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  1. Bristol Rovers are likely to need a new manager soon.
  2. Wrexham have signed the League 2 top scorer and player of the year Paul Mullin. https://www.thenonleaguefootballpaper.com/latest-news/step-1/national-league/394220/wrexham-complete-signing-of-league-two-player-of-the-year-paul-mullin/ Annoying as he had been linked with us. He's 26. I think that cash is being splashed. Turning down League 1 for the National League would not have come cheap.
  3. My friend's son made his first start for the first team yesterday at Plymouth Argyle. He's far off a proper debut as it was a friendly against a local team but he's an incredibly talented player. Even as a 13 year old, he was better than I ever was and I played semi-pro for four years. The pace and the speed of thought are what makes the difference. I played with a lad who'd played professionally for Oxford when I played Sunday League and if he wasn't completely hung over, he would win a game by himself (if he wanted to). He could control any ball played at him. It was like he had sand bags for feet. The best player I ever had to mark was Matt Etherington in a charity game against Falmouth. I didn't get near him. Thankfully, he only played 30 minutes and made me look like a two year old on roller skates. I think he was at West Ham at the time. Weirdly, one of Plymouth Argyle's highest appearance makers, Paul Wotton, played in the same age group as me in youth football and I always got picked ahead of him for our City schoolboys team. He ended up playing in The Championship.
  4. I watched that video and now it's not showing. She's incredible.
  5. Ellen White. I think she could easily play in the National League as a centre forward. She's a pure striker. She's also perfect for Mortal Kombat.
  6. I watched a 1-1 draw against Bristol Rovers yesterday. Two penalties. It was quite dreadful but then, it was a friendly. Rovers didn't look good at all.
  7. Among The Living is their most hardcore album. Seriously, even all the hardcore guys will tell you it is. It's a New York sound. A lot of hardcore is thrashy because of that album.
  8. Risdale and his agent son were involved in our club during admin as advisers. Yannick Bolasie was sold to Bristol City for £20k. He was worth at least £1m. I cannot stand the guy. He also helped Leeds into the third tier. What a scumbag he is.
  9. Are there any end credit bits? Not watched it yet.
  10. Haaland is going to end up at Man City. I can't see them missing the chance given they probably need a centre forward more than any other position.
  11. A mild hangover, drizzle and I have to go to work. So proud of that group of players. It's very sad but they got to a final and almost won it. It's fine margins again. We only let two goals in and lost on penalties to a team with a 30+ unbeaten run. It's a young side generally and we can look forward to a bright future. Football is so cruel sometimes. Losing in a final is horrible but hopefully, those players will learn from it.
  12. This last post is utter shit. True trolling shit. He saved that penalty to keep us in it. I'm glad you all take great pleasure in other people's disappointment and I wish you well. I don't want to get banned but you're all trolling.
  13. Properly gutted. I love football but sometimes, it's an absolute cunt. Pickford's save to get us back in that was amazing. He only let two goals in all tournament and didn't win. How does that work?!???!!
  14. Where are the Russian Ultras when you need them?
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