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  1. They don't normally show a new episode of a competing (for attention/audience) program DURING the World Series if they can avoid it. They have to take breaks anyway and if the series overlaps, they often use it to take a week out. They do know when the World Series will be held and the period it could possibly last, so they just take the week out then (though I believe not nearly as many people are watching it these days).
  2. Well, yeah. If it works as it appears from the trailer, Wolverine's mind is sent back from a post X3/The Wolverine time to a post First Class time in which there are hippies and Nixon is president. Therefore the main bits in the past are probably set sometime from 69 to 74. So anything that happens in this picture will then be set before and probably "retcon" so to speak X-Men 1, 2, 3, The Wolverine and Wolverine Origins, sort of like the new Star Trek movies.
  3. There is no episode in the US this week because there is something else on this week. The baseball World Series I think. That's why the teaser at the end of the last episode for the next one said "In two weeks time" or something. edit' just to clarify, I don't mean the World Series is on ABC so they can't show it, since obviously they are showing a repeat instead. I mean they don't usually broadcast new episodes of programs (which might have a similar audience) opposite major things like the World Series or the Superbowl. The next one does look interesting though, unfortunately it seems a bit
  4. The one the other day (US schedule) was all over the place again, but at least it seems to be trying to further the plot toward the overall baddie. Though I wish they would just say it or get to it, has anyone brought up AIM at all, despite them knowing all this stuff is tied to AIM rsearch? At least Hydra did get a mention before. Also, following on from last week, there were a few more scenes that were much darker, despite the campy general feel. One in particular I was suprised at, you'll know it when you see it.
  5. Longer teaser (nearly a minute) looks pretty cool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lUyn_NktGY
  6. How do people keep a straight face listening to this sort of shit? And do they pick people with annoying voices on purpose to do the OTT explainations?
  7. It feels a bit like when they tried to squeeze out two games out of not just Assassins Creed, but Assassins Creed II because it was well received. The first Arkham obviously was great, the second offered something new in the larger open world stuff, this looks like City but its snowing. The main claim seems to be that the play area is larger, but not incredibly so really. I think they should have tried to do something different, especially as the team is different. For example, this is supposed to be when Batman is younger but as loads of people have said, it doesn't look that way at all. What
  8. Hmm that one (episode 3) was better. It still wasn't good, but it was the best episode so far albeit in the way that Albert Speer is the best Nazi minister so far. It at least seemed to be more Marvelish and not every character made me want to claw my eyes out. They kind of got it up to near the level of one of those shows that comes from the USA Network and also had an actual comic booky feel to parts, while also setting up something better. If they could have taken out a lot of the shitty stuff like the dreadfully clunky backstory chat from Whitebread McBland and Sarkyface Flickylash it woul
  9. Well I never did, could or would use the phrase "frothing demand" to describe games with a historical Japanese setting. However there wasn't a large market for Third Crusade set games or anything but Assassin's Creed did OK. If you don't believe timing and presentation matter then I guess the points ends there after what you said about Demon/Dark Souls of all things, which have really benefited from both. We know for instance how much everyone was playing King's Field games and raving about them.
  10. I think with GTAV (which comes out next Thursday here, I think. Getting it for a birthday present so I can't buy it till November!) part of the delay is also in censorship and changes needed to enforce it. For instance, I saw an instragram style GTAV snapshot of a dead dude's penis on GAF I think which looked like it was from free roaming play, and there was a cock in Gay Tony or Lost and Damned too, but as lovers of Japanese porn will know you can't display a rare knob here legally. The Japanese CERO folks seem to check all this sort of shite really carefully and have loads of weird rules. Th
  11. Episode 2 - That was 30 really dreadful minutes with 5 decent minutes scattered here and there. If it is going to keep on like this, it is going to be hard to watch. Can they kill the tech pair already? They are acting like they are on CBeebies. Almost every single moment when a team member spoke to another was physically painful.
  12. I have to agree. I've seen the first episode twice now and will probably watch it again to show it to my wife but it doesn't properly hang together. It does remind me of The Avengers but it reminds me mostly of the first ten minutes when I was thinking "Oh shit, it does look like a TV show, they fucked up". It also didn't strike me as funny as it thought it was either. Hopefully it improves.
  13. Jesus god that guy is hard to listen to in the first video. Sounds like he is trying very hard to lead a primary school class and failing at that and all. "Anybody know what Reed Richards special power is?" "Who likes Spider-Man? Who likes Hulk?" "This is epic". The game looks decent but it is being narrated by an insecure Christian youth leader. I wish they showed more of the New York hub world gameplay, they only really showed a bit of a roof from a mission despite the length of the video. I think I will be picking this up down the line though for PS3
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