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  1. 0-4 defeat against Rochdale. Absolutely awful performance all round. Not a single positive. 19 minutes added time in the first half due to an injury to a Rochdale player just prolonged my misery. That was horrible to watch. Two of our three central defenders replaced at half time, woeful defending for all four goals and their third was real schoolboy stuff.
  2. Wycombe are still Wycombe-ing
  3. Their keeper was on loan to us last season. He's a West Brom player. He was the reason we were promoted last year. It was a really entertaining game.
  4. Skip to 55 seconds. WOOOOF
  5. Quite a few of us reaching the 3rd round. We'll draw a massive club at home. That would be the turd icing on the shit cake that's been 2020. Pick that out! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/55117107 55 secs
  6. Poor @dizogg. I hope he doesn't have a dog.
  7. That's proper defending in the old days. I miss putting my boots on and putting a reducer on the opposition to see how they'd react. Maradonna reacted by destroying our midfield.
  8. Crawley were terrible against Torquay. You never know.
  9. Ha! I've always said 3-2.
  10. The 86 World Cup was the first tournament I can remember. I was 10 and football was my favourite thing to do, watch and think about. I saw Liverpool in Europe on TV. I remember some of the ITV coverage and the FA Cup final and I started going to watch Plymouth Argyle. I have my first programme framed on my wall. Home to Blackpool 1986. We won 3-2. I only knew English football. Nobody was like Maradonna. To see what this little man could do on the ball was mesmerising. He didn't play like anyone else. The second goal against England, he walked through an entire midfield of very good playe
  11. Did someone not win their football match today?
  12. I think we're going to start seeing weird results happen due to the fixture congestion that's already taking its toll. The performance we put in against Charlton in the FA Cup 1st round compared to the performance on Saturday against Fleetwood was night and day. We're obviously struggling with travelling under Covid restrictions - the team stayed at a hotel in Manchester on Saturday but travelled up and back same day yesterday away at Peterborough. Our home form is good because teams are travelling to Plymouth same day (it's the arse end of the country and horrible to get to by coach).
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