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  1. Their problem was they advertised that 5 lucky people each month would get a super rare game. So when you didn’t you was annoyed. I think it was fairly successful but they were way in over their heads doing mystery boxes and of course once you’ve bought a handful of common carts it either gets costly or difficult to source quickly 300 different games.
  2. Finished a link between worlds. It was pretty good although the longer it went on the more simplistic it appeared. Combat was super basic, I never used the shield, the dungeons bar one were fairly easy and I never had to think about the puzzles or what to do next although there was some clever ideas in there. The final boss was the only difficult fight. A not bad out of 10 for sure.
  3. I think you are correct on the breadth of software, but the quality im not so sure. I think the 3DS in some ways is a bit like the N64, the great games are the best, where as the DS is more comparable to the PSone where it's range is larger but its highs are not quite as high. Blame ios auto correct
  4. I really don’t want to ever see this game ever again. I finished it back in the day but it has to be the worst Zelda title out there, or at least worst 3D version. I quite liked the waggle so that isn’t even the issue, it’s just a dull game that is frustrating. Firstly Fi, every two seconds giving you tutorials you’ve heard 80 million times already. The game constantly telling you how much a rupee is and not to spend it all at once. The boss fight that is repeated at least 3 times and is just dull. But the worst bit of all was the repeated level but under water. The dialogue basically goes ‘i
  5. With the 3DS quietly retired I thought now might be a great time to discuss the system and also hilight some games that are super cheap now but will likely go up in value quickly. I want to do a more detailed write up at some point but looking back the 3DS is potentially a far better gaming system than the DS. I loved the DS yet somehow I own far more games for the 3DS. With the DS we got lots of interesting software and app like cartridges like the cooking cartridge and whilst initially I was disappointed the 3DS dropped this almost entirely I feel like it’s game libra
  6. Well with duplicates, and even with different file names there are free programs that can solve that for you in a click. They can even analyse the content to see if it is different or not despite different dates, names or even sizes. Worth a go to just clear 90% of your duplicates out and the rest you either ignore or slowly work your way through.
  7. The main reason is because these huge companies are not run by people but by machines. I don’t mean this in some Skynet sort of way but there’s no accountability. Everyone has to do their tiny little job and can’t deviate from the plan which means no one can do anything. I’m having a similar issue with Facebook at the moment (and there was even a Similar bbc article about it the other day) but even their own internal teams have no way of talking to one another. At the end of the day why spend money on customer support for the handful of people actually affected by your mistakes when you’d have
  8. is that the best way to do it? Do I have to load up the config each time I load up the game or will it do it automatically? The recoil is great, very much like the arcade time crisis in terms of noise and weight (although no sliding top piece) and manages to also pull off automatic weapons well all being powered through the usb.
  9. So having got a Sinden light gun I’ve finally been able to set up my pi properly...well almost. Ive got a barebones build that already has the sinden stuff pre installed and I’ve even managed to install a few light gun games for the Dreamcast and PlayStation. Now I didn’t realise this part would be a bit fiddly and I wonder if there is an easier way to do things. Right now when I load up a game I have to go into the retro arch on screen menu and set controller 1 to light gun (and this menu is different for each console it seems too). Do I have to do this on a console basis or a gam
  10. Yeah as above it’s a bit of a mess with obvious tropes that detract from the film, a midway scene that makes zero sense (actually quite a few things that make zero sense like Gerald being literally seconds behind his family yet somehow can’t catch up with running or the part in the pharmacy) and a long run time that doesn’t really get a lot done. A definite 5/10 film sadly.
  11. This just sounds a bit like that Dave tv video game show. Maybe it could work but I highly doubt it if they’re just trying to do a task master but with games. Games master worked cos it had a bit of gaming news, features, reviews, cheats and then some challenges. The challenges were probably the worst part depending on the game and the people playing. Watching other people unskilled at games is not fun and Dom and co only made it work thanks to their commentary and general silly ness. Will probably still watch and be disappointed however.
  12. Apparently wont run on a soft modded xbox because its not a signed retail release or something.
  13. My gun arrived over the weekend which was a nice treat. The gun itself is solid although a few tweaks like moving the dpad over slightly and making the cable a bit more secure at the bottom wouldn’t go amiss. I got the one with recoil and it’s suitably chunky and the pump action feels nice too. Set up is a bit fiddly as it’s not quite plug and play. The sinden app for pc is a little complex and confusing but hopefully over time that’ll get streamlined. Playing on pc using the model 2 emulator again took a guide to figure out how to calibrate the gun for that game but after that was
  14. I’ve never understood why films and tv shows just work with HDR whilst games need multiple poorly explained sliders and menus to activate it. Tell me to set the white between 0-1000 doesn’t mean anything to the average user and setting the image so you can ‘barely see it’ means I don’t know what they mean by barely.
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