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  1. Quite smart bit of marketing from PP in the end, then!
  2. Might mean she can turn up on Totally instead though, I guess it depends on if The Athletic are intending to do a Podcast.
  3. redbloodcel


    Supposedly, he did. Zokora wasn't very good, though.
  4. Purple/Navy always reminds me of this one: Classic
  5. redbloodcel

    The Spurs Thread

    Folks, Spurs signed a player! Then, get this because it's freakin wild, THEY SIGNED ANOTHER ONE! Madness.
  6. ... Sheeeeit, can't unsee it now!
  7. Just a note regarding this - if you haven't finished Forsaken you might need to finish levelling to 50 before you can use the 690 stuff!
  8. Obviously to commemorate the club's Jan 1901 match v "German XI"
  9. Oh jeez that was a stinker! Think you're right though. Liverpool parking the bus and Spurs firing route 1 shots down the 'keeper's neck all match, it was like a 90s mid-table clash.
  10. Yeah I've see it a few fakes using that shirt template so far. It's got the pattern from this year's away on the shoulders for one thing, don't think that's coming back. Too bad though, the navy with that subtle striping looks nice.
  11. To be fair to Nike, if they asked the fanbase about it that's exactly what 95% would want.
  12. Just in case anyone hasn't heard it, here's Serj from System of a Down singing The Rains of Castermere:
  13. Yeah I enjoyed it, although I'm looking forward to reading the books much more now. Yeah that's right, BOOKS!
  14. Yep, do that and you'd see plenty of more variety. Whisper might be a DPS monster but it's also a pain in the ass to use!
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