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  1. neoELITE

    The Boxing Thread

    Yes. The heavyweight division is the big one with the public (wrongly). It'll be up there with the Eubank Vs Benn war.
  2. Absolutely. And a possible red. That was their only attack in the first half. We had a few too. Right at the end, our player was tripped. A Premier League ref would have given both. We looked tired in the second half. I miss my first home game next Tuesday due to work. I could do with a break too. The last five home games have been fairly hard to sit through. In League 2, the top four are going to be the only sides going up automatically with one missing out. Our run in only has Exeter and Northampton to really worry about. Both at home. We play Grimsby twice too.
  3. neoELITE

    The Boxing Thread

    Just watched it. Wow. Wilder had nothing and Fury just wore him out. I think Wilder had some ear drum damage and couldn't balance. The later rounds, Wilder looked intimidated. A fantastic heavy weight performance from Fury. AJ won't have an answer to that kind of approach. Wembley stadium in the Summer for the unification?
  4. neoELITE

    The Boxing Thread

    Woke up to the news. I was wrong. A lot of people were wrong. Fair play Fury.
  5. neoELITE

    The Boxing Thread

    Wilder round 4. I can't see Fury knocking him out. Fury will try and wear him out but I can't see it. Wilder's just too dangerous. I'd like to be wrong.
  6. I didn't think Cambridge had that many buses. They did. They parked every one. 0-0. To be fair, you should applaud it as they came for a point and got one but watching nine outfield players defend for the whole game was frustrating. They had 30 something % of possession. 25 of that was throw ins and goal kicks. They had 0 shots on target. We had 1. We lost 2 points today.
  7. Liverpool lose Imagine the tragic scenes
  8. 1-1 at Macclesfield. From here on in, bring it on. I think we'll go up. Automatic.
  9. I would replace Fabinho with Gerrard and Fermino with Van Niststlerooy. Probably spelt it wrong
  10. On two seasons yes. Let me know when Mane's played 20. Giggs didn't have a bad season in two decades.
  11. It's not terrible! It's not great but.... not terrible. I thought Jim Carrey was terrible until the very end. All the characters were terrible apart from the mad old guy who isn't in it much. My conclusion.... not terrible. There will be a sequel.
  12. Sonic We had a free family Cineworld ticket to use up and everything else was a 15 other than Dolittle. It wasn't as bad as I thought. Jim Carrey seemed to be doing a bad impersonation of himself. The end credit scenes though... surely not. 3/5
  13. One of the best feelings is when your team score and everyone around you, in unison leaps up in elation and you hear the instant roar of the crowd. VAR is removing that and it's shit. It's taking the best part of attending a game away. If you're paying upwards of £50 to watch a game, people are going to start reconsidering if they want to do that 20+ times a season.
  14. The game has been moved to a Monday night because of Sky. 23rd March at 7.45. I expect a lot of people won't be able to go because of other commitments. All day drinking and a very dark park - I expect Devon and Cornwall Police won't be happy.
  15. Seven Psychopaths The first hour was great and the plot is interesting, cast excellent and the script is witty but then the film just falls apart near the end. I genuinely didn't understand it. It was a Tarrantino film by someone else. 3/5 A Silent Voice Anime. Quite a serious subject matter but it's not handled very well. Maybe it's cultural but bullying seems to be condoned in it. Some of the animation was shonky too. 3/5
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