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  1. One of the best written games of the last decade.
  2. No one more thing this time, suckas
  3. oh wait. I thought it was Astral Chain 2. Oh well
  4. Nintendo you magnificent mentalists
  5. Myamoto-san? WE THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD
  6. Not the kind of remaster I like for a game like Actraiser tbh. Visually icky.
  7. I'll take what I can get. (I mean we've already had emulation but, still, 4 player online.....)
  8. Hurrah, time to get Switch Online again
  9. Metroid Dread kind of looks less appealing the more I see it to be honest. I think it's just the aesthetic and feel of it. It's somewhat at odds with the atmosphere I associate with the series.
  10. You get the non remastered version peasants
  11. there's a lot of please understand right now
  12. in the future, there is only Kirby
  13. This is not the racing game we were promised.
  14. Proof that Switch has all the best games ever made on it still.
  15. It's on the cards not in the cards ffs
  16. Party during the day or night. So party all the time then
  17. PEGI 18 this gon be good
  18. The answer to most of these questions in Hades is usually "keep playing". The core gameplay loop doesn't change too much, so repeat until bored or everything is unlocked. Make sure to try
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