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  1. humdrum


    Do you think Man City will be able to pay us something for that? from what I have learnt over the last couple of days is they are good at tweaking their finances...Maybe we got something in the Arteta contract?
  2. humdrum


    How is that not a straight red for Arnold? exactly the same if not worse that Eddies!
  3. Ah the old but they did it first defence. and if memory serves right everyone had a go at Wenger for it?
  4. OGS thinks it was a clear penalty....
  5. The problem is the Media and everyone will play this as a reason to get ride of VAR, used right VAR works. we saw that in the world cup and in the womans world cup. the problem is the people we have using it and PGMOL dictating how it is used to protect their own incompetent officials. WHich was proved when they rolled out some stat ages ago that they get like 99.5% of decisions rights. the issues being god know how many of those decisions are player x took a shot and blasted it over we gave a goal kick. good job everyone lets pat each other on the back and add it to the correct pile.
  6. With all the debate about who is more of a supporter, local and non local fans... Here is a thought, I haven't heard any reports of Liverpool 'fans' in Mumbai or Surry aiming fireworks at historic buildings.... Does that make them more or less of a fan?
  7. Saw "Dele Alli" trending on twitter, thought there was a spurs game I missed where he had dived... Nope, turns out he is just a racist, mocking asians and the cornovirus.... Apparently it happened over the weekend but bloody hell.
  8. humdrum


    Also not sure how their second goal stood. tammy abraham was in an offside position and literally had to dodge the ball, how is that not interfering?
  9. humdrum


    The funny thing about the Gabi goal, is what the fuck was Kepa doing, he is pretty much diving to his right, no striker ever puts in to the keepers right hand side. it is always open your body up and and put it across the Keeper. Anyway that feels like a win a nice show of fight and team spirit. .
  10. humdrum


    Very slow start, wonder how much of it was down to this being the 3rd big game in 8 days and the players thinking they could get away with less effort than against Chelsea and man utd if arteta is asking for more hard work from the team that it appears we aren't at that fitness level for, then maybe seeing this as a game they could rest up a bit in. Is understandable with the injuries we have it also makes it hard to rotate players. Leeds clearly playee excellent and Should have been ahead it we got lucky and turned in a performance in the second half. Apparently laca was asked what arteta said at half time and replied with "he shouted a lot"
  11. It didn't tho did it. the pull as outside the box and very debatable. to call it a stonewall pen is absolutely ridiculous.
  12. How jorginho was still on the pitch to score the goal is beyond anyone, clearest sending off ever. ref does nothing.
  13. humdrum


    I just imagine Ozil, going to Freddy, " you'r next if you fucking bench me"
  14. humdrum


    https://www.arsenal.com/news/unai-emery-leaves-club Hoping it isn't Nuno, he does well against the bigger teams when he isn't expected to break them down, but against the lower tier teams where Wolves are expected to win he seems to struggle to break teams down which is exactly where we are at the moment.
  15. humdrum


    Let me know if you are interested. I can't make it as I have a work do, was you after one or two?
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