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  1. Apparently cloud saves didn't include cloud based Stadia, there is a workaround, though it looks fiddly and requires the PC version.
  2. Sinners album out on the 7th. Should be excellent. You can pre order on Round Records or the usual record stores.
  3. Google are a bit stuck in a cycle now, they release something, everyone assumes they'll kill it after X years, no one buys it, they have to kill it. How do they get out of that?
  4. It's a shame because it worked so well. It's probably still the future in terms of technology. But not this model.
  5. Think the link works now. Yeah brilliant stuff. Since the meh black album they've been superb. =W=
  6. It's autumn! And you know what that means?
  7. Yeah bring him up from the under 21s
  8. Even before that, San Andreas had a black main character. Then it didn't matter, now it's 'woke'. We're regressing as a species.
  9. Got a nice early solo win in the board! Quite liking this season so far
  10. Yeah but then, he keeps going and it becomes funny again. No?
  11. Yeah I think it has. All mine are inherited from my dad.
  12. According to Discogs, the one above is worth an average of £67. The DSOM I have is £425! If I've listed it correctly.
  13. Leeds are 44% owned by the San Francisco 49ers. I think we all expect them to take over at some point.
  14. 3 games off this weekend Chelsea v Liverpool Man U v Leeds Brighton v Palace 29 days between games for Leeds. It's like a second pre season.
  15. Chris Catalyst, from his forthcoming Bowie covers album.
  16. Ah yes, I was looking on sky and it only gives me the option to record. It's on next Friday now.
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