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  1. Have played Ancient Gods part 1: I think it's decent, it's basically even more pure combat than before with everything ramped up. I think it's missing something though. I think inexplicably I miss the hub area and the unlocking stuff...
  2. Guess this is going to morph into the campaign rather than the multiplayer thread now then. I'm out until the weekend.
  3. Jesus Christ, you people and your fancy connection speeds. I'm lucky if I get 32mb on a good day.
  4. I'll be washing my hair. (Of demon bits in Doom Eternal)
  5. Children have a barren wasteland Earth where food is scarce to look forward to, so I think "decentralized finance" will be the least of their worries.
  6. Some more fun Halo stuff in amongst the scintillating download chat
  7. I've been playing Halo MP on PC for hours and haven't noticed any issues. I mean I'm not going over it with a tooth comb while I lark about in a Warthog. Most of the complaints seem to be "struggles to maintain 120fps". Big whoop.
  8. It's more a commentary that Digital Foundry might have missed the point and are seeing intentional stylistic decisions as problems.
  9. Are they sure it's not just a stylistic decision to run cutscenes at 30fps to make them feel more cinematic? Game cutscenes sometimes do that on purpose for that reason, and when people complain it's some sort of technical shortcoming I despair.
  10. To extend my earlier acting like starving dogs analogy - it's like that now but where the dogs still somehow will only specifically accept fillet steak.
  11. I think Urdak is one of my favourite visually designed levels in a long long time. It's rare to see something in a game that looks truly alien and cool. I assume it's a bit of a Giger inspiration, but unlike most games it's not a rip off but actually very unique.
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