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  1. This article on the BBC makes some interesting observations. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44808192
  2. Strange. I think the forum has resized it. Link below which is clearer http://content.invisioncic.com/Mrangmedia/monthly_2018_05/CuOddNn.jpg.7892cf0d926709908674b053d2ccf9e0.jpg
  3. Not related to the worldcup but i came across this on a forum when reading about the latest SPFL charimen apparently failing to raise a conflict of interest. Rangers fans are going mad, which is expected, had the shoe been on the other foot Celtic fans would habe done the same. However.... just take a look at this. A clear celtic conspiracy!!!
  4. Anyone abput for some fortnite later? About 9ish?
  5. Werent we playing this on Monday night? I can't remember... ive been a bit ill last few days bit im back and ready for bush.
  6. Cunt, I taught you everything you know about bushing. I shared my own bush with you, heartless bastard.
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