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  1. This league is going to kill me. Utter madness.
  2. How much do you need to spend these days to get a 4k level gaming PC?
  3. I forgot to watch the replay! I'm pretty confident the last few at least weren't bots, the last guy had built above me so I was shooting up trying to get him to fall and just caught him on the edge of a platform. I still haven't got the hang of building. I very rarely do any, reckon I do pretty well considering.
  4. I got my first solo win the other day, after 152 hours playing(airing to that ps wrap up thing) My heart was pounding by the end. Really enjoying the changes they've made in chapter 2. Thought it was getting a bit messy by the end of season x.
  5. Mike1812

    Google Stadia

    I think that was entirely to give founders something 'special' If this is going to work it needs to work on everything they can connect to a screen, I get that they probably want to sell Chromecasts but they'd get much more traction if you could get it on a fire stick or smart tv as someone says above. Even if resolution has to be scaled to the device. Then it would be £60 for a controller, which is fair enough.
  6. I've played 152 hours of Fortnite but zero hours online?
  7. 17. Knew Saha but was confusing him and Silvestre for some reason. Embarrassed I didn't get Anelka.
  8. Leeds fans are never allowed to have it easy. Please don't fuck this up again.
  9. I'd just be happy it's not Joe Hart
  10. Leeds United, if they were Street Fighters. Thought this thread might appreciate the artwork.
  11. This is pretty awesome, Leeds' squad as Street Fighter characters
  12. Mike1812


    It was interesting to see us go toe to toe with a decent Prem team. The converting chances thing has been a problem all season. We generally dominate all game like we did first half. In the Championship we can wear teams down with our fitness but that won't happen with a team like Arsenal. Whatever Arteta said at half time worked wonders.
  13. Anyone got a defibrillator?
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