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  1. Yeah the change to Unreal 5.1 looks fantastic. Enjoyed the few games I've played so far. Just need to work out the new weapons.
  2. I love watching these clips. Batty's finest moment:
  3. This is a fitting tribute compilation
  4. Pretty sure everyone said that in 2018
  5. I'm sure he won them the Champions League. Must have done.
  6. Mike1812


    The album is 12 tracks at 77 minutes so that's probably the only short song on the record. How they can keep the standard up for all that. Hardwired could have lost 3 or 4 songs.
  7. Mike1812


    Album up for pre-order, out in April https://metallica.probitymerch.com/
  8. Mike1812


    I was thinking it gave me Ride vibes
  9. Mike1812


    We're back... Quite like this on first listen, not too overblown like a lot of the last album. Not sure about that solo though.
  10. I think she says he has his lawyers and has gotten away with it so far. From what I've seen (Twitter) the behaviour is 'on Brand' for this guy.
  11. Get the green and yellow white scarves out.
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