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  1. Works fine on Chrome for me. You could try the phone app if not
  2. I haven't really played on PC other that Football Manager, it looks great on a CCU on tv tho.
  3. This might have been mentioned, but Pre order this on Stadia and you get a free Chromecast Ultra and Controller(£120 worth). They won't come before the game is released but you can play on PC/tablets etc while you wait. I know most people are pretty down on Stadia but if you want to try it, and it does work very well, this is your chance. Performance is usually around 1x/ps4 pro levels You get a month of Stadia pro as well so you can try 20ish other games too.
  4. If you went to the tour last year and didn't want to pay £30 for a tour t shirt, you can get them for £10 here. https://ghost.backstreetmerch.com/collections/sale/products/ultimate-tour-2019-dateback-tee
  5. A great reply to the 'hand of God'
  6. Wanted by Sheffield United and Leeds. From The Athletic:
  7. I don't buy the whole 'congested season' thing, it's not that much worse than usual, one game a week unless you're in Europe. I agree that the international friendlies are stupid, but the national managers should be resting players for them.
  8. He should try managing in the Championship
  9. I can't believe this still happens. Although, actually, I can. It's embarrassing.
  10. I guess a laptop connected to a big screen with a decent pad is the best option, if available.
  11. Yeah the problem with that deal is that you won't have the controller/Chromecast for the game launch, but you can use a PC, phone or tablet in the meantime. I've preordered, quite fancy a second Chromecast for my second tv anyway.
  12. I think you can if you have the full amount in play credit. So you need £50 worth of credit.
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