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  1. Thanks for the link and tips. I'll have to do all the measures suggested. I can't afford to have infested flour. Grrr I'm so annoyed - and ITCHY!
  2. I'm really very upset. I was going to make some lovely fresh bread for our tea tonight and I open a new packet of flour to find it crawling with little red bugs! I've never seen them before. How did they get there? How do I never get them again? Like I say this was a new packet and I've just checked all my other flour that had already been opened (and was perfectly fine until I put this packet on the shelf with them) and they were all infested too. I've had to throw the whole lot out which means no lovely fresh bread that I was really looking forward to EDIT: UUrrghh!! I've just checked the other new unopened packets on the shelf and they too are infested. Has anybody else ever had this problem? urrghhh I feel so itchy!!
  3. Oh no, sorry, I thought I put it in the post. Saturday night. Saturday 28th March from 9.15pm on BBC3.
  4. For anyone that's interested ... BBC3 are doing a back-to-back of the entire Being Human Series 1 including a behind-the-scenes episode from 9.15pm. Enjoy!
  5. I loved this series, and I will miss it until series 2 is shown.
  6. A quick update for all you non-believers out there. I started Paul McKenna's system on my birthday (January 12th) and to date I have lost 4 inches on my waist and 2 inches on my hips and bust. My weight has gone down by around 9 pounds but that's not completely accurate as I no longer weigh myself every day. All in all, it works with such little effort that it doesn't seem possible, and I'm still eating all the food I love like cakes and chocolates as well as "proper" food. Can't recommend it highly enough. It's the only weight loss regime that I've ever tried (including the "little and often diet") that actually works. It's completely fab!
  7. I'd quite like to rejoin festivities this week. 8pm would be good as I can play a round then shoot off for Lost at 9pm. Haven't booted it up for a few months so expect lameness. Will I have many patches to download? This is spanx BTW... on the wife's laptop.
  8. Did anyone see this last night? I've watched it all week and if you ignore all the bollox and repetition then it's actually really good. Each night he gives you another aspect of his "method". Show 1 - the golden rules - Eat when you are hungry, Eat what you want, Eat consciencely (ie chew your food well, don't have distractions) and Stop when you are full. Show 2 - how to stop emotional eating - using tapping on acupuncture points Show 3 - how to stop binge eating - using your imagination and finger pressing to stop your urges and to put you in a "happy place" so you don't feel deprived Show 4 - This is one I missed but it was going to show you how to boost your metabolism. So if anyone knows how he does this, please let me know. Thank you.
  9. Thank you, I will bear that in mind. We saw Jamie doing his carving the other day and it seemed a good plan. He also said that people only have a little bit of meat as it's so rich. I hope he's right. Is there anything special I should do with it, (I missed the start of Jamie's programme) or shall I just treat it like a big duck?
  10. We decided to have goose this year for a change from turkey, but whoever said that goose was expensive they were certainly NOT WRONG! At a halloween party I drunkenly invited my neighbours over, which is fine because they are really nice, have kids the same age as ours etc, but I did of course have to increase the size of our goose so it will feed 8 / 9 people. I picked it up this morning from the butcher - £90!! With everything else I've bought - veggies, incredible cheeses, nuts, fruit etc the whole day is costing around £175. Thank goodness Christmas comes but once a year. Oh and because my Mum isn't sure about the goose, I'm thinking of doing her a maple syrup cinnamon roasted butternut squash. Do you think this will work? Not sure why I think it'll be quite nice as I've not ever heard of it before but for some reason I've got it in my head. Edit: I've just seen Kits reply in the thread about butternut squash and it sounds like it will work! Coo-well. Thanks what she's having only I'll roast it in it's skin and just score it so the spices and syrup get in deep.
  11. I loved the '80s series when I was younger. I saw it again a wee while ago though and it had aged terribly. Probably due to the height-of-fashion yellow jump suits etc. I'm looking forward to this one.
  12. Thank you Cassidy, I shall now stop reading this thread so I don't run the chance of ruining things for myself and keep a sharp eye on the Five schedules.
  13. Cool. Do you know when we get it?
  14. I HATE this show. I can't believe that they brought it back. But what gets me the most is the pathetic questions they ask and the fact the even more pathetic viewers can't get them right! Question: It's called red sauce, it's made with tomatoes, it's made by Heinz and it starts with the letter K. What is it? Caller: Sauce? AArrrrgggghhhhh And before you ask why I watch it, I don't. It's just on before Neighbours so I always seem to catch the last few minutes by accident.
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