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  1. Maybe an X-Wing style game would be good
  2. Mike1812

    The Worst Characters Committed to Screen

    Lwaxanna Troi. I skip any episode with her in.
  3. That's a great call. In fact, was this the first battle royale? A 4 player version of it?
  4. Mike1812

    Weezer. Does anyone like them?

    I love Weezer. They have poor quality control for sure, but the good stuff is so good it makes up for it. They're just 'fun' , they make me smile. I think they just release too much, too quick so you get a lot of filler. I'm going to see them in June. Can't wait.
  5. £200k fine then, better than a points deduction I guess, as we're doing a fine job of cocking the season up ourselves at the moment. Still seems harsh as no actual rules were broken.
  6. Mike1812

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    Was it Gears of War where you could get a quicker reload by doing it manually? That was a great idea.
  7. Mike1812

    The Wildhearts and Wildhearts side-projects.

    Yes. On May 3rd.
  8. Mike1812

    The Wildhearts and Wildhearts side-projects.

    Brutal. Love it.
  9. Mike1812

    The Worst Characters Committed to Screen

    Surely Alexander was worse?
  10. Mike1812

    How has gaming made the world a better place?

    I read that this morning. It's a really nice article. Makes you think, if you're involved in online communities, will anyone notice when you're gone? Will anyone even know what happened to you?
  11. Oh ok, obviously a coincidence then. It's partly my own fault for sticking around too long, thinking they'd not find me
  12. I hate the wanted system in this. I rescued an annoying guy from a camp, my buddies went back to our camp, leaving me to loot the place. I accidentally kick a corpse and despite being several miles from any living human, I'm suddenly wanted and end up dead.
  13. Mike1812

    Football Thread 2018/19

  14. Either that or the customary Leeds implosion.
  15. Fucking hell Leeds!

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