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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48548361 hazard confirmed at Real Madrid
  2. What the fuck is up with Martin Tyler, his going mental about "teams playing it out from the back" that goal was nothing to do with playing it out from the back, its to do with a defender fucking around and doing a pirouette on the ball rather then just knocking it back to the keeper when he had no other pass on.
  3. I don't fucking care!!!!
  4. That wasn't my point...
  5. Apparently Salah told the commentator earlier in the week he doesn't like VAR....I wonder why....
  6. Why is it a bad start? It means something has to happen! Rather then just being sterile
  7. humdrum


    Season ticket renewals are out.
  8. humdrum


    I always wondered, if we are in a worse position due to the fact that we have until recently only had one manager filling in where he believes the holes are and doing the squad building, where as liverpool, chelsea and man utd have potential for a more diverse and rounded squad due to having different managers buying the players to suit their style.
  9. if watching football this season has taught me anything it is that it takes a lot longer than the 10 seconds they claimed they were reviewing for it.
  10. Proof that VAR will change nothing. We deserved to lose but big moments change games and the penalty calls where big moments and they were not even reviewed.
  11. Less contact than the foul on Laca that wasn't given in the first half.
  12. humdrum


    Looked like a foul on AMN before the second.
  13. humdrum


    Not sure how that wasn't a pen.
  14. Just brought new star manager, sunk so much time into it on IOS, wasn't it made by a muker? can't remember why I stopped playing it...
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