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  1. He has. We're a bit annoyed down here but he had a long contract and we'll get compensation - rumours are £750k but it's unlikely to be disclosed. Schumacher deserves a fair crack. I didn't particularly like Lowe as he seemed to blame players when we lost but he got us promoted, consolidated in League 1, improved the squad and leaves us in 4th. We've had far worse managers.
  2. Rumours are that our manager Ryan Lowe is in talks with Preston North End. I'd be annoyed if he did go as they're not really that much of a bigger club than we are. It's not likely Preston will ever (without a huge cash injection) go up from the Championship and our club has revolutionised itself under our current owner. He's supported Lowe's data analytics approach, given him an actual transfer fund, invested millions of his own money to turn our club around and make them Championship ready and it'll be a shame if Lowe doesn't see that as a proper journey. He's from the North West and his family still live up there so I wouldn't be surprised, it would be a step up and a pay rise so money will probably talk here. £250k compensation being rumoured - it's not a lot of money considering this would probably end our season; we've made about that in the FA Cup already this year. With January close, it would probably mean a few of our players would follow him out of the door.
  3. Birmingham away. What a steaming turd of a draw. I think we've been the away team in something like 12 of the last 14 FA Cup draws.
  4. It's even referenced in the script that people don't like Hawkeye. I think he's great. I also like all the Thor films.
  5. Paul Cooke sacked by a deluded Ipswich Town board. I guess Mourinho is available.
  6. Amazed at the utter, deafening silence after the mighty Plymouth Argyle lit up Sunday with a dazzling display of tedium to despatch Rochdale 1-2 in the FA Cup. Man United away please in the third round or Exeter City at home.
  7. I don't get the Hawkeye hate. I also don't get people hating on Thor's films. I love all of them. This is great TV.
  8. ID2 I like the original with Sean Bean. This was awful. I have no idea why I watched it but I did. 0/5
  9. A weird goal to win it for the Hammers. What a great game.
  10. 801 goals for Ronaldo. 801
  11. Anyone played Deer Simulator? It's atrocious but I got 490 points in about 20 minutes.
  12. The club are handing out stadium bans right now. 25 individuals have had their ticketing accounts suspended.
  13. England have played 6 and have a +53 goal difference. The state of this.
  14. That's it! It has a villagers section but not an English village. Just checked Wikipedia.
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