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    The Arcade Ten

    Alphabetical: Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja Daytona Daytona 2 House of the Dead 2 Snow Bros. Pang Sega Rally Sega Rally 2 Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Virtua Racing

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Another predictable dream list: Abe's Oddysee Castlevania: SotN Colin McRae Rally Destruction Derby 2 DOOM!! Chrono Trigger Dragon Quest IV (Needs the DS translation patched in) Fade to Black Final Fantasy VII Gran Turismo 1/2 Grand Theft Auto ISS Pro '98 Metal Gear Solid Music 2000 Poy Poy 2 Resident Evil 1/2 Ridge/Rage Racer/Type 4 Silent Hill Tomb Raider THPS2 T-Rex demo Wipeout 2097

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Playing through Gran Turismo 2 at the momemt and I'm liking it a lot more than the recent offerings. More accesible, clearer more rewarding progression and the driving still feels fantastic.

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    No Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo, Wipeout 2097 or Tomb Raider in the headline list/trailer is a bit worrying? The rest of the stuff they haven't announced is gonna be filler right?
  5. I think Half-Life 2 has two good bits. The opening where you can throw stuff about on the see-saw, and Revenholm. (Both in the demo I think?) For me everything else is a soup of dull level design, weak weapons/combat against nothing enemies while pushing forward a pointless story in an uncompelling world. The tech was impressive at the time though, especially the phsyics and animation. Half-Life 1 similarly has the bit with the spikey worm that detects sound and the opening moments of hopping about on fallen lockers over electrified water, which were great, but the rest of it is even worse than the sequel. I think both have aged a lot worse than the classic first-person/shooter stuff like Doom I+II, Quake I+II, Halo, Metroid Prime, Brothers in Arms & Resi 4. The best thing to come out of it's development are the fantastic Portal 1 & 2.

    Currently playing...

    If you're emulating, there's rom hacks for most RPGs to drop the encounter rates.

    Currently playing...

    Just finished the original Tomb Raider (great). Done the first level of Fade to Black. I really like it. It's clunky but there's something artful about it's presentation (bar the CG cutscenes), and the animation (especially the jump fwd from the spot anim) is lovely for the time. Gonna keep going. I loaded up Gran Turismo 2 last night as well, and suddenly have a hankering to play it properly. Went straight from GT1 to GT3, skipping this, and then bailed out of the whole series. I hear this is by far the best version if all you want to do is churn through loads of random races and buy dad-cars from the 90s. Also, finally trying Halo on legendary here and there, having never been brave enough before. It certainly is a different experience. Loving retro gaming at the moment. The games are so easy to parse and settle into. Think a recent-ish bad experience with Titanfall 2 single player (so busy and chaotic) has turned me off anything new for a while.

    Best classic tomb raider?

    Finally completed this. Last two levels not the best, but what a great game. Wish I played it back in the day. Thought it looked and felt janky in comparison to Mario 64 from what little I played on a mate's Saturn. But it offers something completely different.

    Forgotten bangers

    Terminator 3: Redemption. Check out that helicopter bit, amazing for PS2/GC/XB!
  10. Latest dev build has fixes for funny rendering on older macs. Soul Calibur and PSO looking a lot better.
  11. BBBBBB

    Star Citizen - Fishing for Space Whales

    Haha So yeah, this looks about twice as appealing that Star Citizen in terms of being a follow-up to Privateer. Made by a handful of people, coming out on the PC, PS4 & Switch, gonna cost $30. