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  1. Could be the new England shirt. What do we think?
  2. 7 I the bounce for Leeds. 11 points clear of 3rd. I look forward to the new and exciting way we find to fuck this up. Watch Pat Bamford clear off his own goal line and appear seconds later in Hull's box to take a shot on goal. I had my doubts about him but he works his arse off.
  3. PS4 users get the Bedrock edition tomorrow which allows cross play. Is it still a buggy mess?
  4. Yeah I'd say you were the better team for the majority of that game. Leeds ground it out, as they have a few times this season.
  5. Mike1812

    Google Stadia

    I guess you have to weigh up whether there's enough games on there that you can't get on what you have. For me, it's Football Manager. That's just not worth £150.
  6. That's the one I was talking about. Where is it less than £10?
  7. New favorite skin: Wonder if they'll change the leveling next season, it was much easier to get to 100 this time. First time I've actually managed it. Btw, you can get 2000 bucks and a skin on CD keys for £11.99 which is pretty good value, even just for the bucks.
  8. I'm on s1e3! I think I started too late. Need to pull a sickie to binge it.
  9. Mike1812

    Google Stadia

    Thing about Stadia is it could potentially do exclusives that couldn't be done on regular console with storage restrictions. It'll be interesting if they can take advantage of that.
  10. Mike1812


    I'm not sure the language barrier is too much of a problem, look at Bielsa at Leeds or Poch when he joined Southampton. He inherited a good team at Juve, it would be interesting to see what he could do with Arsenal.
  11. 4 goals. 4! Middlesborough are shite. A few more like this would be nice. I can't take too many more 1 - 0s.
  12. Mike1812

    Google Stadia

    I think grid had a special 40 car mode on Stadia. Did you try that?
  13. Such a great band. The presence from the Cardinal was amazing for someone in a rubber mask and the guitarists were great at entertaining during costume changes. Loved the guitar dueling. And the set is stunning. One of the best gigs I've been to in a long time.
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