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  1. Ignoring digital sales, franchise fatigue, wrong time of year etc it could even just be down to choice. When Rage came out was Netlix, Amazon Prime, digital boxsets etc as prevalent? What about games with gold, ps plus with all the free games they give out monthly? What about gamepass where i have 100 games every month to choose from, with at least 10 great ones in there. What about all the sales and games being practically given away? How many games do you have on your xbox one or ps4 dashboard. On my Xbox i have access to over 200 games between the literal handful of games i've bought, backwards compatibility and games with goal. Let alone including gamepass or f2p games like apex legends. Every other console i've owned i've probably had 10-20 games in my collection, now though i can't turn on a machine or install a service without being bombarded with free games and top quality free games too. Then there is the constant sales, Rage 2 will be £20 within 2 months. Red Dead Redemption 2 is currently £20 in loads of places now and with so many games there to play currently (if i was interested in Rage 2) i know i could just wait till it drops in price cos i probably won't get around to playing it before it does anyways.
  2. I really wanted to get the Sonic one but it seemed they only made like five of them and discontinued it instantly, whilst thinking Tails and Knuckles would be the popular characters and made as many as they could. Sonic now goes for a bit on ebay sadly.
  3. Anyone else use a OSSC with their dreamcast? Just got one and not sure what settings to use. Pass through looks nice if a little soft, whilst 2x is a bit too sharp and jitters due to the interlace. 3x doesn’t work on my LG Oled, says unsupported mode and 4x is the same as 2x but worse. This is all via scart, I tried vga but couldn’t notice much difference besides only being able to use up to 2x. So any tips?
  4. Do you have names and prices for the cheaper hdmi cables? Happy to include everything from super cheap and potentially nasty to super expensive.
  5. Having just realised that absolutely none of my retro consoles will connect to my OLED tv I thought it’d be great to have an all in one thread talking about all the different options for each console and what to expect when connecting to a tv that only has HDMI. I don’t have the knowledge to do this alone so hopefully some replies will help. I’ve decided to categorise each option per console seeing as there’s some complex and fancy internal and external mods to go with your more common scalers and converters. With that out the way let’s talk about possible options for each console and if you have experience with a particular one some pros and cons would be beneficial to include. Also suggest consoles I’ve not mentioned below and I’ll update this post with options and pros and cons. Nes OSSC via scart - £140 Super Nintendo OSSC via scart - £140 N64 Ultra HDMI internal mod - £150 OSSC via scart - £140 Gamecube OSSC via scart or component - £140 GCHD external mod - £120 (requires rev 1 model) Wii OSSC via scart or component - £140 Master System OSSC via scart - £140 Mega Drive OSSC via scart - £140 Saturn OSSC via scart - £140 Dreamcast OSSC via scart or vga £140 DCHDMI internal mod - £120 Playstation OSSC via scart - £140 Playstation 2 OSSC via scart or component - £140 Xbox OSSC via scart or component - £140
  6. The sound of mickeys skull as it hits an object is something I’ll never forget and still gives me shivers to this day.
  7. And complete at a bit over 17 hours. It’s a tough game to recommend and I’m so conflicted. The first half is great and a pure joy to play. But the further in you get all these niggles start appearing as I mentioned above. But it gets worse, there’s a pointless fetch quest to get three more items after you’ve gotten the first five to pad out the game. Then it adds another fetch quest to collect 100% of something that so far has been optional to get. The game did not need this padding especially for a game that is already quite long for an action platformer. The final boss was inventive (apart from the crash after I defeated him). The final dungeons just dragged often with little clue where to begin and enemies that were more annoying than a challenge. I really wish the game was a little shorter and had a tiny bit of tweaking and polish for some QoL improvements as it looks and sounds wonderful and the gameplay is great at least initially.
  8. Because sometimes it’s nice to have something physical and tangible with a manual, box and cover art. Otherwise we might as well have all been using CDrs since 2000 and killed the Dreamcast early...oh wait.
  9. Ive been looking to pick this up recently and it goes for £50+. I didn’t think it was a desirable game at all a few years ago.
  10. The art style really sold me on the game but the Xbox demo is what got me to purchase it...on switch. Its a lovely game, just a back to basics 16 bit action platformer. It’s a game, it’s fun and that’s all it needs to be. Im up to the volcano and I’m starting to come across a few little issues. They’ve slowly crept in over the course of the game. The first being the shield. Your taught to use it at a set point to block attacks yet it’s hit box is so small it’s worthless. Enemy above you? Oops the sheild was not quite covering your head/feet and you got hit. The second being timers, some stuff requires very quick reflexes otherwise your window through has no closed. Considering half the time I don’t know what’s going to happen or what I need to do it’s a bit frustrating having such tight time limits. And with that comes the checkpoints which were frequent at the start but now make you do lots of tricky parts again and again if you fail. Just a few tweaks would have solved these issues. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hurting my enjoyment of the game but it’s not hurting it much as it’s really great! I actually expected more Metroidvania style gameplay but it is fairly linear which is nice to have once in a while and for the most part the gameplay is fantastic, fun and inventive.
  11. Just picked up MDK2. Remember enjoying the demo disc and even a few levels on a dodgy copy years ago even though I’m sure the game is rock solid. Looking forward to trying it again as I remember it being a nice looking game and the MDK series is a bit of a classic.
  12. Textures, probably not something anyone will be nostalgic for. An actual games look though based on multiple textures sure. However I have thought of one, the smoke effect in wind Waker, that texture is something people recognise and are nostalgic for.
  13. Try moving the switch as some have three positions and sometimes changing it will cause the tv to pick it up.
  14. Who really holds on to multiple copies of Turok Rage wars? It all seems a little odd as a store is a business and the point is to make money, not horde stuff. A lot of it also look like it'd been shrink wrapped rather than an official seal. It's all a little odd.
  15. Also it comes with three games included which everyone seems to be forgetting about. Whilst they have zero physical cost, they still have value to the business.
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