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  1. I'm more annoyed about the unhealthy amount of DNR slathered on the UK releases. It's not too bad but still.
  2. Is that W.A.S.P.'s Crimson Idol? One hell of an album.
  3. Carlito's Way is pretty good.
  4. I listened to that album for the first time a few weeks ago. So good.
  5. Come on guys, there's still a chance I did my part by buying the TNG boxset.
  6. A fantastic bassist. Do yourself a favour and listen to Mr. Big. Absolute classic.
  7. My theory is that the Emperor has just been effective in wiping out and censoring any knowledge of the Force/Jedis in order to maintain his position. Kind of like 1984
  8. HDW

    Playstation Vita

    My friend lent me his Vita and I've been playing a bit of Persona 4. I think I'll jump in.
  9. HDW

    Playstation Vita

    In Japan at the moment and thinking of getting one of the Slims for approx £110. I mainly want to play Persona 4, MGS Collection and possibly some PS1 and PSP games that I never played (I had Nintendo consoles). Currently on the fence whether to get one. I'm worried it will be a waste of money in the end..
  10. I don't think anyone knows for certain. I was reading up on it on that Original Trilogy forum and some people say it was in quite bad shape and it took a while to clean it, then they butchered it to make the special editions. No idea though. For example, when they enter Mos Eisley, there is a shot where a big cgi creature takes up the whole screen. This is supposedly because that part of the negative was completely damaged.
  11. Yeah, I got those too. But as the others say it is not good quality. Disney should do what Ridley Scott did with Blade Runner and then everyone would be happy.
  12. I don't know if this is a suitable place to post this, but I've been watching Star Wars IV on bluray and I'm finding it very depressing and frustrating. I can't imagine how I'll feel when I get round to watching Return of the Jedi... Is it too much to ask to have these films in how they were originally presented in a decent high definition transfer? I don't mind Lucas doing these changes, but I fear that the originals will be lost forever. I hear that they have already used the original negatives to make the special edition but that there are still some 35mm versions of the films intact bu
  13. The Shield & Breaking Bad spoilers:
  14. Have to agree with the OP here. I found it incredibly dull. One of those films I will never understand the love it gets, along with Fight Club.
  15. It does have some definite improvements. The way enemies react to shots, impact of shots are much better. I like the new bullet time / shoot dodge too, it gives you more time to get in some headshots. Like all Rockstar games, I find Max a bit difficult to control. It is all a bit clunky.
  16. I'm loving the game but I don't think it's nearly as good as Max Payne 2, which remains as the pinnacle of action games. I know that Max Payne 2 is pretty linear, but this feels even more so. And I find the constant cutscenes infuriating. Every time you open a new door, the game takes control away from you and gives you a cutscene. I just want to shoot people, damnit. Game mechanics are amazing though.
  17. Hey, what server are you guys playing on (PC)?
  18. Ok, there's something seriously wrong here. I have the following specs: i5 750, GTX 460 1gb, 4gb ram. I know the graphics card is below the recommended specs. But the Frame rate stays at 25 to 30 in outdoor areas. I tried it on high and then on low and got exactly the same frame rate on both. What the hell?
  19. Saw it today and thought it was really good. It's the first Ghibli film where I really disliked the soundtrack though.
  20. Meh, I'll stick to PC thanks. How much will four of those controllers cost? jesus
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