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  1. That's fine then, the "Tolkien Edit" is 4 (note I've never watched it, so have no idea if it's any good) There's some interesting insight into the DC of Kingdom of Heaven in this video, if anyone is interested (there are spoilers, mind):
  2. I've enjoyed the flavours of that new L'mon that I've tried, certainly better than other "flavoured sparkling water" ones I've had. Also Appletiser doesn't have any additional sugar or sweeteners.
  3. Maybe we'll get a whole bunch of extra Golazzo out of it
  4. Must be odds on that the PL follows suit after their meeting today.
  5. Been happily chugging through this for the last few weeks, just finished the main story last night having already done Heart of Stone, and have started on Blood & Wine. After that I think ill dive into an NG+ but perhaps with some additional mods. Any recommendations from the PC folk in here?
  6. They've been docked another 70(!) points. Any Saracens fans on here?
  7. Sad to see him go but it's been clear for ages he wanted a change. The big move never materialised and it clearly affected him. With Lo Celso's permanent deal being announced just after his replacement is already secure. From what he's been showing already he looks a really exciting one.
  8. redbloodcel

    The Spurs Thread

    Only thing I can think of is Lo Celso is maybe still not up to 100% fitness, he was a real breath of fresh air when he came on Saturday and it shows how much a player with impetus can pick up others. Eriksen hasn't shown that level of commitment for so long now it's just depressing.
  9. Yeah, they could even keep the max power stat for the armour so there is something to chase, but let us determine where to put those points somehow. Also just have fewer points, given the stats have tiers making them out of 100 is pointless. Make them all out of 10, have armour roll 4,5 or 6 with Masterworking giving you an extra point to spend. It'd make chasing different sets much less daunting as well. Armour 1.5 worked better IMO, it just needed some tweaking rather than the massive overhaul that 2.0 ended up being.
  10. This is where I am now, adding power every season and season-specific mods along with 6 RNG stats on each armour piece has killed my interest pretty dead. I don't want to be perma-grinding a good set of new armour and new guns every season just to keep up with the top level stuff, and doing the top level stuff feels like a chore anyway because I have no interest in heavy-grinding that extra 10 power to the Pinnacle cap anyway.
  11. But of an easy one if your memory isn't too Swiss Cheese'd but fun nonetheless: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51069290 I managed 15/19
  12. They were using professional lipreaders, so not relying on audio. Obviously that makes it more complicated but having individual audio for everyone in the stadium would be impossible. They also made it clear that they found nothing to contradict Rudiger's claim, just not to confirm it. More about it here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/51012632
  13. I really hope so! Nobody would miss the old version and changing the map to maybe be a bit bigger and more diverse would be great. That said I really fell off the last season a few weeks ago now, and the fact that this one is longer is making me sceptical all this content will stretch even further.
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