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  1. As usual, Liverpool fans, right on cue. Ruining my elation that my team Man City have won the league again!
  2. Renewed my season ticket today Our club released quite a few players today. Let the usual wholesale squad turnover begin.
  3. 3 up. Are you a bag of nerves now or a bag of HURRAH! WELCOME TO LEAGUE 1
  4. You're up. Morecambe might win but you're up. Just to make you feel better, I've lumped a grand on it. (See my above posts)
  5. I think Southend read my post. Them losing is my banker bet this weekend They're winning.
  6. Take a look at Leeds' last handful of games. They've also got an exceptional board supporting them. Their pitch is shit though. They need a new one.
  7. 50 points in most leagues is just above relegation. In the Premier League, if you average more than 1 point a game, that's a good season for a side not expected to be anywhere near the European places. Bielsa for me is manager of the season. There's no competition. Moyes, if West Ham somehow make the top four will win it but Bielsa's taken Championship strugglers to the zenith.
  8. Southend have won 28 League Games in the last three seasons. Less than 10 a season on average. They had 2 points going into their 12th fixture this season. They've been a shambles for years. For context, Cheltenham at the top this season have won 23.
  9. Ridiculous and it won't happen. It's almost as bad as the European Super League idea.
  10. Given the Devon connection, I hope Torquay go up but good luck to you all. My club have announced a 20% discount for season ticket renewals. On sale Monday. Mine will be £315. I am renewing.
  11. Leicester to win is the first game in my weekend accumulator.
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