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    I've been watching the two new Cells at Work series. Cells at Work season 2 has gone for a format where it does a couple of stories per episode, which is quite snappy but feel less substantial than the first season. Cells at Work Black on the other hand, follows the one episode one story format and, conceptually, leads to some quite hilarious stuff due to it being about an old bloke abusing their body with alcohol and drugs. And it's clearly aimed at an older audience, though somehow this makes the absurdity not quite work as well when it's trying to be serious. However, it's unfortunately now
  2. I was almost in disbelief at how big that thread was.
  3. I'd suggest Star Realms. That apparently has a great digital version. It was I think my favourite 2-player deck builder in terms of physical games.
  4. Was literally just about to post Watergate. Also if you like Twilight Struggle, 1960: The Making of the President is a must. My personal pick for meaty 2-player if you want something maybe a bit heavier though: War of the Ring
  5. I played through as Mowman then picked Anna Conda for Hard mode. I think I prefer her, as she does a great line in maniacal laughter.
  6. Benny


    Goatee Simulator.
  7. All the chat about this new demo is now in the System Shock 3 thread.
  8. Benny


    Sleeping Dogs.
  9. The best Final Fantasy game doesn't have a number in the title.
  10. I beg to differ, it gives you an extra sub goal of actually finishing a game.
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