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  1. I used to work on these (as an artist) and yeah they’re a con. Even with unlimited money it would basically just drain down. I wouldn’t touch them even for the game aspect of a lot of newer ones as just getting to the game part is tough. Online ones are really popular but generally certain brands take off like that leprechaun one I’m sure you’ve seen advertised. As an aside, casino games don’t work the same way. If you play on a machine and someone else arrives and wins the jackpot that doesn’t mean you would have. They use random number generators generally so someone winning was just lucky. A player that knows this will generally have a few spins and if it hasn’t paid out anything will just move on to the next one and even if it does do a small payout will still move as that payout wasn’t a sign a bigger things to come, just luck on when you started the machine up.
  2. Metal Gear Solid 3, where if you don’t kill the end, save your game and don’t come back for a few days he dies of old age. Im sure especially on Saturn there’s lots of little things that happen in games I can’t think of right now.
  3. Then put in a play and charge kit (or rechargable batteries) and it'll work exactly the same as as a PlayStation or Switch controller with the added benefit that when the battery starts to lose its charge you can just replace the play and charge kit and not the whole controller. You don't have to remove the play and charge kit or recharagable batteries to charge them.
  4. Yeah, who’s moaning about swapping batteries every 15 hours when 1) you can add rechargeable batteries or even a battery pack 2) can plug in a usb and play and charge at the same time 3) other controllers (noticeably Sony) seem to last between 5-10 hours with your only option to wire it back up depending on the game.
  5. Zelda Ocarina of Time had a frame rate of 20fps. Goldeneye, 15fps and if you used the N-bomb in perfect dark you’d get like 1fps and I didn’t care. I enjoy most of digital foundry's output but when they talk about a game dropping to 59fps from 60 during one tiny intense moment with an explosion or a cut scene they act like the game is ruined. But it makes it all the more impressive to me that I could play these games (N64 games always seemed to run at the lowest fps, I don’t remember Saturn or PlayStation on average being this low) with no issue. Zelda is still an amazing game but even at the time I had no idea that the frame rate was the low. It didn’t feel jerky or slow. Perfect dark certainly had its issues and pushed the N64 too far but even so those moments where the game did drop rarely hampered the game despite being so low. The only time low frame rates ever bothered me was during Shenmue as there was no frame skip so everything would slow to a crawl for a brief moment. Maybe you had to be there at the time and whilst playing a game at 60fps certainly is the more preferred experience it’s still amazing to me that so many great games ran at sub 20 fps and yet didn’t harm the games at all. Any other old games you can’t believe had such low frame rates but we’re still great?
  6. Well there are servers online for I think most games, even the original in game websites are being reuploaded and able to add new content. If you do a search you’ll find people have set times to play games and even pso has a small Player base actively still playing.
  7. I thought this was going to be about how amazing old racing games used to be because tracks would try and hide the pop up with twists and turns. Where as now you can see hundreds of miles so they just make long boring straight lines because they can.
  8. What’s on the disc on the far left? Are you looking to sell any of this?
  9. Did you buy the new book that has 4 new adventures in it, written by the original creator?
  10. I remember even after launch it was basically buy MRC if you want a racing game (and it's the only one that exists on the system), it's pretty average or you're out of luck. I suggest trying RR64 if you want something Ridge Racery.
  11. It’s not perfect and the ps3 version got remade by another team and released as a patch and apparently is a million times better for it.
  12. Matt mcmuscles played the first what looked like 30 minutes on YouTube and it look like awesome silliness and great fun. I loved NMH1, 2 wasn’t as good but had its moments and with how travis strikes back went I wasn’t so sure on this but those 30 minutes sold me on it.
  13. The metal used is cheap and oxidises quickly. Just a quick wipe over or plugging in and out a few times will solve it.
  14. Yes i was about to say give them a bit of a clean as they tend to get dirty fairly quickly.
  15. Ebay returns gives you free postage FYI. (Well the seller has to pay for it).
  16. The problem with L4D versus is you’d get teams of other players who only ever played it, knew all the glitch spots and knew how to take your team apart the instance you left the safe room. Was no fun at all that way. As for this, I have no interest in trying it again. How they didn’t just make L4d 2 and then make new levels ive no idea. It just doesn’t feel right. Aiming down sights slows the game down, there’s a huge lack of zombies and most of all there seems to be no game director. Like there’s never a rush to move and if you take your time that’s fine. The fact the level took 2 hours to complete was far too long as well. I could keep going on, and I shall. The special infected never came with an introduction, they were just there. They blend in with the normal zombies far too much and having a weak point you have to hit isn’t fun, just frustrating. But I guess the biggest disappointment is the level design. In both L4D’s each level had a gimmick the level was themed around and whilst this had the boat sequence it was just dull and poorly explained with little in the way of urgency. Its a shame as it’s all easy fixes with tweaking but I don’t think this is L4D in all but name and whilst I’ll probably play it on game pass I’d probably much prefer to play L4D again.
