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  1. Day 4 - the oldest track you love I couldn't pick just one piece so I posted the entire suite as they form a part of a whole - these interpretations by Rostropovich are some of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. If I were to pick one, it would be the Prelude in Suite 2 in D Minor:
  2. Benny

    Dark Souls 3

    Do it.
  3. Benny

    Dark Souls 3

    Some Pyromancies don't require any points in int or faith, so they can be useful to have available as additional utility. In my last DS3 playthrough I was full Pyro, but you can use the spells effectively even with just basic stats. You can improve them easily by upgrading the Pyromancy flame EDIT: you will need a minimum Attunement stats though for at least one spell slot.
  4. Benny

    Dark Souls 3

    Your lack of spells makes me sad.
  5. I'm not familiar enough with John Cusack or John Hughes films from current memory but let's give this a go... Top 5 John Cusack films (any film with John Cusack in it) 1. Being John Malkovich - classic 2. Grosse Pointe Blank - feels a bit dated now 3. The Thin Red Line - not seen it in years so my memory is hazy 4. 5. Top 5 films directed by Stephen Speilberg AFTER 1993 (so no Jaws, original Jurassic Park, no Indy films (NONE exist after 1993), etc. 1. Saving Private Ryan - the beach head scene still stands out 2. Minority Report - underrated IMO 3. War of the Worlds - I mean, a lot of it is bobbins, but the atmosphere it creates is really close to perfect as far as the tripods etc go for me. 4. The Adventures of Tintin - I remember this being actually good 5. A.I - I think better than it initially appears Bonus worst pick: Ready Player One - really fucking annoying nonsense. Top 5 John Hughes Films (any film written or directed by John Hughes) 1. Planes, Trains and Automobiles - still one of the funniest films ever made 2. The Breakfast Club - classic 3. Home Alone - the best stand your ground law propaganda ever made 4. 5. Top 5 Pixar Films (Any films under the Pixar label) 1. Toy Story 2 - still the best Pixar film. One of the best films ever made full stop 2. Coco - rapidly became one of my favourites as it reduced me to a blubbering wreck which takes some doing 3. Toy Story 3 - see above, but it's not as good as the previous film 4. The Incredibles - the most "fun" Pixar film from start to finish 5. Ratatouille - almost entirely for the scene of revelation with the critic which gets me every time Top 5 Zombie Films (Any film with 'Zombies' in it be they traditional, fast or infected) 1. Dawn of the Dead - still the most relevant, meaningful and exciting "zombie" movie ever made. In fact calling it just a zombie movie does it a disservice. 2. One Cut of the Dead - for... Reasons 3. Train to Busan - the kinetic energy of this and sheer excitement makes films like 28 Days Later look tired and pedestrian. 4. The Return of the Living Dead - one of the most fun horror comedies ever. 5. The Girl With All The Gifts - I was going to put Night of the Living Dead here as it's obviously a better and more important movie, but TGWATG is interesting and underrated I think.
  6. Day 3 - the newest track you love Love me some Carpenter Brut
  7. Benny

    Dark Souls 3

    For sheer quantity and variety I think DS3 has probably my favourite boss fights in the whole series, a few shitty ones notwithstanding. The Dancer is one of the greats.
  8. Good to see Wish You Were Here picked. Was really close to picking Dark Side of the Moon for today actually, but figured that might crop up later...
  9. So gross. As was the Omniscience with Deva Form.
  10. They should probably nerf Mummified Hand. It's ridiculous.
  11. Day 2 - album you never tire of I'm actually saving albums I never tire of for the decade picks, and maybe this one is cheating a bit as I've not listened to it lately, but when it came out I listened to it at work every day for months. The follow up might be even better. The full album (YT won't embed): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQgAJe_0XGw
  12. Fear not the Dark, my friend, and let the feast begin.
  13. Yes, always hold on to them.
  14. Day 1 - Track you never tire of wub (it's a shame the quality isn't the best but the live version is so much better)
  15. Day 2 is like, fucking everything. I mean.
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