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  1. CoD and chips (and PINs).
  2. I've been playing Arkham Knight recently, and I have to say it feels very dated now, despite not even being that old.
  3. Don't think I ever saw the "Alice" episode of Voyager before. I can dig a Stephen King homage.
  4. PUBG used to be a great game. Fortnite was always average.
  5. The forum top 10 for the decade picks ended up very close to that games of the generation Eurogamer list to be fair:
  6. Far Cry 4 wasn't even the best game in the month it came out in.
  7. Voyager definitely started hitting its stride in the later seasons (Seven joining the crew onwards). The opening to "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy" is some gloriously fun silliness for example.
  8. Every time I see anything talking about the next gen consoles it's always talking about 4k60fps as the goal in new games. That means all their extra power is really just being used to push more pixels that you'll probably barely notice most of the time. I would expect that loading times aside it's going to be pretty great whatever it's played on.
  9. Breath of the Wild is this generation's Resi 4. It's never not going to be at the top of every list.
  10. Pretty much. Some games are so good they just sort of reach critical mass and always score highly. Or my palms are greased with the right incentives, obviously.
  11. Top three is correct. No, someone else can do a Rllmuk votes thread. I'm tired.
  12. Rogue One's look of washed out dourness kind of suited the war film style of aesthetic they were going for in that, but for Dune I was really hoping for more blinding windswept dunes and more of a sense of majesty or something. Roger Deakins really would have been preferable to me. Well, in anything really.
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