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  1. Having played and loved Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, I thought I'd try AI: the Somnium Files. It was so full of pervy anime shit undermining the writing in it at literally every turn I think I cringed my way half around the world and back.
  2. It's mediocre in some sections, but it's no Star Trek Discovery. You have to wait for all the stars to align perfectly before it's possible to create a show that uniquely bad.
  3. I thought that was a lot better than last week but not a patch on Episode 2
  4. That episode where she
  5. Absolutely, it's a lot like that, but even better.
  6. This already exists and it's called Huntdown.
  7. It really does pay to have a gaming PC these days. Free stuff is just given away left and right, and in the sales games out mere months previously go for a tenner.
  8. I've been browsing Google image search for some quality shitpost Xbox vs PlayStation gifs (as you do), and of course every single one is one of Xbox being shat on. The internet needs new memes now
  9. Just imagine how much better Halo Infinite could have been if they pumped that $70b into it.
  10. Watched the first three episodes episodes of this: Episode 1 started out very shakily. The fight with the shields and electric pike things looked weird and awkward as well. If they were supposed to be assassins then like I dunno, make the electricity in the things repeatedly prodding them with actually lethal? Still, it had some interesting things set up. Episode 2 was far far better. It felt like a good episode of Mandalorian basically. The whole learning to live with Tuskens, then the excitingly done train heist sequence with characters involved it's made you care about. All great. Episode 3: what the ever loving fuck. And what are those punk kids out of a different universe supposed to be. Bobba wanders around being a weak ass motherfucker. A wild Danny Trejo appears for a brief fun interlude, but then it's capped by one of the worst chase scenes ever. With those kids on their completely immersion breaking Futurama hover scooter things. What the fuck are they doing? Oh also, Bobba Fett awkwardly apologising to a bloke with a robo eye when he says to keep an eye on someone, in case they took offense. What. Fett has gone soft, or is an impostor. The script has been quite bad honestly.
  11. I've suddenly realised Halo Infinite is definitely the best of the Halo series.
  12. Yeah there are a few subtle things like that that have raised the game in my estimation since finishing it, on reflection. It's why it's my favourite written game of 2021.
  13. What is Nvidia Reflex? I would guess it's just from playing in 60fps if you hadn't been before.
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