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    Cricket Thread

    Amazing scenes. Love that this was on terrestrial TV.

    Cricket Thread

    Feel like one big over from India (15 or more) and they'll do it. A maiden or wicked from NZ and it's them. Nail biting!
  3. Hope it has the basic gyro stuff for aiming in stuff like Doom and Splatoon.
  4. Does Mario Odyssey require motion controls (flicking stuff)? What will happen with this?
  5. I have a question. How long do people watch streamers or let’s play-ers for? I watch short sections (1-2 minutes) of let’s play videos to see what a new game looks like outside of trailers, or to help me remember stuff about an older game I’ve played. Same for streaming, but much less often. The screen is cluttered with graphics, they’re often not playing the game, or they’re doing something really odd in the game. I’ve enjoyed snippets taken out of streams, like compilations of people reacting to the end of RDR2 etc. Some Limmy videos as well are funny, but these are edited down to 5 minutes or so. Do people actually watch this stuff for hours on end? If you do, is there a link to a solid, unedited 30-60mins of entertaining video from one of these people? Or is it just like Big Brother Live back in the day? Where it’s something crap to have on in the background?
  6. Playing Super Mario 3D Land at the moment, and its almost annoying perfection, lacking in any hard edges, has had me hankering after the messier Super Mario Sunshine. For every camera nightmare in Hotel Dolphino, or frustrating blue coin, there’s a spinning catapult off a tightrope at the top of Noki Bay or a high-speed dash around Rico Harbour with your jetpack attachment. It’s just awesome. Shame there’s probably too much analogue nuance in the R-trigger control of FLUDD, that a remake wouldn’t work quite right on the Switch.


    Wish I’d watched that. Sounds amazing.
  8. I too have always thought this. With shooters (this genre seems to be where the argument has been made most often), the right stick is where you do all your aiming. Horizontal tracking, pin-point and super reactive adjustments etc. If that stick position is good enough for all that, it’s surely fine on the other side, where you’re controlling the much more imprecise character movement. Could never understand the ‘wrong’ argument.
  9. Does anyone else think the NES version of Star Wars is a stone cold classic? You explore Tatooine in you speeder, you have to find your lightsaber from Obi-Wan. You can play as Han Solo and Princess Leia. You fly the Millennium Falcon and your X-Wing in first person. You get stuck in the trash compactor. Only weird thing is the complete lack of Darth Vader both inside the Death Star and during the trench run. Still, loved it so much as a kid.
  10. What I consider retro. Played as a kid: Arcade/NES/GB/MD/MCD/SNES/DOS Played as a teen/young adult: Arcade/SAT/PS1/N64/DC/WIN95/98 Played in my 20s: PS2/GCN/XB/GBA/DS/WINXP And they’re all full of amazing games that still stand up.
  11. So awesome to see people coming to this game for the first time and loving it. The Mega Drive version specifically has been one of my favourite ever games since I first played it. (I remember getting a sub-38 second lap on Big Forest once) After the Mega Drive was succeeded by the 32bit consoles, it’s often been referred to as that £70 game that was a shit port of an arcade game that not many people actually played. I’ve always seen it as a bit of a miracle. A Mega Drive game that played very closely to one of the most technically advanced gaming experiences available at the time, with two player split-screen. Also, I actually preferred the Mega Drive version’s sense of speed compared to that of the Arcade. Where the arcade felt like you were smoothly gliding through/on top of big, wide, pristine polygonal shapes, with the camera on a selfie stick (They seem to have toned down the Arcade’s overly bumpy horizon on the Switch?). The Mega Drive version felt like you were crazily shredding your way through a jumble of rough concrete and spikey metal. Through dangerously narrow tracks, where the camera is tethered to the back like some kind of kite, barely able to keep up with the car. It all felt very F1, circa 1992/3 Can’t wait to play this, and hope it sells enough to push Sega to do something with the licensing in order to get M2 ports of Daytona USA and Sega Rally on the go. These three Sega racers alongside the original Ridge Racer are as good as racing games ever got for me. I admit I’m a bit of a luddite with this genre specifically, but imagine having all four of those games on a single handheld. Fuck.
  12. I keep making and tweaking endless lists of games I need to play or finish. Not as bad, as I’m only spending money on games I play at the end of the day, but it really is a massive waste of time.
  13. Obviously wasn't going to buy 18 games at once, Jesus. Just saying that 18 physical switch games cost over £700 pounds, an Amazon shopping basket is the quickest way of finding that out. Also, the games aren't all brand new, haven't dropped in price, so suggests those prices are likely to stay high throughout the year. An equivalent selection of games on PS4/Xbox/PC would be a fraction of the price right now, and probably cost even less a year from now. Basically, the Switch hardware and it's games are more expensive than any other platform, and anything to reduce the price would be most welcome.
  14. Totally up for a handheld only model. As long as it still has the little kick-stand to do funny waggle games and local mp. Still won't deal with the issue of physical games being too expensive. Main reason I haven't bought a switch yet. Today out of curiosity I added 18 physical games I quite fancy to an Amazon basket, many of them a few years old. Over £700. Fuck. Off.
  15. Something interesting. Everything since DS has been the same game with more polish, better animation, better rendering and better sound/music. The tracks are just too big as well. Super Circuit tracks were just right. Lots of tight laps where even the most ad-hoc little shortcut with a mushroom can make all the difference.
  16. The animation is spectacular.
  17. Art direction looks a bit gash. Like one of those Unreal remakes that clumsily mesh-smooths the polys and adds loads of bloom and ambient occlusion.
  18. Any racing game past the Virtua Racing/Ridge Racer/Daytona/Sega Rally/Wipeout 2097 era now feels incredibly bloated to me. Even Ridge Racer Type 4 I find a complete drab-looking chore now compared to the original. Weird, as I put a decent amount of time into things like Gran Turismo 1/2 and Burnout 3 in the past, but can't face the thought of it now. Just too many track and car combinations with something like the former, and too many tracks with no real course or unique visual design with something like that latter.
  19. Sad not to see Lollipop Chainsaw, Binary Domain, Galleon or Brothers in Arms 1/2 making it onto the program.
  20. Clint Hocking is the Splinter Cell 1/3 and Far Cry 2 guy. https://www.idlethumbs.net/tonecontrol/episodes/clint-hocking
  21. Snow Bros baby! Played this loads in the arcade as a kid. It's fantastic.
  22. BBBBBB

    Quake II RTX

    Played Quake II through to completion for the first time ever in the last year and it was excellent. Doom, Doom II, Quake and Quake II is just such a brilliant run of games from a single studio. This looks a lot better than the various ‘enhanced’ mods you get, but do wish they’ve left the original texture resolution and exact style in place. Pixel density, that matches the poly count, that matches the level design, and even that matches the amount of animation data and audio quality is super important. Just the lighting would be enough.
  23. Jesus that trailer looks crap. Why can’t they make a near unstoppable, soulless metal robot covered in human flesh scary again? Why does every new Terminator have to have some crazy new gimmick? The T-1000 was the limit and worked well for an action movie. And even then it was chilling because it was calmly stabbing people.
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