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  1. I'm well up for more beta shenanigans with everyone again. Even if I mostly try to catch everyone with stupid Faust moves.
  2. Benny

    Xbox Game Pass

    To put the rewards stuff into context: it takes about 3 minutes max per day to do the browser ones. This equates to just over a Game Pass for PC sub's worth per month, for 1.5 hours donkey work total. So it's an easy calculation to determine if you feel it's worth your time.
  3. Benny

    Xbox Game Pass

    Then it's time to update the CV.
  4. Benny

    Xbox Game Pass

    This is the correct approach.
  5. Morph Tier Thor: The Dark World The Incredible Hulk Jubilee Tier Thor Avengers: Age of Ultron Iron Man 2 Iron Man 3 Cyclops Tier Captain Marvel Black Panther Doctor Strange Ant-Man and the Wasp Spider-Man: Homecoming Magneto Tier Civil War Ant-Man Captain America Avengers: Endgame Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Spider-Man: Far From Home Galactus Tier Iron Man The Avengers The Winter Soldier Avengers: Infinity War
  6. Counter-Strike Source is probably my number one. Several thousand hours according to Steam, but I played it a lot more before Steam started recording that, so God knows. World of Warcraft probably second one you can measure in months rather than days or hours. After that it's all the 300+ hour RPGs probably.
  7. Do not make my mistake of watching After the Dark because the premise sounded interesting. One of the worst films I've seen in a long, long time.
  8. I finally got to round to watching this today. It was fucking nonsense.
  9. I keep meaning to go back to this but I think to be honest the single player mode gave me what I wanted. On PC at least there is definitely very little recourse for players screwed by the matchmaking.
  10. I mean, Man of Steel had an amazing trailer, so let's not get ahead of ourselves.
  11. There are some really fucking boring scenes in it. Mostly the ones with the computer nerds
  12. Surprising lack of exploding heads.
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