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  1. Just did control and seriously that was tough...on Agent. I've breezed through every other level on Agent and a few on Secret and 00 but this one i died many times, Natalia died many times when one random enemy would just unload a whole clip into her in an instant. Guards constantly respawn and i don't know how i'll ever do it on secret or 00. On the N64 i managed to do it on 00 so here's hoping its as difficult as agent with just more stuff to do cos otherwise it's a huge difficulty spike that i don't remember it being before.
  2. There is a tonne of stuff. Now when you say exclusive many Dreamcast games got ports but they’re generally also on consoles that are difficult or expensive to get or the port is just worst.
  3. I’m so glad this is back on modern consoles and the Xbox control scheme works brilliantly. It’s nice going back to a game where you have to figure out the objectives. The levels are small enough that it’s not frustrating and takes me back to the days of chatting with friends at school about it. One thing I don’t remember is some multiplayer levels only being for 2-3 players. That seems so strange to lock off bunker and archives which are fun maps and I guess I must of played a lot of 3 player to remember them so vividly. I did at the time have a GameShark that I only bought because I couldn’t do the facility target time (although on Xbox I did it in my 5th try thanks to seeing some videos on how to do it with so tricks) and that did mean I got access to more multiplayer maps. Some were not great in terms of frame rate but let’s be honest most the time multiplayer especially with rockets the frame rate tanked and it was exhilarating to do that as everything exploded and slowed to a crawl. I only wish it had online on Xbox, as well as the 360 port they were making because I miss fps multiplayer where you can be shot and still run away from a fight instead of every game being like cod and you dying before you even have an idea of what direction it’s from. Why did it take 25 years to get this off the N64 in the first place? It was a classic then and still is great now.
  4. Ketchup

    Outer Wilds

    Go to the moon that orbits the starting planet first. I think that’s a good introduction to flying, the mystery and how to move around fairly safely.
  5. There’s the Dreamcast one and I want to say Sonic one that plays the song from Sonic R.
  6. Got Saturn emulation set up on the steam deck and thought I’d give Burning Rangers a go. Now I’ve owned this game for years after buying a copy off here but ever played more than the intro with the intention to always go back and play it properly. Not sure that’ll happen now but I got through the first level and it’s an interesting game. I knew it pushed the Saturn graphically and has quite a few unique ideas but the controls and especially the camera are difficult to deal with in this day and age. What does everyone else think of it?
  7. Yet barcades like NQ64 are going from strength to strength. Traditional arcades just don’t work anymore but add a bar and some snacks and all of a sudden you have a place people want to spend time and money in.
  8. If anyone has earlier issues of RG (anything issues 1-50) I’ll take them off your hands.
  9. There was a proper port which wasn’t working out and for some reason, Sega being Sega, they were working on a PC port anyways and decided to quickly port that over to have something ready for near launch. They didn’t learn their lesson from Daytona on the Saturn and Segas pc releases have always been a bit strange and a little counter productive for the time. If they’d actually made a proper port with the time and team required it could have easily done a faithful adaptation, but what we did get wasn’t actually the worst and does have a rather chunky single player mode.
  10. Banjo Tooie is an odd one, it’s price on eBay boxed varies between £60-£120. I just want to know who’s buying these games at these prices. It’s a game you can play on Xbox easily enough, isn’t that great a game so how many people are buying this just for the collection shelf?
  11. Or because some youtuber posts their haul of the week and says it’s rare. I find it frustrating stuff like Pokemon Blue is over £100. It’s not a rare game, there are millions upon millions of them out there so why is it selling for so much? I do think the WiiU will shoot up in value. It’s a great machine for emulation even without hacking. The controller is a key part of the system and the thing most likely to get damaged. Whilst lots of its games are on switch it has a lot of stuff still exclusive to it or versions that have unique aspects. Plus it’s Nintendo.
  12. Daytona gets such a bad rap that it doesn't fully deserve. It has 40 cars on the track, even modern games don't do that many. It plays pretty much like the arcade version and it's just a shame the pop in is what ruins it. The frame rate, at least when it isn't pal isn't the worst either. In my mind it's not a bad port, just has some issues which are quite over blown. Whilst i like the look of CCE and thats how the original should have been, its handling is not the same for some reason and makes it a worse game.
  13. The latest one actually does this and is pretty great because of it. Could still be faster and have a little less of the repeating tutorial text stuff but at least they finally listened.
  14. Long may it continue! Still look forward to my copy arriving every month.
  15. Outer Wild. I’d make it so the angler fish only moves if you are making light/noise. As soon as you stop your thrusters it should stop noticing you. Instead once it’s aware of you you’re instantly dead and it makes a tricky section actually just frustrating and time consuming.
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