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  1. I assume it would be a loan with a clause that we had to buy for a fixed price if we get promoted. Leeds surely can't afford £13m right now. There are so many rumors going round, I've seen Leeds linked with Gigi Buffon and Francesco Totti, as if we pay wages like that in the Champ. It seems a lot of the rumors start with a player following a club on Instagram or Twitter. Costa did that with Leeds. Any tenuous link is reported these days.
  2. Leeds have drawn Salford City in the cup. Couldn't make it up
  3. Leeds don't seem to have much money to spend so I'm expecting loan signings. Helder Costa from Wolves has been rumored which would be a good start. I have a feeling someone might have to be sold, hopefully not Phillips as the team was kind of built around him. We need to keep Roofe unless we sign another striker or two. Clarke could be off to Spurs which might not be too bad, he's a good prospect but we can do without him.
  4. That was an odd decision, I expected him to walk, not get sacked. Works better for him I guess.
  5. I guess we should have a new thread for a new season. Predictions: can anyone predict what's going to happen in this league? I really hope Leeds can go that extra inch and get automatic promotion. We need a few players first before I can be confident. Frank Lampard's Derby County looked good towards the back end of last season but how will the cope without Frank? And what will we call them? Swansea and Stoke should do better than last season I'd have thought. I expect the relegated teams to be up there, depending on what players they lose. Let the madness commence! Fixtures here
  6. There was a tv series as well wasn't there? I'm sure I've seen it but I don't remember anything about it.
  7. There was something just after the season ended about them being funded by the Bin Laden family. That might be part of it?
  8. I didn't see any weapons, which is encouraging.
  9. Do many people have caps these days?
  10. Surely any hint of lag would make that unplayable?
  11. Spurs fans would go mental if their kit was red wouldn't they? In other news, I bought a Leeds shirt half price in the clearance. The quality is pretty shocking. If I'd paid £50 for it I'd be pissed.
  12. £14.99 on the UK store
  13. Can you go back and play the individual bits like in London Heist?
  14. A Chromecast is £70 Controller £60 + 3 x £9 subscription is pretty good if you need a Chromecast It depends what other games are included with Pro though
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