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  1. Isopropynol works well but be careful using it on any part with a printed logo etc. When refurbishing my NES i rested the lid on a rag with isopropynol on, only for a few minutes but it took all the red writing off cartridge flap. furniture polish (mr sheen etc) seems to work well but mainly on darker systems.
  2. Thought about a Wii U? my eldest daughter is 5 and absolutely loves playing mario 3d world, in about 6 months or so shes gone from not being able to do a thing on it to being able to complete the game on her own, and now when we play two players she basically kicks my ass. Occasionally my 4 year old daughter will play it with her and they also play; -Smash brothers u -mario kart 8 -Mario Party 10 -Mario Maker -New super mario bros -Mario tennis.
  3. kinda if you add me (gamertag in sig) ill gift you one of them once microsoft send me a data transfer cable so can get all my stuff off my old 360
  4. my bubble bobble supra i did ages ago
  5. why would you want to brake/accel with the right stick?, theres no way you can left foot brake with that set up.
  6. managed to get past character list now but just hangs on loading screen instead
  7. might have to be my next port of call too need alar for bt chain n unavoidably had to go out tonight so missed alar, will be anything from 1-3 weeks before bother going back to tk and i know if i take 1 week or more off from raiding ill find something else to do n never go back into it, last time i had 2 weeks off from raiding i quit the game completely n the only thing that bought me back was my 360 having to go in repair
  8. can see my corpse on that pic and lmao at the spit macro
  9. after weeks of wiping we (Rom Oter) finally managed to down Vashj tonight, for the last couple of weeks she'd given us loads of trouble but for some reason tonight it all seemed to fall into place and she went down really easy
  10. thanks to those from chim that came to our bwl fun run, and appolgises for having to bail out at ebonroc
  11. it was my first char i didnt even think id be playing the game past trial so didnt care to much about the name, wasent till i started playing the game more i thought damn what a shit name. But at least ill admit it and there a little different rather than sounding like the line up from a shit final fantasy rip off. i lack inspiration for character names, astraturbo was conceived from looking at a pic of my own car and discovering Astra had already been taken. Ascari was from watching top gear doing a feature on the KZ1 whilst i was creating my paladin. Saleen was from getting to drive an S7
  12. Ascari 56 of them well 55 because mines on there twice, mines on the top of the list so dont know if that means i was the first Saleen 83 but for some reason mines on there twice again Astraturbo 1!! yes i am the only person sad enough to name their char that
  13. i was guilded with blackcraft for about a year in detrimentum, absolute arsehole he used to get kicked from guild almost daily but for some reason they kept inviting him back. couple of us even offered to donate 1000g to the guild bank if they didnt invite him back n that was pre tbc so 1000g was harder to come by
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