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  1. Open to all 12th - 16th Definitely going to check it out.
  2. A few more left-field picks: Prodeus Ultrakill Both much much more immediate than Doom Eternal.
  3. If the main criteria is instantly in with no bullshit, then loads of those listed really don't fit the bill. You need: Streets of Rage 4 Huntdown Slay the Spire Three of the absolute top tier games of the last decade. And quick to install, quick to load, quick to be playing. Hades is a masterpiece, but even that maybe has a little more "bullshit" than can fit in this criteria.
  4. Agreed. When I tried to play it even a few years ago it was the complete opposite of pick-up-and-play. Also: MS flight sim was mentioned above. It's really not very easy to start if you don't do the tutorial first. Also the install takes fucking ages.
  5. What would be actually useful is if they compared it to a more common PC setup than a bloody 3090. You know, to actually get an idea what it will be like on the average mid range PC.
  6. It's the rapid health loss that'll get ye.
  7. The problem with Blood Rage is you really don't want it going off unless you can be certain it's safe, which is very rarely.
  8. Ah I keep forgetting how much difference the counter hit makes.
  9. From the tournaments I've watched, I can see the following characters going up the tiers as people use them: Potemkin (this might be Kurokich games making me think this mind) - it feels like he's much stronger than people initially thought. Chipp - already high tier but high risk reward. He'll only get more insane as people master him. Millia - people seem torn on her but when she's good she looks unstoppable. Nago - I think he's underrated. Will go up as people master getting around his flaws. Ky - seems like he has scope to get very complex and strong. Zato - the dark horse. Once he's figured out he's going to be hell for people on the other end. Sol and May are definitely going to go down. Both quite predictable so just from sheer familiarity.
  10. fS to crouch Dust to VV seems like just such a cheap and nasty combo if it gets a Clean Hit
  11. The Quake 3 demo definitely got me hooked. That became the online deathmatch game of choice until Unreal Tournament 2003 in Zoom Instagib railgun mode came along.
  12. He just has excellent "normals" with answers to pretty much everything, great damage, good health, strong pressure game, invincible reversals, easily linked combos and specials, and essentially no glaring flaws. There are many strong characters in the game though, and it's more a case that they've definitely designed the game so that most characters already feel "powerful", but because he has a lot of pressure options it makes him feel a bit nastier than others. The actual truth of the matter is while he's top tier, he's not actually broken and not anywhere near the nonsense of other fighting game top tier characters. He's no SF4 Sagat for example. He'll probably get a few balance changes eventually, but you can sort of see why they wanted to make the "main" character very accessible and fun to do well and do lots of damage with, as it's likely to get plenty of people into the game initially, and they can tone him down a bit later. I'm a big fan of characters that feel "powerful" in fighting games though, because it makes the fun factor really high for newer players, and the fact the game still seems very balanced is great. Short matches and high damage keeps momentum and that "just one more go" factor. As soon as characters start getting over tuned or developers listen too much to a player base, characters tend to start losing their unique identity I think. Some of the most popular fighting games ever remained popular precisely because there were some uneven matchups and crazy stuff. So I don't really buy into some of the discourse online that Strive has a Sol problem, he's just currently the top of an overall strong across the board pile.
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