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    Sunset Overdrive

    Just completed and 500-orb'd Crackdown 1, not quite ready to jump straight onto Crackdown 3, and noticed this always looked quite good. Has it got any similarities to the free-form chaos of Crackdown, or is it all very mission-y? Not a huge problem if so, as the traversal does look equally rewarding. I am worried if it's got any Ubisoft nonsense in it though, with everything tied excessively to skill trees, character levellling and towers etc.
  2. WHERE IS ASURA'S WRATH #lazydevs In all seriousness wish there a few more original xbox games going up. Original 3D GTA trilogy or something.

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    Explosions in games (and movies) look ridiculous lately. Watched some videos of Anthem and every explosion looks like the VFX artists and audio peeps were trying to create a visualization demonstrating the birth of the universe. It all looks so incredibly naff.

    Crackdown 3

    Playing Crackdown 1 for the first time ever on the Bone after hearing so much chatter about this. It's amazing! Normally I'm totally cold on "LOL, I'm just mucking about and doing whatever I want!" internet darlings (Just Cause 2, Fuel, Prototype, Saints Row 2 etc), but this I'm actually enjoying a lot. I think it's because (like EDF/GDF) it really gives the impression, true or not, that there isn't a single line of code in any system, or art asset that isn't dedicated to delivering the core gameplay loop. Couldn't stop playing it last night. This latest one looks and sounds like a great continuation. Will pick it up at a reasonable price.
  5. This guy is great. A bit Jeremy Parish like in terms of detailed analysis, and similarly without talking down to the viewer like some game-dev/insider videos/podcasts tend to.
  6. My 2nd favourite Zelda after BotW. So definitely excited. Weirdly though, one of the things I like most about the original is there's no scrolling. Makes each screen kind of menorable and really easy/relaxing to parse. Wonder if the new style will change the feel of the game. Also, think the new art style is lovely.
  7. Pokemon. Take a JRPG, take away any hint of a decent story or interesting world, make the character design awful, increase the frequency of random battles. Smash Bros. Make an epileptic fit in the aisle of a noisy toy shop into a video game. Map jump to up on the stick, like an terrible Atari 2600 or 80s British computer game.

    Greatest PS2 games of all time

    Flip flops all the time, but right now: Shadow of the Colossus Ico MGS3 MGS2 San Andreas Gitaroo Man Vice City Rez SSX3 Frequency

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    Do fake carts work okay? As in, actually run/save the games okay without crashing?
  10. BBBBBB

    The Best Game Trailers

    The BotW and Wind Waker trailers are both incredible. The former especially. The Mario Odyssey Jump Superstar thingy is so good as well. My little girl regularly asks me to put it on when I'm using the computer. This is fantastic as well: Guy who did it started out doing fan trailers for Naughty Dog games and such, can't find him on phone now, but his stuff is excellent.
  11. BBBBBB

    What game is the most FUN?

    Doom or Doom II. Shoot the badies! Find the secrets!
  12. BBBBBB

    Doom - 25 years old today

    Only played Shareware Doom and some SNES and PlayStation Doom (Still stopping myself at the end of episode 1 on each of those for some reason) for years and years before finally playing the rest of the episodes and Doom II this year. Brilliant fun.
  13. BBBBBB

    Ever been totally hooked on one game?

    *Walks into thread, backs very slowly away*
  14. All Cruise shenanigans forgiven after that video. Everything. Motion smoothing is disgusting. Brilliant PR.
  15. BBBBBB

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    Console versions sound very shaky. Hence the PC reviews coming out first I guess. https://www.reddit.com/r/JustCause/comments/a2k75y/what_the_heck_is_going_on/ https://www.reddit.com/r/JustCause/comments/a2n0qz/the_blur_on_ps4_is_insane/

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