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  1. Most clubs rely on an owner just writing a cheque. There are very few who generate a profit. Sunderland's wage bill in League 1 was £14m.
  2. I'd have thought every football fan would know who's been playing in the Championship this season.
  3. It's up there with Robert Downey Jnr's Aussie accent in Natural Born Killers.
  4. Some of my favourites you might not have watched: Don't Fuck With Cats Making A Murderer - just the first series The Vietnam War Evil Genius The Films That Made Us The Toys That Made Us
  5. I'm sorry I brought this up.
  6. I thought this would not have been a spoiler considering you'd know that unless you aren't a football supporter or interested in football. A prime example of them getting favourable decisions is evident in their boxing day match at home to Bradford City. I doubt they'll show the game when they played my team away with two absolute blatant handballs that should have given us two penalties in the first half at 0-0..... but yes, I'm bitter.
  7. Translucent was an interesting character until someone did something hilariously gruesome to him. Black Noir might get a bit more focus in series 2 but I think they'll just Homelander's the best though. He gets all the good scenes. What do you think of Butcher?
  8. I remember someone trying that in Sunday League once and he messed it up, stumbled forward, fell face first in a puddle and was immediately subbed off
  9. We've furloughed staff including "some playing staff". I'd assume that's our under 23 players. I fear for a lot of League 1 and 2 sides. I can see many going bankrupt. We might end up losing 20 or even 30 teams.
  10. Kids used it today with no problems. Maybe it was a glitch. It's for them and they're happy with it. They love old Disney animation.
  11. Just watched the first one. Obviously, they don't go up. The posh, sweary, floppy haired Chief Exec is an instant arsehole. I can't really forgive Sunderland as they played Southend in their final game with nothing to play for, didn't try, played a weakened team and Southend won.... relegating us to League 2. They also got a lot of friendly referees that season and, although they're pleading poverty at the very start, their budget was enormous compared to some teams in League 1. Spending £900k on Wyke was madness. I love their fans though. I'll enjoy this. Loved the first season.
  12. Just looking on Wikipedia at the cast. Hector Salamanca - only 8 episodes of Breaking Bad, I thought it was a lot more. The actor playing him has been credited and uncredited in many films including, "Unhappy Man" and "Man In Phonebooth" but he was in Scarface playing a character called Alberto The Shadow and also has a voice credit for the video game Manhunt as "Tramp". Gus Fring Uncredited as "Puerto Rican Teenager" and "Cellmate" in Trading Places. He seems to be a bit better known than his nemesis Hector having been in Do The Right Thing, Twilight and Maclolm X and The Usual Suspects. He was on Sesame Street for 5 episodes in 1982. Rich Schweikart (had to look that up, Kim's boss) He was in Batteries Not Included. He's done lots of theatre. Mike Mike was a cop, in Gremlins.
  13. I've only watched it after 8pm as I'm still at work. Might be overload.
  14. So Madrigal. Only 3 episodes. Kim's reaction was very weird. Why be sad about Howard? He's everything Jimmy described.
  15. LGs app is horribly slow. It takes about 10 seconds to go from the title screen of The Mandalorian to the episode select and then another ten seconds to scroll. It takes another 10 seconds to switch to video but the sound starts as soon as you press play. Compared to Netflix, it's terrible.
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