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  1. Wayne Rooney was a brilliant player. He could have played in midfield for Derby instead of retiring. He got injured in that tournament when he was setting it on fire as a 14 year old.
  2. After watching, I'm not happy with a point. The Crewe keeper had a great 90 mins today. We were so good in the first half but did little in the second apart from force a few saves. A stupid red for two yellows from Camara compounded the frustration. Crewe were OK when they weren't arguing with each other.
  3. Crewe today at home. I'll be OK with a point. We totally fluked a win against them last season. Tuesday is Sunderland away. I bet the players are looking forward to that one.
  4. Do you have a big nose by any chance? We got Sheffield United away. We can't defend crosses or corners. We're toast. At least we avoided Wycombe.
  5. So Plymouth Argyle are ball number 1 today. 1st place! Given the fact there can be no fans allowed to watch anywhere in the country and even if they could under the old Tier 2 system, it would be vastly reduced, I don't want to draw anyone remotely above us in the pyramid. I'd love to get Chorley at home. Our most famous player Paul Mariner started his career at Chorley so it's written in the stars that we'll draw Liverpool or Man City away. For non-Premier League sides, I would expect all of the teams to want to progress as far as possible for the prize money and the TV
  6. It missed. I'd say he had his angles spot on
  7. Leeds just cost me £90 on an accumulator. Dicks. Can't take it away from Crawley though. They nullified Leeds completely.
  8. A great performance from us. 2-3 win at Huddersfield. Bring on round 4 and 5.
  9. Chorley thoroughly deserved that win. The pitch was horrible but they played some great approach play. Derby looked all over the place. Felt sorry for those kids.
  10. Has anyone managed to get the FA Player app to actually work? EDIT works on the Chrome browser.
  11. I finished this today. I enjoyed it. It was really good fun. BB-1 hacking droids was the best mechanic in this. The combat was decent but the tutorial aspect of that could have been more comprehensive. Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Star Wars... it was better than I expected. I even enjoyed most of the cut scenes. Highlight for me was I felt a bit bad slaughtering all those dog things that looked like maggots though. I thought Jedi were nature lovers
  12. https://www.premierleague.com/players/23396/Bruno-Fernandes/stats
  13. Getting iFollow to be watchable on my OLED TV was a nightmare. It's allegedly 1080p. I'm glad I can access the games though. We get radio Devon commentary. They get so much wrong.
  14. Meh. I'm a Plymouth Argyle fan. I just don't like the hypocrisy or the 'underdog' nonsense. Liverpool spent multi-millions on Neil Ruddock and Julian Dicks once upon a time.
  15. We won I also won an accumulator with us to win. The end of days.
  16. A good betting day for me. Won £350 already on an accumulator from a £2 stake. Watford losing cost me £700 as every other result I got right in another one. I've got another £55 if Newcastle win. I'm going to be rich one day. EDIT bloody Newcastle
  17. Couldn't resist. The LDF are hilarious. Remember when Manchester United were good and their fans were plastic? Apparently, they were all from Essex. Where are you from @dizogg? I'll put £20 on you being born in Sky Sports.
  18. They're not your friends. "Yeah, Bobby, Jordo, Mo and the Trentster all did the business today. Quality!" Puke.
  19. I've always thought Callum Smith was a brilliant fighter but I don't have much hope in his contest tonight. Alvarez is in for a real fight but he's just too good. His record is phenomenal. Smith, if he manages to win, will probably have to knock him out.
  20. Our manager is becoming quite annoying. It never seems to be his fault. Yes, the minimum for a footballer is 'running around'.
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