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  1. The only plus side for me today was that 20,000,000 accumulators all died in unison as Sunderland equalised against Bolton. How many people would have had Sunderland away as a banker. Sunderland not putting 10 in against them tells me they might be in League 1 again next season. Wycombe did OK again. 14 minutes added time as usual.
  2. We lost at home 0-2. The referee today was terrible. Three penalties not given. It is no longer "ball to hand" but the only person not informed of that was the ref. Cheltenham hacked Danny Mayor down twice. Both should have been violent conduct. Two reds. If you kick someone's legs away, it's violent conduct. We had a disallowed goal to make it 1-1 in the first half. Another mistake. The club now play highlights at half time. Everyone in the ground could see a perfectly acceptable goal. Angry.
  3. Sisoko was lucky not to see red. He wasn't in control. The use of VAR was correct but the linesman should have seen that.
  4. Leicester tried not to score there Edit VAR NO GOAL!
  5. Beardsley done for racism. I'm amazed anyone could understand him. Athletico Mince has lost a character.
  6. We drew away at Crawley. Four late goals In a game we dominated. The match stats were heavily in our favour. 60% possession, 13 corners to 4. We keep letting in soft goals and conceded an avoidable penalty late on. People are watching iFollow so we aren't reliant on away fans reports. Consensus was, we should have won easily but our defence allowed them to score. We took 800 away on a Tuesday. A point away isn't bad but we should have won.
  7. I've been getting a later bus to work as it takes longer to get in as the traffic is worse. The sign of a good book.
  8. Mean Streets 5/5 It's funny, gritty, dirty and the script is superb. "What's a mook?" It's still one of Scorsese's greatest films and influenced so many films (many of them also great).
  9. De Gea has signed a new contract at Man United. Quite surprised at that.
  10. Grant Holt when he was at Norwich was my favourite striker of all time. Pukki might just be getting my vote for "favourite striker of all time"*. *nah, it's Gabriel Batistuta every time
  11. Lost 1-0 away from home at Port Vale. We can't get a result away from home. We're a home side. If this continues, we'll not be anywhere near the play-offs this season. Given our budget, it's disappointing. I do like the new way we play under Ryan Lowe. It's the way football should be played and it's better than we've had for many years. The last time we played proper football was under Ian Holloway in the Championship and that was 15 years ago. BUT we need to get results in a league. We've been outdone again today because we didn't make our pressure and our dominance count. We play like the Man City of League 2 but finish like we're Crystal Palace. We need to start winning more away from home.
  12. Gay Meadow always made me titter as a child. Young Boys have the best stadium name. Rotherham's is also a bit strange.
  13. Ryan Lowe speaking to the press today in front of stuff I've printed
  14. Under someone like Fabio Capello, that would've been 1-0. Great entertainment. Kosovo were great and easily second best in the group.
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