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  1. So this reminds me a bit of Future Gamer which I loved. This was pre broadband and basically every week you got a zip file which was basically a website that had news, reviews and other things. So you could spend an hour a week reading a website without the dial up costs. Without looking at this though an email a day just sounds way too much. I already get about 30 emails or various spam and actual stuff I want a day so this I think would very quickly get lost in all that. Is there a website version too? Doesn’t have to be fancy, could be the email as a web page. Or maybe a weekly
  2. The Saturn cart slot is known to be fragile. Generally pulling the pins back out again fixes the problem.
  3. What do people think of the legends mode? Looks super interesting to me but all my PlayStation owning mates sold their consoles for series x and can’t get hold of ps5 at the moment. But I’ve not heard many people talking about it so worth playing?
  4. I enjoyed it for what it was. The James corden stuff was thankfully short and not needed. Although there was clearly tonnes of cut content and I’d have rather had more of that. The celebs appearing almost seemed pointless. They were in it for seconds at best and often I had no idea who they were as they were in a costume or something. Remember that show on Dave week comedians would get together and just chat stories? I’d have loved the friends group to just do that and the parts that were like that were great. There’s some sad moments like hearing the girls get together
  5. I’ve finished the main story line which felt equal parts short and oddly paced. I spent ages in the first map and then seemed to zoom through the other 2. I’m now clearing up side missions and things but I can’t help that feel whilst I’m having a lot of fun that less would have been more. Having everything in the first area would have been great as it’s already a huge area filled with detail I know I’ve only seen once or probably missed. I certainly don’t need two other huge areas as pretty and unique as they are. I really enjoyed the start of the game finding temples and other thi
  6. Well this is perfect timing as me and a friend are launching our Friends podcast next week. You can subscribe to it here https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/watching-friends/id1568860982 I think our first episode may be on this actually though, even though we’ve been working on the main show since around Feb. The Matthew Perry stuff. Go and watch his Graham Norton interview from 2016, he had the same slur then although I don’t really remember it when watching his play in London of the same year. But yeah the editing of the trailers (ever notice how American tv always
  7. There was another issue where they had another female singer on the cover and an interview with her. Im guessing they were trying to angle the magazine at a more lifestyle type of audience as wasn't this refresh because the magazine was in a bit of a bad spot before? Or maybe it was the refresh after this, either way i too loved this era of the magazine but there was some odd stuff at times.
  8. Having just got 120 stars again on it I 50/50 agree with the camera. Early levels the camera is fine for the most part. But later levels it can get caught out by the level geometry, constantly wanting to swing back to a position it prefers or just being slightly off causing you to not run straight. Having played sunshine though I feel the camera is even worse there as whilst it gives you full control it’s way to taxing to control and again never gives you quite the right perspective. But yes the camera could be better but it’s still up there in my mind as one of the better ones!
  9. It is but without giving anything away you do have weapons. There’s also the fact goldeneye is quite a stealthy game which AI also is and I think what makes goldeneye so great is the detail to the film world which AI captures even more so.
  10. Have you tried Alien Isolation? Whilst not a typical FPS i think it could give you a similar feeling to goldeneye in how it makes you tackle every stage.
  11. I’m having a great time with this. Whilst a little concerned knowing it’s a 40 hour + game (I tend to get bored of a game after ten hours and prefer shorter experiences) I’m already passed that and wanting to carry on. Other posters here are right that the world does a lot of the lifting especially if you have an interest in japan or Japanese culture. There’s so many beautiful spots you wish you could just visit yourself where as BotW never really felt that way. My only real negative so far is that for all the hammering on about you needing honor and to be a samurai you basically d
  12. Well I’ve still got the skills. Those last two 100 coin stars on tick Tock clock and rainbow road whilst not super difficult we’re frustrating. Does Mario 64 hold up? Mostly. It’s a little rougher around the edges than I remember and a few stars are beyond frustrating but it is still magical and has so many wonderful and inventive moments. I won’t be doing the same for sunshine (those blue coins can do one) but I’ll try to get most the shines. I really wish Mario 64 had gotten the remake treatment. It doesn’t need a full graphics overhaul, just a tidy up, make it so mar
  13. I think when it comes to the N64 it’s very easy to put together a top ten list as everyone will pick mario, Zelda, goldeneye etc. Like the N64 doesn’t have a lot of games but those that are great are universally some of the greatest of all time. What would be more interesting is an alternative list, like a best of the b tier games. So stuff like snowboard kids, body harvest and Iggys wrecking balls (ok maybe not that last one, it’s terrible by all accounts) get a mention. Doom 64 is interesting to see popping up lately with a lot of praise. I remember at the time people thinking it
  14. Oh it is terrible. It starts out well and then just goes bonkers but in the most terrible way imaginable. It’s not fun, it’s not resident evil. It’s just throwing as much against the wall and hoping it sticks. But it doesn’t, it just dribbled down into the goopy mess it is.
  15. I think in their eyes it wasn't a success. It came about in an awkward time where website adverts were pretty low and things like patreons, youtube ads, sponsorships and promotional spots were not as common as they are now. Really they should have kept at it but i think they were just a little too early.
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