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  1. Agreed on the weird Sesame Street style multi cultural family parts and the Inside Out style parts too. The latter personifying algorithms was almost counter to the talking heads. Really interesting. I did alert Mrs neoELITE to it but she wouldn't take her headphones off as she was watching Instagram videos on her tablet. Apparently, none of this stuff affects her. The nudge elements of social media platforms are really dangerous and if they do self regulate (LOL), that's what they all need to stop. Thoroughly recommend The Social Dilemma.
  2. After being 0-2 up at half time, we just lost to Leyton Orient reserves in the League Cup 3-2 I'm glad as we're playing enough games as it is. Our online fans are bemoaning not playing Spurs in the next round at home in a game we cannot attend where Spurs play mostly under 23 players nobody has heard of but we've "missed out on a pay day". One fan watching on iFollow remarked that it was "disgusting". Does anyone really care about the League Cup other than Man City?
  3. I've watched two of our games on iFollow so far and it's been fine. It isn't TV coverage but it's fine. It's better than not seeing it. Our home games are free as we can't attend yet.
  4. We're joint-ish top of the league! We scored just 3 minutes in and held on for an hour but finished strongly. Weird watching it in my living room. With that R rate going up, this might be it for a while. League 1 isn't League 2. The standard is quite the step up. Sunderland did well again
  5. Chelsea when they bought everyone the first time around.
  6. Unless Liverpool do of course as it'll be against all odds!
  7. I've not paid much attention to the Premier League but Chelsea have signed some very impressive players. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/53892514 Hakim Ziyech is the one I was surprised at the most. He was brilliant for Ajax and I thought he'd end up in Spain. Werner, Chilwell and Thiago Silva and Havertz.
  8. Exeter City have a 15% sell on clause. They already made £1.8m with add ons when he went to Brentford. Villa have already signed a youngster from Exeter for £1m+ in this transfer window.
  9. @El Pibe- if Ollie Watkins goes to Villa for £30m, how much is that going to make for Exeter? There must have been a sell on clause. EDIT - 15% that'll pay the wage bill easily for a whole season.
  10. neoELITE

    Xbox Game Pass

    What a bunch of babies We are.
  11. neoELITE

    Xbox Game Pass

    Resident Evil... nope, played the opening level and that was enough. Terrifying. I almost wet myself. I'd love to play it but I'm too scared. It's because it's first person. The atmosphere is just harrowing.
  12. We're through to the second round of the League Cup. Beat QPR 3-2. A really entertaining game. Paid £10 to stream it on iFollow. Our winner was special. I would have loved to see that game with a full house but alas. Covid. Welcome back to football. I see Exeter lost @El Pibe - against the Turnips too. Tut!
  13. We won 3-2. Great goals, especially our winner.
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