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  1. PS4 man this gen. I'm thinking an S and game pass will do me for 2 years. With no need to spend any more money, except on Fortnite tat and the odd game on sale for £20. When the 2 years is up, I'll see if I fancy upgrading to the X/PS5.
  2. I think Leeds game against League 1 Hull is the same. Hope it's better than the EFL streaming site which is useless. Or is it the same thing?
  3. Defying the laws of gravity.... Stunning.
  4. Bear in mind Leeds defensive partnership was a new signing and an under 23 so has never played together. They looked much better second half. Fair result I think. Nice that we weren't embarrassed, shame we couldn't hold on for a draw though. I was surprised by the lapses in the Liverpool defence.
  5. Never been so happy with a loss. Great game. We looked more than capable. And after that...... Moyes vs Bruce
  6. Leeds will play like this every game though. No exceptions. Of course, the way this is going we could lose 8-2 or draw 5 all.
  7. Not a bad game eh? Liverpool's attack is bloody frightening
  8. This is a fucking brilliant game, we're holding our own. No parking the bus. Love it. Considering we have a new signing and an under 23 in defence I'm really happy with how we've played. I think we're going to be ok this season.
  9. I've cocked this right up. Forgot to assign a captain, forgot my goalkeeper isn't playing this week. Oh well.
  10. I did this, thanks. Think my team might be terrible.
  11. I mean, how many games has Welbeck even played the last 5 years?
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