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  1. New contender for most horrific kit of the season
  2. Just ordered 4 of these. Wish me luck. That's 18%
  3. Replace the red with white and that would be an amazing Leeds away kit
  4. 3 wins today, 2 solo, 1 duos. This was a fun one.
  5. Sort Your Fucking Shit Out
  6. Oh man, is forgotten how anti climactic the end of Voyager was. And then they got home, the end.
  7. Just when you thought the EFL couldn't get any shitter. What a decision. Fucking hell.
  8. ITV, because that's what the pub had it on. Couldn't really hear the commentary, so it was fine. Did hear him refer to Federico Chiesa as Enrico a couple of times though. Made me feel old.
  9. The three players that failed to score for England were black. You know what follows and it's fucking depressing.
  10. I don't think either team was 'great' tbh
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