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  1. It's completely different. It's more Princess Bride than LOTR. The film is a family, comedy, adventure film. I watched episode 1 just now. It was very fast paced indeed. One thing was jarring for me Warwick was a bit dodgy too. And he was wearing what looked like a Ray Mears waistcoat. "Jog on" got a laugh. The fight scene was too dark to see what was going on. My pet hate of ultra HD stuff is it's often too dark. Netflix and Disney+ is often like this. I was watching The English at the weekend on iPlayer and that was brilliant in dark scenes. Why does some UHD stuff need to be so dark.
  2. The school bass is a single humbucker and also a jazz bass as she's been playing two different guitars. She prefers the single humbucker bass. We'll visit a local shop at the weekend and see how we get on.
  3. Why do England and France play the day after Croatia Vs South Korea/Brazil? Makes no sense.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it.
  5. When you go, I'm going to tattoo your best ten posts on my back. I'll never get a tattoo.
  6. Apparently, Raheem Sterling 's house in London was burgled, armed burglary with his family in the house at the time.
  7. Bellingham being bigged up by one of the best midfielder players I've ever seen is great. Fully deserved too. EDIT I'm talking about Keane, not Foden.
  8. What an idiot. When we went long and won second balls, we were great. We need to do that against France. Put it up top. Kane's a fantastic target man.
  9. We have to beat Senegal but France don't look like they enjoy being pressed. The atmosphere in the stadium is dreadful.
  10. I'd say it was good luck We lost our first home game on Friday against Port Vale. They're incredibly physical. We were actually poor but should have scored at least two. Ennis missed two absolute sitters. Hitting one over from 5 yards with nothing in front of him. He was turning to celebrate that chance before he made contact with the ball. Two clear handballs in the box not given and the Port Vale keeper was booked for time wasting in the first half but did it repeatedly in the second and the ref ignored it. 9/10 at home is really impressive but fans were still moaning. We're still top. We need a defender and a midfielder in January.
  11. The Messi love in was odd. He's a wonderful player but just ran into cul de sacs.
  12. neoELITE


    Trapped Under Ice. You lot are harsh. Also, the idiot that said Slayer weren't good anymore. Fuck off. Their last album was ferocious.
  13. I'm a massive Clutch fan. They use Orange Amps.
  14. Thanks, that's amazing advice. She's 14. She's not the usual kid who wants a guitar and then gives up as they aren't shredding like Dimebag after a week. She's very dedicated. I'll do this. We have a decent place locally. Thanks again.
  15. My daughter wants a bass guitar and practice amp. She's a saxophone player and is in a band; it's a school band but includes ex-pupils, teachers and they have a professional singer - they play big band, soul, funk, swing and 50s rock n roll. They play paid for gigs. She's quite an accomplished sax player. I can't afford a saxophone but I'm saving to buy one when she leaves school. We currently rent one from the school. The Yamaha she plays costs around £2500. So she's used to quality instruments. She's learning bass at school. She's a big MCR fan and Mikey Way plays Squire/Fender bass guitars. I've seen this. https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Squier-Affinity-Jaguar-Bass-H-MN-Black/3SZI Under £200. She'll also need a practice amp. I don't have a budget in mind. 2nd hand amp would be good. I'm looking at Orange Crush amps but any advice would be great as I have no idea, am not musical. I don't know where she gets her talent from. Maybe it's because I listen to music a lot and have thousands of CDs and she just grew up listening to my music at home.
  16. Argentina should instigate a mass brawl just for the LOLs and get two Polish players booked. It would go down to someone drawing the qualifier out of a hat.
  17. Arsenal could do with a keeper like that.
  18. Kyle Walker is in the squad for a reason. He's as explosive as Mbappe. We can beat France. Their forwards just need an off day.
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