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  1. Both Everton and Arsenal would pay more. A lot more. He's probably made it known they're interested and Napoli sacked him for it.
  2. I watched this in two parts over two days. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was great to see that old Pesci/De Niro chemistry. Pesci was compelling and menacing, not a line of wasted dialogue. Pacino was Pacino. I'll agree that the beat down by De Niro was weird That was the only part that took me out of the film. The music was great, the CGI was fine and it was a great biopic. The sets were lavish (probably CGI) and every character seemed real. What a swansong for all three of the stars. I'll miss them.
  3. 4-2 at half time. Ridiculous. Everton's back four are really poor. No wonder they're in the bottom three.
  4. Pickford again has a nightmare. 3-1. He's so far off his line all the time. England keeper? Not for long.
  5. 2-1 in the Derby. Getting feisty too. Robertson shithousery on Davies. Alexander-Arnold leaving his foot in on Richarlison too.
  6. The video feed is going a bit blurry on the Liverpool Vs Everton game. Like the Everton defence. 1-0. Pickford really to blame for that. Awful keeping.
  7. I hope they bring back fans commentating like Sky had in the old days. I loved that.
  8. As a neutral, I prefer MOTD too.
  9. Loads of games on tomorrow. Who's watching what? I think Man Utd Vs Spurs is probably the one to watch for goals. Spurs score a lot but let in a lot. Merseyside derby games aren't like they used to be.... watch them all.
  10. Lots of adverts for Amazon things. And things available from Amazon.
  11. Burnley are leaving their feet in a bit. I think that's the game plan. Get City rattled and batter them with Wood up front. City will need a second goal. For me, it's as good as HD. HDR sign popped up when I switched on. Is this Worldwide or UK only? What worries me is that this could see an end to extensive Saturday fixtures. That'll be shit for fans who attend the games.
  12. Amazon Prime coverage starts tonight. Tuesday, 3 December Crystal Palace v Bournemouth - 19:30** Burnley v Manchester City - 20:15** Wednesday, 4 December Chelsea v Aston Villa - 19:30 Leicester City v Watford - 19:30 Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur - 19:30** Southampton v Norwich City - 19:30 Wolverhampton Wanderers v West Ham United - 19:30 Liverpool v Everton - 20:15** Thursday, 5 December Sheffield United v Newcastle United - 19:30** Arsenal v Brighton and Hove Albion - 20:15** No Rotherham United though
  13. They've not been on Yorkshire TV though. Maybe that's all they can get in Burnley.
  14. They were in the 2018 League 1 play off final.
  15. They've played in the Championship and been in play off semi-finals and finals.
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