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  1. I think you have to be at least open to the setting and visual style to really take to it, as it's not going to bowl you over with gameplay or complex design. It's just a fantastic story that you have to be happy to take your time with and do lots of reading for it. Personally, I took to it like a starving, raging badger, because I always want more games with such unique and evocative settings and visuals. This year has been pretty good for that as well, what with this, Plague Tale, and Card Shark.
  2. The fact there is no "best" set of choices plays very much into the main thrust of the game's narrative I think:
  3. I really enjoyed FH4 and played it loads - it felt like a very "content rich" game. But I don't know what it was they did to FH5 - on paper it looked like they were just doing the same sort of thing again in a new environment, but in practice instead of content rich it felt like it was just stuffed full of bullshit and nonsense that got in the way of the racing in an egregious way, that it didn't feel like FH4 did.
  4. I'm still thinking about the game now while I'm trying to work. I almost have to write about it at some point. It's up there with Immortality this year for surprising and thoughtful narratives delivered in ways that can only happen in games.
  5. I personally felt the location music in Elden Ring was great, and set a specific mood that I liked, and didn't mess with that "quiet" contemplation too much. I do prefer the more slight notes and barely perceptible little bits that play in Breath of the Wild though.
  6. I was considering getting this just from how much I enjoyed the last game, but after reading Our Nathan's little bit about the game in his Hitpoints blog it's put me off it for now. I don't like the sound of being robbed of those kinds of "quiet" moments, that for me are some of the greatest things in videogames. Nearly all my favourite games have them in some form or another: The moments of awe as you crest a hill and see something new in Elden Ring and stop to gape at it, sitting in a forest in Breath of the Wild and listening to the birds chirping and wind through the trees, the subtle rumble of your engine in Elite Dangerous as you wait to reach your destination, the slow groan of zombies deep in the caves of Quake, the shuffling footsteps and blessed silence in the church of Pentiment... I think the previous God of War game did have some moments like that, when you were boating through the lake in particular, but from the sounds of it they've programmed it so that in exactly those sorts of sections it will trigger long dialogue sequences?
  7. Bong Joon Ho apparently put Mad Max: Fury Road on his list. But of course that was never going to get in.
  8. Now there's a good pick. Guess I'm going to have to list mine now as that would be on it...
  9. It sounds like it only happens when using suspend/resume. Seems a bit overblown to me.
  10. It depends how much you like to fully tease everything out and drink the game in. That's how I played it and it took about 4-5 evenings of solid play. So maybe 15-20 hours
  11. Benny


    What the fuck happened to the 1080p tier? It's either shit 720p style HD for £7 now or the frankly obscene £16 for UHD without anything in-between. EDIT: ah they hid it, cheeky fucks.
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