. Firstly Fi, every two seconds giving you tutorials you’ve heard 80 million times already. The game constantly telling you how much a rupee is and not to spend it all at once. The boss fight that is repeated at least 3 times and is just dull. But the worst bit of all was the repeated level but under water. The dialogue basically goes ‘i know you’re the hero of time, you’ve done all the trials and we are running out of time but I just need to double check, I’ve filled the level with water, collect all the music notes within the time limit’. This is near the end of the game too. It’s just terrible game design, the dungeons were overly long and just dull and ugh I just never want to see this game every again.
  13. With the 3DS quietly retired I thought now might be a great time to discuss the system and also hilight some games that are super cheap now but will likely go up in value quickly. I want to do a more detailed write up at some point but looking back the 3DS is potentially a far better gaming system than the DS. I loved the DS yet somehow I own far more games for the 3DS. With the DS we got lots of interesting software and app like cartridges like the cooking cartridge and whilst initially I was disappointed the 3DS dropped this almost entirely I feel like it’s game library is far stronger. Sure it’s less experimental but it’s evolved the lessons learnt from the DS to give us compelling experiences rather than ideas that are unique but don’t quite work. The system as a whole is so utterly interesting to talk about from it’s failure of a launch to its redemption just over a year later. From it’s unique features like true 3D visuals and of course street pass to its near death, rebirth as *New* 3DS and it just never calling it quits. Theres so much to talk about from the anime channel, badge arcade, system themes, flip note studio, miiverse, game notes and the underused 3D cameras and AR stuff. It evolved so much overs its life and by the end was bulging at the seams. But what about the games. Firstly playing most DS titles was amazing. The virtual console was great but just the high quality and breadth of software is worth discussing. I’ll just put a few random titles here because the 3DS has the best of Nintendo and the best of many series that landed on it, plus a few game’s that pushed the system further than you’d imagine. Luigis Mansion Final Fantasy theatre rhythm Phoenix Wright series Mario 3D Land Ocarina of time / Majoras Mask remakes Captain Toad Tomodachi life Segas 3D remasters Animal crossing Mario Kart 7 Bravely default Kid Icarus and so many more. Now time to get back to A link between worlds which is such a breath of fresh air to the traditional Zelda formula.
  14. Well with duplicates, and even with different file names there are free programs that can solve that for you in a click. They can even analyse the content to see if it is different or not despite different dates, names or even sizes. Worth a go to just clear 90% of your duplicates out and the rest you either ignore or slowly work your way through.
  15. The main reason is because these huge companies are not run by people but by machines. I don’t mean this in some Skynet sort of way but there’s no accountability. Everyone has to do their tiny little job and can’t deviate from the plan which means no one can do anything. I’m having a similar issue with Facebook at the moment (and there was even a Similar bbc article about it the other day) but even their own internal teams have no way of talking to one another. At the end of the day why spend money on customer support for the handful of people actually affected by your mistakes when you’d have to spend a lot more deal with all those other people who are at fault. Its utterly disgusting, why with all the money they make are they allowed to have zero point of contact. No email, no phone number, no nothing. If they are happy to take my data or worse my money then by law they need a way to be contacted and a route to resolve stuff. If my website was taking orders off customers and not sending them out I couldn’t hide behind having no email or contact details. Instead PayPal or visa or someone else would take over and sort the customer out beyond my control. Yet somehow Facebook and google get away with this crap as if it’s fine.
  16. is that the best way to do it? Do I have to load up the config each time I load up the game or will it do it automatically? The recoil is great, very much like the arcade time crisis in terms of noise and weight (although no sliding top piece) and manages to also pull off automatic weapons well all being powered through the usb.
