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  1. Benny

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    There's a monumentally stupid bit near the end of the series:
  2. Benny

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    Doesn't really pick up after that point to be honest until the last few episodes. The trouble is it's not just filler but also not very good either.
  3. Benny

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    Having recently watched that very movie that's exactly what I was thinking. It's a shame that's probably the high point of the whole series.
  4. I think Equilibrium is objectively a really bad movie, but I fucking love it. I just read a critic on RT describe it as an "unapologetic landslide of steaming balderdash". Which is exactly right and also why it's great.
  5. Benny

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    My advice to anyone is to watch the first three, then the last two episodes. The rest is largely pointless.
  6. Benny

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    Unfortunately this season is a complete mess. Character motivations all over the place, wildly pointless plot strands, questionable morality (yes, even for a Punisher series), strange focus on uninteresting dialogue and just generally uneven pacing. A genuine letdown after the first three enjoyable episodes.
  7. Benny

    Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

    Those scenes would have been amazing.
  8. Benny

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    I seem to remember the first season being a lot more engaging. Though episode 3:
  9. Benny

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    This is really starting to sag in the middle.
  10. Benny

    Star Trek Discovery

    In Next Generation the scientific explanations by the specialist crew are always treated with at least the necessarily educated for Starfleet level of understanding by the officers, as well as respect. This isn't Star Trek any more.
  11. Benny

    Incredibles 2

    Just watched this and loved it - an exceptionally well crafted and well paced caper, if not quite as good as the first film. I thought: I wonder what the forum reaction is... Oh. Misery guts again.
  12. Benny

    John Wick 3: Parabellum - May 2019

    Looks like all the main primary TV colours are accounted for in a neon flavour. In.
  13. Benny

    Your favourite film of 2018?

    I would have said The Shape of Water, but now it's Leave no Trace. An absolute masterpiece.
  14. Benny

    John Wick 3: Parabellum - May 2019

    It's a proprietary name for a type of firearm, like Hoover. Apparently.

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