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  1. Spacebook. This shit writes itself.
  2. You're right, Gerrard 120, Giggs 109. Got a few more names looking that up but I won't spoil it
  3. We've all been predicting Burnley to go down for years, I can't see it happening. Last year I never saw Leeds in trouble of relegation, from the first game against Liverpool, which we lost, but we looked capable of taking on anyone. This year, what the fuck has happened? We look shite.
  4. Shite. Yeah we have injuries but fucking hell.
  5. Think I might have annoyed someone. Walked into Cube Lady when she was already under attack from another player. I finished her off Was attempting a different challenge at the time. Got a couple of wins too, the second one was a fun game of hide and seek at the shark. Struggled to get into this season but it's starting to click.
  6. I feel a bit sorry for Danny Rose. Raphinha tormented him last week and then he has to face Salah
  7. I really like the PS4 text input, where you use the motion control. Also, some of the stuff you can do in VR is great. In Superhot, you start the game by picking up a floppy disk and inserting it into a computer. We could probably have a whole thread on cool VR stuff.
  8. This is true, I don't think it's ever really appreciated that our government does deals with these sort of places, but I guess you just expect our government to be cunts these days, right?
  9. I've not really got going this season as I haven't had time to play. I'm level 26 so far. The Frankenstein's Monster skin is brilliant though, especially the black and white with film grain version. I'm such a sucker for this shit.
  10. I am glad we've clarified that the Public Investment Fund is completely separate from the state, who own 80% of them. This is worse than the shit show off the EFL checks/FFP rules.
  11. Head east along the road and you come across a crashed car after some concrete bollards.
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