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  1. Ketchup

    Sonic All Star Racing Transformed (2012)

    @S0L when is the Xbox One X Enhanced Backwards compatible version coming? Need this in 4K. It's a shame the difficulty didn't get one final tweak to allow most of us to be able to actually finish the single player. Got so close but those last few stars are time consuming challenge tracks than racing ones.
  2. I read somewhere it was over 2,000. Maybe that includes region exclusive stuff?
  3. That sounds like a great way to do it. I know at least for the Dreamcast there's a few threads dedicated to talking about its theoretical limits on the sega 16 forums I think.
  4. I'd love the Jaguar feature to be expanded upon, looking at the untapped potential, why it was untapped and what could have helped it do more, as well as what could be expected if you had a team today working on it. Same with many other systems that died to early.
  5. Yeah ive tried it with a friend who's a big fan of the first. Sadly for me the themeing and especially the lore just don't interest me at all.
  6. I've been a little disappointed. The trailer looked really cool but playing the first two levels there just wasn't enough action and the levels were far too long. I guess i was was expecting more Left 4 Dead style gameplay with more faster enemies and some light puzzles than a slow romp through levels. It's certainly not a bad game, just not quite as funny and frantic the trailer made out.
  7. Shenmue 2. I loved Shenmue 1 and still do to this day. The feeling of wandering around the town, getting to know 'familiar' faces and feeling part of a community. I was excited for Shenmue 2, put it on only to feel disappointed. It felt weird. It wasn't fun, it felt difficult and overwhelming. As i explored it opened up even more, there was no one to talk to, to trust. Where did I go next? It took a while for me to realise but I was experiencing exactly what Ryo was. Going from a village I had grown to know with people all around I could talk to or trust to being thrust into a brand new land where everything was different. Having no friends, no familiarity, and being alone. That shocked me, normally a sequel is totally familiar, more of the same and whilst this technically is the atmosphere and subtle changes were totally unexpected. Rez is another game. I got a press copy early before any reviews, played and completed it in a single go in an hour and thought, meh that's a 5/10 experience. In fact many friends who play it feel the same. Put them in front of a big TV, pitch black with headphones or a good sound system and it almost becomes a religious experience. Even more so with Rez Vr.
  8. Ketchup

    Spending a year developing a game that sucks

    On the other hand I've been at game companies who use feedback either too early or the wrong type of feedback. For example having users complain about bugs or in progress areas despite everyone including the research teams knowing those are not working as expected, this then takes those areas off on a wild tangent trying to fix their issues even though those features are far from finished. This and the wrong type of feedback means you get users trying to be helpful or suggesting things just because they feel that saying it's great as it is, is not the right response to give and then give feedback which isn't what they truly believe but are more trying to be helpful. Im currently at a non gaming company and one of their clients used user research every step of the way for their previous product which meant it's ended up in a huge costly mess as they try to satisfy everyone and not think at all about how it'll all even work. Think the scene from the simpsons where the Itchy and Scratchy producers ask kids what they want and they answer 'so you want a realistic down to earth show, that's completely off the walls and swarming with robots.'
  9. Ketchup

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Yeah it's clearly tone deaf at best, I can't remember the particular logic for this image (as there's quite a few questionable match ups) but there is a story reason that does make sense why they've used the two characters together and points to it being unintentional even though someone should have questioned it at Nintendo. https://gonintendo.com/stories/325469-some-smash-bros-ultimate-players-are-pointing-out-what-they-beli
  10. Ketchup

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    There's a whole series of pictures like this on twitter and resetera and why they are and why they are not racist. Most of its down to the fact the main character and spirit character are related in some way e.g. They are both the boss character for their own games etc.
  11. I guess the question is are you worried about buying stuff when you go on holiday too? When you go to America and take advantage of the exchange rate, no vat and cheaper prices (well not recently but anyways) do you think what you've done is wrong? If the answer is no how is this much different? Yes supporting game makers is a good thing to do, but the game makers set the prices in all the stores and if they're happy making less for sales in Russia or South Africa then that is their choice. Same way they are happy making more from the UK or other stores. What about a game like Celeste, £18 on the switch shop or half that on Xbox and Sony platforms. In fact it's free with GWG next month. Should you feel bad about getting your game for free by playing it on an Xbox?
  12. Ketchup

    Spending a year developing a game that sucks

    I think fairly early on a team can know if a game isn't going to turn out great. Whether it's from a higher up who wants a terrible idea implemented to the core mechanics just not being great and never having the time and energy in to fix them, there's always knowledge it isn't right within the team. Some things can be fixed but cost time and money and others are just bad ideas that need scrapping. Mostly by this point you do what you can to just get your tasks done and hope to move on. At the end of the day people have bills to pay and sometimes it's just not worth creating waves for what you believe in.
  13. Ketchup

    Games with Gold for January 2019 | Celeste & WRC 6

    There's never been a direct repeat but sometimes you've had the alternate Xbox one / 360 version of the same game that's already come out.
  14. Ketchup

    Retro on a HDTV connection talk

    So what is a framemeister and an ossc? What's the difference and pros and cons of each? Is there a need to have both? What about extra equipment that is needed?

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