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  1. A bubbling planet
  2. As a Leeds fan I'm enjoying it. You might get more out of episode 3 which covers the spygate stuff and the failed Dan James transfer.
  3. You can use your ship to blow those doors open, keeps the sentinels of your back.
  4. Never seen a creature like this before
  5. Ginger had a new solo album out today at 5:55pm at https://round-records.com/ And the Wildhearts release a mini album in October.
  6. This is correct. Really annoying that you can't swap them.
  7. Played about an hour on PSVR on a standard PS4 and I'm really impressed. Yeah, it's blurry, but the controls work great(although the flying seems to have inverted and normal the wrong way round) Think it looks a fair bit better in non VR mode too, though I didn't pay for long. Shame you can't take the headset off and carry on without restarting the game but you can't have everything.
  8. There's a documentary on Leeds out on Friday: Covering the failed promotion push last year, should be interesting. Covers spygate, the Villa game, the play off disappointment and a rare one on one with Bielsa.
  9. I'm looking forward to starting this again. Hope my auto download works. Can you jump in and out of VR? Play the same save in standard?
  10. I'm very bad at this. Give me a Championship fantasy league and I'll piss it
  11. Have you guys got a permanent manager yet? Leeds should have won comfortably but didn't take their chances. Sounds worryingly familiar.
  12. I think they're confident of getting the embargo overturned before January, so are probably looking to still be in the running by then.
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