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  1. humdrum


    Just seen the sokratis pen incident, the stream I am watching has dermot gallagher saying it isn't a pen, I am pretty sure him and everyone else was calling the Luiz shirt pull on Salah a clear pen for pretty much the same thing. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11794631/ref-watch-dermot-gallagher-analyses-a-weekend-of-tight-penalty-decisions
  2. humdrum


    What’s memberships do you have and what’s the date of the games?
  3. So if you don't think it was a foul, then you think it was a dive. Blaming the defender for being naive is taking the responsibility from the player that dived and passing it onto the defender. We can't complain about players diving when fans pass the responsibility for being honest from the diver onto the defender by using phrases such as "gave him the opportunity", "brought it" and "earned it"
  4. Contact isn't a foul.
  5. I hate that phrase, "gave him the opportunity". the bloke cheated and that phrase is just used by people to gaslight the dive and blame someone else for the players cheating.
  6. For me it is a dive, there is contact but Mane just falls over like 2 seconds later,
  7. humdrum


    So chambers is booked for pulling back James, but when Lingard pulls back Saka nothing.
  8. humdrum


    Summer tournament I believe meaning he didn't come back till late.
  9. I'm not sure you are watching the same game.
  10. I thought it was Arsenal that had the copyright on saying we didn't see a clear error. Poor clip nothing I can do sorry, but i'm not sure liverpool fans would see the foul anyway even if it was in 4k.
  11. VAR isn't what was sold to the public, it was meant to fix the bad decisions but you have the foul on Rodri for Man city that wasn't given and now a foul by VVD in the lead up to Liverpools goal that just gets ignored. This whole not re-refereeing the game thing is crap. Premiership refs and crap and VAR was meant to help them when they miss things but it just isn't.
  12. Yeah, Arsenal players holding VVD....
  13. humdrum


    I thought that was a foul by VVD when the corner came in. Liverpool and Spurs getting all the VAR calls.
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