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  1. After going to 2-3 today, we looked dead and buried but, we beat Lincoln 4-3 Thanks to Portsmouth @Coltrane who were the only team on my accumulator not to win. Even Bristol Rovers won FFS. I had us, Crewe, Peterborough, Blackpool, Rovers and your lot what gives! I was up for £300.
  2. It's often best to play the higher ups near the end as they might have secured promotion/play off places by then.
  3. Looking at that, I'd say 45-47 points is enough. What is your run in like artz?
  4. 0-3 loss to Peterborough. It was 0-0 at half time. Their front four are very good and you can see why they score goals. We're a long way off relegation. 13 or so games to go and a 15 point gap. I think 50 points will be enough.
  5. Yes. I remember one episode where they had the word "black" as the theme for the final round. One of the three questions was "tracks from Metallica's black album" - I got 8 pointless answers as I know all the tracks as I played it to death back in the day. That day, there weren't any Metallica fans in the audience obviously. My current guilty pleasure is The Wall with Danny Dyer. It's genuinely amazing. I'm usually quite drunk when it comes on the TV though but I love it. If you haven't seen it, Danny has a big wall. The wall is basically a gigantic pachinko board and contest
  6. News of The World - Netflix Tom Hanks playing the usual dependable, heart of gold Tom Hanks character. The co-star was great and I thought the use of language was well done. In HDR/Dolby Vision (whatever it was), the landscapes were breath taking in places and the sets were amazing too - it had a real Red Dead Redemption vibe. As a road movie, it was OK but they didn't seem to stay long enough in one place for the story to really flourish and the relationships between all the cultures and ethnicities wasn't explored enough. It was a decent watch though. 3/5 Dig - Netfli
  7. Just enjoying the season. You're no Man Utd with Fergie at the helm for sure.
  8. Oh. Looks like they didn't win.
  9. Did Liverpool win? Just asking. I have no internet and can't check.
  10. Fucking 0-0. I really should stop putting just wins in my accumulator. Also being greedy, I didn't cash out at £70 on a £2 stake
  11. There's nobody to capitalise on his crosses. That injury to Raul Jimmenez basically means what Traore does isn't finished. I love watching him run at players. It must be terrifying to see a guy built like a heavyweight boxer run at you with the pace of an Olympic standard sprinter.
  12. We're away to Rochdale this afternoon. Rochdale haven't won a home game since October and we're unbeaten this year in the league (8 fixtures). We've won away at Sunderland, drawn away at Portsmouth (being 0-2 up with 6 minutes left), gave Sheffield United a game in the FA Cup, beaten Accrington and also done OK at home. Rochdale seem to have no idea how to defend but score for fun so with that in consideration, this fixture won't appear on my League 1 accumulator today. I predict a 0-0 Just saw the Crewe manager on Football Focus and the presenters were tipping them for the pla
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