  17. I almost hate being a subscriber as I much prefer the non subscriber covers. I understand they’re trying to do the edge/coffee book look but the normal retro gamer covers are so good and are really fun it’s always a little shame for me I don’t get those versions. But beyond that looks like another great issue!
  18. Great stuff off to read now. I have to ask, do you think Saturn is the easiest console to have a top ten/25 that is unique from other peoples or do you think any console can be like this? I ask because when it normally comes to PlayStation or n64 too tens it’s always the same games that generally get featured.
  19. I'm not sure how i feel about how your console looks. I think in the right setting it'd look really cool, like on the set of the Guardians of the Galaxy or something, so good job. But in a nice living room im not so sure. Time to get a grunged up CRT and some old furniture As for the topic at hand i really like the Dreamcast artworks people did back and the day and now. Something about that console just suited large bits of colourful artwork.
  20. We had zero post for the past week and a bit, was because the local sorting office was shut due to self isolation. I guess once one infected person is near it can affect basically everyone within the building.
  21. Is it the backlog that bothers you, the space they take up? Just not being into gaming as much right now and having them around?
  22. This is my issue with stuff like this. It's replicable. The Mona Lisa, you're only ever going to have one of that. Any copy of it will always be different, no matter if you got another artist to paint it. It has some value being the only 1 of something. But Mario 64, something that came off a production line and can be remade today to look and feel exactly the same? Same with comics i suppose, is there a need to own something that is 20 years old, despite one printed today looking exactly the same? It's just so odd to me for stuff like this, it was made once, it can be remade again. Now if only i could get the contact details of the guy who bought this, cos i've got some stuff i've made he can have the only one in existance of for a few million.
  23. I’ve worked in game dev, I know it’s not as easy as pushing the easy mode button but with planning in advance or even just simple tweaks it can be quick and cheap to do. Let’s take a game like hades which has a god mode that many players even here used so they could continue enjoying a tough game, that’s a simple implementation. How about Celeste which is a brutal game but can be tailored for all skill levels so anyone can enjoy it at a level they find comfortable, it doesn’t take away from it being an awesome and challenging game if that’s what you want it to be. Devs can do what ever they want with their game, doesn’t mean it’s right the right choices. But ok let’s hear your arguments for less player choice and why that’s a good thing to have. You know Microsoft make a tonne of money, so let’s throw that adaptive controller in the bin because they can make enough money without needing disabled gamers to be able to enjoy their games. Not all games are for everyone after all. Sony also make a lot of money, so let’s throw away options like subtitles for hearing impaired, colour options for colour blindness and why not throw in QTES not requiring precise timing because they also don’t need to cater for gamers who need those to help them enjoy games more. Nintendo make loads of money too so let’s throw away their multiplayer modes where the game plays through the difficult section for you, gives you invincibility or allows you to be in a bubble whilst a second player gets through the challenge because they also don’t need those gamers to enjoy their games. Screw them, if they’re not good enough at games then it’s their own fault right? Difficulty comes in many forms than just git gud. You don’t even need to make it complex, like hades with it’s god mode or Nintendo with their invincibility feather. It could be as simple as, players health is double, attack damage is halved etc. Adding these options in does nothing to take away your enjoyment of the game and I can’t see any logical argument for not allowing all players to be able to join in the fun. You can still tailor your game to what you want but adding in extra options to help players doesn’t ruin your game (unless perhaps during a competitive multiplayer game where the advantage could mess with that) so who cares. It’s not like if I play hades with god mode on ive ruined the enjoyment of your game. All games can be for everyone, certainly Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft think that with all the stuff they are doing so even non gamers can enjoy their games.
  24. Yeah i totally disagree with all of this. The devs have previously stated they won't put in easier modes (difficulty, more health, etc etc) because they only want good players to finish their games. Whilst you may argue the rogue genre is meant to be tough there is zero argument for not allowing all skills to play. Having difficult levels does not ruin the game for you, it just means i can enjoy it more. What is easy for you, may still be tough to me and difficulty levels mean a game can still be a challenge to you even if you are less skilled. You can still balance for a difficulty but games should be available for all, i certainly love the idea of games like The Last Of Us 2 or Ghosts of Tsushima allowing non gamers to be able to play to just enjoy the story without fear of a brutal difficulty stopping them from enjoying just that part of the game. Don't forget not every player is physically as capable as you or i either and thats another reason to have different skill levels to account for those players too.
  25. I just wish the devs wern't so up themselves with the whole 'Git Gud' thing and allowed for some difficulty adjustments. I can sometimes get to the final boss but then die just before i've managed to kill them. Let alone trying to do a run with a special item to get the proper ending. Just being able to reduce damage slightly or double my hearts, anything would have been enough for me to enjoy the game so much more. Instead they decided they wanted to gate keep the fun of the game to only those that either a) want to pour tens of hours in or b) have the skills needed. Shame.
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