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  1. neoELITE

    Football Thread 2018/19

    McCormick's was an accident. A stupid, stupid thing to have done and it destroyed lives but it wasn't predatory, pre-meditated and a crime that should mean that Adam Johnson never works with children - footballers work in an environment with youth teams. I know Luke vaguely and he's always regretted what happened. He donated half his wages when he returned to Plymouth Argyle after his sentence was served to charities. He also did a lot of out of hours work (unpaid) with the various youth teams at the club. It's a really sad story. Alonso I wasn't aware of. Ched Evans is playing for Fleetwood.
  2. neoELITE

    League 1, 2, Non League Football 2018-19 Season

    Hello mate, I am the only Plymouth Argyle fan here. There is one pub on the way to the ground from the train station. It's a Wetherspoons opposite the ground called The Brittainia. It gets rammed pre-match though. https://www.jdwetherspoon.com/pubs/all-pubs/england/devon/the-britannia-inn-plymouth In all honesty, I wouldn't go anywhere near the ground for a drink - there's a pub called The Cherry Tree near to the ground but I'd avoid there as it's an Argyle pub. Best to get yourself down to The Barbican area and get a taxi from there to the ground. There is always a bit of trouble when Rovers or City visit so I'd avoid bars around the ground. https://www.google.com/maps/search/plymouth+barbican/@50.3662973,-4.1520728,15z/data=!3m1!4b1 RE: views of the stadium - our grandstand is being renovated so there isn't much to see beyond a building site. Are you staying overnight or getting the train back later today? I was on a course this week with a Rovers fan who wasn't happy he couldn't get a ticket - he stayed two nights down here so I took him out on the Tuesday to show him the sights and he loved the seafront. Better than being stuck in a hotel with views of a roundabout. He thinks it'll be a draw. A draw might suit us both. Looking at the remaining fixtures, loads of these teams play each other. Walsall play Barnsley in the early kick-off today. They play 5 of their last 7 games against teams at the bottom after that. Wimbledon also have a load of games against teams near them in the table. We've got to play Portsmouth, Barnsley and Charlton at home still so we certainly aren't safe by any means. A win today though would make this table look a lot less stressful. Wycombe v Walsall Accrington v Walsall Shrewsbury v Walsall Walsall v Oxford Utd Walsall v Southend Wimbledon v Bristol Rovers Wimbledon v Wycombe Wimbledon v Accrington Wimbledon v Gillingham Oxford Utd v Wimbledon Bradford v Wimbledon Rochdale v Wycombe Rochdale v Scunthorpe Rochdale v Southend Bristol Rovers v Bradford Bradford v Gillingham
  3. neoELITE

    After Life - Ricky Gervais

    I watched this all in one afternoon yesterday. I thought I'd watch the first episode and, as is often with Netflix, I don't bother watching the rest but I enjoyed the first episode so much that I ended up watching it from start to finish. RE: the rushed ending. I don't think it was. I'll spoiler why. I laughed a lot - the breast milk lady was a stand out moment and the interactions with his father were sad but really quite funny too. The treatment of alzheimer's was handled well. It's a horrible, horrible condition but it can also make you laugh. After Life made me cry too. I've had a long and tiring week and it was actually quite cathartic to cry and laugh watching this. It touched me and although a lot of the characters were just caricatures (Postman Pat), it had a central message throughout and managed to handle grief and loss carefully - it was an emotional comedy and Gervais is marmite but the best of Gervais was within this. I've not seen Derek at all and I enjoyed Life Is Short but I've been a Gervais fan since he was on the 11 O'Clock Show on Channel 4 (1998) and I've obviously watched The Office. This was the best thing he's done since The Office. The drug addict character and that storyline was the only jarring thing for me but perhaps I just misunderstood it.
  4. I did that so catch up. Go back and have a quick look.
  5. AHHHH... OK. I needed a cigarette at this point. Cheers.
  6. neoELITE

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Oh dear
  7. neoELITE

    Football Thread 2018/19

    See. Hail, hatred, horrible tackles and getting your team bus to that part of London. The Millwall lads will love Wembley with their scant security in the semi-final. I pray for a Brighton equaliser.
  8. neoELITE

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I watched the Barcelona game in midweek. I always think Messi plays the ball too far in front him, inviting a tackle, but he does it all the time and then nicks it away from the defender who thinks "AHHHHHA! I'm going to win this one" and then he's gone. He's done it forever. I love him. He's my favourite player of all time and a joy to watch. When he's 42 years old and running the Barcelona midfield rather than being up front, I think we'll all agree he's better than Ronaldo. Pele was obviously really good but in the modern game, he'd not deal with the physicality and the amount of games you play at the highest level. Messi for me is the greatest player of all time. Maradonna next and then probably Steve Bould or Ian Dowie.
  9. I watched the bit with the pager. Was there another thing?
  10. You're just an air fryer avatar called JML - you'd probably just sit in a cinema hissing and making chips. Here's a question Mrs neoELITE had. Amazingly, after I cruelly deserted my family, she was still speaking to me.
  11. She's not disruptive generally, I just decided to not sit with them. Is bullying your modus operandi or is this just a chance to jump on someone for internet points? Might be because I don't like Liverpool football club
  12. For sitting somewhere else in a cinema? Get over yourself brave White Knight.
  13. Piss off @Stigweard you weirdo. She didn't mind at all and found it quite funny actually as I threatened to do it last time we went. Today, I've decided to replace all my kids clothing with potato sacks, I've rubbed mud on their faces and I haven't fed them - I've hidden their shoes too. I'm selling them tomorrow to a factory that makes cotton. I am indeed a big sexist pig who neglects his own children and acts like a manchild at any available opportunity. I'm worse than Peve on his Alpine rollercoaster. Anyway, I thought the film was pretty good when it got going.
  14. Hey @JML you can take my 10 year old to the cinema next time.
  15. It's my choice. I paid. I usually sit with them but chose not to.

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