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    Currently playing...

    Replaying Vice City on PS2. Coming straight off a replay of GTAIII, the step up is surprisingly huge. The combination of dropping the camera height when driving and the far more interesting map design really helps you find your place in the world. You feel like you’re actually heading towards downtown areas and bridges as you speed along the wide open promenades now. You only really felt this when crossing bridges and in certain parts of the New Jersey area in GTAIII. The colour palette is just lovely, and there’s a pleasing shabbiness to the Cuban/Haitian parts of town, which is great against the glitzier areas. The missions are much more forgiving, with less ridiculous time limits. Cutscenes are more interesting, and of course the radio stations are still unmatched. It’s so breezy and full of swagger. An absolute stone-cold classic.

    Your views on collecting

    I barely have any old stuff, but I’d only really like to keep older games that are either ‘stuck’ or just plain better in their original version. So things like Zelda: Link’s Awakening (really don’t like the colour version), Pilotwings 64 (never rereleased), Super Mario 64 (N64 controller), GTA: Vice City (soundtrack, and it looks better at PS2 resolution) etc etc. Everything else I’ll gladly play some other way, often via PC/Mac Emulation it has to be said, as it’s so much easier to get NTSC versions and the emulation quality is often better than the official stuff. Also, I throw out all game packaging, with discs going in a wallet and cartridges going in a drawer.
  3. Dream final top 10: Virtua Racing Cannon Fodder Earthworm Jim 2 Robocop vs. The Terminator Flashback Urban Strike Zombies ate my Neighbours Micro Machines ‘96 Snow Bros. Nick & Tom The Terminator

    This is the end... Good and bad TV endings

    The ending of Friday Night Lights warms my heart and makes me want to be a better man.

    Alien: Isolation

    The Alien is huge in VR. You can really feel it’s a good 9ft tall when you’re hidden under a table looking up at it.
  6. Looks really cool. I’ve literally fallen asleep every time I’ve tried to rewatch the last film (even during the day), despite kinda liking it at the movies. A bad sign, but think I could be quite excited by this by the time it’s out and I’ve managed to rewatch the last one. This one looks like it’s quite ‘Jedi-y’, and remember that being my favourite thing by an absolute mile from the last film (and the very worst thing from the prequels). I do wish Star Wars would basically go away after this though, or at least turn into something different. I really liked it when all it was was three VHS tapes, a NES game I really liked, and a PC game (x-wing?) I struggled to get running on my 386.
  7. Was so sceptical of this, but wow what a great trailer.
  8. Really want Virtua Racing on this. I think it plays better, and feels faster than the arcade version.
  9. Isn’t the DS screen resolution exactly the same as the output resolution of a ZX Spectrum? Apart from the gameboy emulation, every other console suffers from not enough pixels so is a bit shit.
  10. BBBBBB

    Sunset Overdrive

    Just completed and 500-orb'd Crackdown 1, not quite ready to jump straight onto Crackdown 3, and noticed this always looked quite good. Has it got any similarities to the free-form chaos of Crackdown, or is it all very mission-y? Not a huge problem if so, as the traversal does look equally rewarding. I am worried if it's got any Ubisoft nonsense in it though, with everything tied excessively to skill trees, character levellling and towers etc.
  11. BBBBBB

    Xbox One backwards compatibility

    WHERE IS ASURA'S WRATH #lazydevs In all seriousness wish there a few more original xbox games going up. Original 3D GTA trilogy or something.
  12. BBBBBB

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    Explosions in games (and movies) look ridiculous lately. Watched some videos of Anthem and every explosion looks like the VFX artists and audio peeps were trying to create a visualization demonstrating the birth of the universe. It all looks so incredibly naff.
  13. BBBBBB

    Crackdown 3

    Playing Crackdown 1 for the first time ever on the Bone after hearing so much chatter about this. It's amazing! Normally I'm totally cold on "LOL, I'm just mucking about and doing whatever I want!" internet darlings (Just Cause 2, Fuel, Prototype, Saints Row 2 etc), but this I'm actually enjoying a lot. I think it's because (like EDF/GDF) it really gives the impression, true or not, that there isn't a single line of code in any system, or art asset that isn't dedicated to delivering the core gameplay loop. Couldn't stop playing it last night. This latest one looks and sounds like a great continuation. Will pick it up at a reasonable price.
  14. This guy is great. A bit Jeremy Parish like in terms of detailed analysis, and similarly without talking down to the viewer like some game-dev/insider videos/podcasts tend to.
  15. My 2nd favourite Zelda after BotW. So definitely excited. Weirdly though, one of the things I like most about the original is there's no scrolling. Makes each screen kind of menorable and really easy/relaxing to parse. Wonder if the new style will change the feel of the game. Also, think the new art style is lovely.

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