  17. So having got a Sinden light gun I’ve finally been able to set up my pi properly...well almost. Ive got a barebones build that already has the sinden stuff pre installed and I’ve even managed to install a few light gun games for the Dreamcast and PlayStation. Now I didn’t realise this part would be a bit fiddly and I wonder if there is an easier way to do things. Right now when I load up a game I have to go into the retro arch on screen menu and set controller 1 to light gun (and this menu is different for each console it seems too). Do I have to do this on a console basis or a game basis? Is there an easy way to save and load configs or like a best way to do this? Ive got a pi4 with 8gb of ram and wanted to know what level of games I can play on this. There’s a Dreamcast emulator which is great although I’m unsure as if it’s running at a full 30/60fps or is a little slow. But what about Saturn? Can that run on this? How about Model 2 and 3 emulators? What about getting those types of 3D arcade light guns to run via name, is that possible? Or ultimately am I better off getting individual emulators for pc for these types of games like Time crisis 2/3 etc?
  18. Yeah as above it’s a bit of a mess with obvious tropes that detract from the film, a midway scene that makes zero sense (actually quite a few things that make zero sense like Gerald being literally seconds behind his family yet somehow can’t catch up with running or the part in the pharmacy) and a long run time that doesn’t really get a lot done. A definite 5/10 film sadly.
  19. This just sounds a bit like that Dave tv video game show. Maybe it could work but I highly doubt it if they’re just trying to do a task master but with games. Games master worked cos it had a bit of gaming news, features, reviews, cheats and then some challenges. The challenges were probably the worst part depending on the game and the people playing. Watching other people unskilled at games is not fun and Dom and co only made it work thanks to their commentary and general silly ness. Will probably still watch and be disappointed however.
  20. Apparently wont run on a soft modded xbox because its not a signed retail release or something.
  21. My gun arrived over the weekend which was a nice treat. The gun itself is solid although a few tweaks like moving the dpad over slightly and making the cable a bit more secure at the bottom wouldn’t go amiss. I got the one with recoil and it’s suitably chunky and the pump action feels nice too. Set up is a bit fiddly as it’s not quite plug and play. The sinden app for pc is a little complex and confusing but hopefully over time that’ll get streamlined. Playing on pc using the model 2 emulator again took a guide to figure out how to calibrate the gun for that game but after that was done things worked great. I installed a bare bones sinden raspberry pi image that meant the gun basically just works although it seems to be lacking recoil atm. Set up here was easier but you still may want to follow a guide. The only issue I’ve had so far is the couple of games I have played feel sluggish and I’m not sure if that’s an emulator, pi or some other issue thing. Looking forward you adding all those arcade games I barely got to play at £1 a go now!
  22. I’ve never understood why films and tv shows just work with HDR whilst games need multiple poorly explained sliders and menus to activate it. Tell me to set the white between 0-1000 doesn’t mean anything to the average user and setting the image so you can ‘barely see it’ means I don’t know what they mean by barely.
  23. Since playing Spider-man on the ps5 I’ve been thinking about how lacklustre ray tracing is. Mainly because we’ve been spoiled by the smoke and mirrors effects of the past. Seeing accurate reflections doesn’t really stand out as for the past few years we’ve had reflections and whilst no where near as accurate it’s meant to me at least that ray traced reflections don’t stand out all that much. Unless your Digital Foundry I guess or pause for screen shots. Looking at Spider-Man in particular turning off the reflections and buildings and floors still give off rough reflections. Sure I can’t see cars moving or people and the reflections are not very well aligned but moving through the city or climbing a building and I really don’t notice that loss without thinking about it. Many games already do screen space reflections anyways which on floors and water at least look pretty much like ray traced reflections on first glance. Then there are shadows and lighting and whilst it is better, without seeing a comparison I wouldn’t notice any difference. Same way with higher quality shadows, it’s such a subtle change that I almost wonder if it’s worth the effort. We’ve certainly reached the point where graphics are being tweaked to be precise quality rather than good enough. Saying all this though I did have one impressive moment in Spider-Man where me and an enemy fell off a building and we was facing a glass wall where you could see our reflections in it. But at the same time that could have easily been faked I feel just like how mirrors in old games were. To me raytracing feels like the upgrade to 4k. Nice but hardly noticeable unless you’re looking for it, unlike HDR which really stands out to me.
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