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  1. A weird goal to win it for the Hammers. What a great game.
  2. Anyone played Deer Simulator? It's atrocious but I got 490 points in about 20 minutes.
  3. The club are handing out stadium bans right now. 25 individuals have had their ticketing accounts suspended.
  4. England have played 6 and have a +53 goal difference. The state of this.
  5. That's it! It has a villagers section but not an English village. Just checked Wikipedia.
  6. No Time To Die Watched this at the cinema. If you're a fan of Bond/Action, it's a greatest hits of Daniel Craig. Mrs neoELITE loved it - 4/5 for her. For me 2/5. It's too long. The villain was a bit weak and I rolled my eyes at the parts that make me not like Bond films - an indestructible aging man who all the young ladies lust after. The plot was a bit on the nose too in places.
  7. I watched Newcastle today. They've got one good player. I think they'll go down.
  8. Plymouth Argyle Vs Wigan ended with fighting in the away end when our morons rushed the away end. Fucking disgusting. I was more annoyed by that than losing in the last minute.
  9. 1 nil to the Arsenal! He actually did better than McManaman.
  10. Late winner for Wigan in a mostly woeful game. 3rd Vs 4th looked like a relegation battle. There was violence at the end. Our morons stormed the away end. Fists flying and the police swarmed that end of the ground.
  11. Have you read the book? The book is one of the most harrowing character studies I've ever read.
  12. Absolutely not. More like a Victorian era rural place.
  13. EDIT General thread for asking what is this film I can't remember. Another "what's the film" thread. It was probably 80s. The main protagonist was an American teen/young adult. He ends up in an olde worlde English village. The locals seem friendly but then attack him and he has to fight them. I think he was good at karate/Kung Fu.
  14. That Man City Vs PSG game was good last night. I've not watched much TV football this year but enjoyed the ref letting things go. Weirdly, there were hardly any throw ins. Man City looked a different team with an actual striker up front. Pep doesn't seem desperate to sign one though.
  15. True. It was also freezing and Brendon Galloway was stretchered off with a dislocated knee cap at 0-0. That really affected the game too. Some of our players were visibly upset. I hate Wycombe. A lot of our fans are commenting how professional they are. In my view, they're cheats. This isn't sour grapes as Gillingham and Cambridge played similarly this season. We got points from them. Gareth Ainsworth must train this into them - you can't, by luck, sign players for years and years who all do the same things. They have two or three main tactics. Tactic one is fall down with either a head injury or cramp when their opponents are mounting an attack or have built up momentum. Yesterday one of their midfield players fell down in the box when the ball went out for a goal kick. Clutching his head, the ref had to stop play. The physio ran on and four minutes later - I was checking my watch, he limps off the pitch and then sprints up the touchline to get back on the pitch on the half way line. During the stoppage, Ainsworth ushered all his players to the half way line for some coaching. This delayed play even more as the ref had to wait for them all to get back in position. Tactic two is also to fall down and receive treatment if you're about to be substituted. The sub was warmed up and ready with the fourth official so this one wasn't a sub due to an injury, it was pre-meditated. That substitution would have taken a minute normally, it took four minutes due to the physio coming onto the pitch (yet again). Tactic three is to target a player and tactically foul him repeatedly on the half way line. When that player finally reacts, surround him and shove him and try and get him booked. I don't object to their style of play if they want to paly long ball and percentages - that's in the rules and fine. I don't want to watch a long ball team but that's their decision. I object to the outright cheating. Something needs to happen re: "head injuries" - if you go down clutching your head and stop play, you should be made to sit out 5 minutes and get assessed by a doctor - there is a doctor present at every league game. That would stop it. There's a reason Ainsworth who, on paper has massively overachieved at Wycombe, is still there. No other chairman in the league at a club with a bigger fan base and more resources would want him at their club. If we played that way, I wouldn't be a season ticket holder. The man is a disgrace and his tactics are ruining lower league football as more and more teams are copying his approach.
  16. We lost 0-3 against Wycombe. Wycombe were, as usual, a horrible side to watch. Long balls, mysterious head injuries every time we had some momentum, tactical fouls and time wasting on a level no other team can ever hope to better. 15 extra minutes combined. I hate watching them, they're anti-football. We had 27 shots and didn't score. That's the reason we lost. As soon as they went 0-1 up after 62 minutes, Wycombe started the pantomime villain routine. Frustrating.
  17. We lost Our unbeaten run ends. We're still unbeaten at home. 16 games is a great run. We play the dreaded Wycombe on Tuesday.
  18. I've watched it all. It's not terrible. Ends on a cliffhanger that'll never be realised. The final episode is all kinds of woeful though. There's a shoot out that involves lots of women who can't shoot. It's quite astonishing how bullet proof picnic benches are.
  19. Sutton have knackered my accumulator so far. Thanks @Cosmic_Guru
  20. Wigan Vs Oxford is off due to Covid in the Oxford squad. Charlton Vs Argyle today is going to be a huge attendance. We've sold 3000 away tickets and Charlton allowed season ticket holders 3 free tickets. I'm not that confident we'll continue that unbeaten run but we're playing so well right now, the entire squad is confident. I can't see a weak link anywhere. We got 102 points one season and this squad reminds me of that team. That's a great article @artz - given your history, I'd be really annoyed if I sat next to someone booing.
  21. That's incredible. £200 a game is obscene. Surely nobody is going to renew a season ticket at that price. £1200 is bad enough. I paid £380 for mine.
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