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  1. Their Prime Minister is a Nazi so that's a nope from me. But then Portugal have Pepe.
  2. Scotland are League 1, Championship at best. It's incredible how many players go from the SPL to League 2.
  3. Only when the ref does something they disagree with. England will blow this team away.
  4. They aren't. Your post is a nonsense designed to gain pos from Scottish lads. They've been awfully shite. Way too much reliance on long balls.
  5. The crowd is useless. They're at home and it's silent.
  6. I just thought your question was a bit insensitive. Hence my response. I'm sorry if I upset you.
  7. Ha ha! Not the time mate. When I was a kid player, under 12s, our manager did this at half time. Just died on his feet. Watching this today brought that back and I've been close to tears for the past hour. I hope he's ok. Stable doesn't mean he's fine. He has a good chance as he's probably in 100% physical condition.
  8. Great news. Regardless of the BBC or whoever was filming, it's brilliant news. If there's one place you want to do that, it's a football ground. If he did that at home, he'd probably be dead.
  9. I can't believe what I'm watching. So awful. Come on Christian!
  10. 50/50 The 1st Torquay goal was offside. VAR offside rather than obvious. The officials were shit as usual. It was a good advert for the National League. Torquay deserved it but County are a strong unit.
  11. That set piece went like clock work. Wales need to move that bus. Wake up the driver.
  12. Torquay were deserved winners. Danny Wright and Lemon-Evans were the difference. Plymouth Argyle's Adam Randell was a class above. Little for Torquay was my MOTM. He was like Ngolo Kante but in a Brazil kit. I have a soft spot for Torquay, been to Plainmoor many times.
  13. Holland aren't a good side anymore.
  14. Italy won't go far. They played a really poor side and before an own goal, didn't look like scoring.
  15. Turkey looked knackered after 20 minutes. I thought Italy were quite poor. Italy were given loads of space so it's easy to look good with space. Looking good against a poor side doesn't mean you're World beaters. Immobile is a proper striker though.
  16. Sweet Tooth. Incredibly beautiful to look at. The first time I've seen something properly using Dolby Atmos to tell a story. The first episode has a fairy tale mood created by light and colour - maybe just me. I've only watched episode 1. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm assuming the sugary twee atmosphere goes to shit from here on in. I'd recommend it.
  17. Jesus So many posts like this on rllmuk these days.
  18. Really enjoyed that. It's set up for an interesting narrative and feels like a proper comic book series. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier didn't as it was too normal. The opening
  19. It's known as "napalming". I just wonder how they get hold of I haven't started watching this yet, I have next week off so it's on my binge list. I think a realistic portrayal of prisons is quite hard to do - word of mouth is so far very good.
  20. The mighty 3rd division Ipswich! Danny Mayor signed a two year extension. Really pleased with that.
  21. Was it? I don't even know what the score was. An utterly pointless round of friendlies.
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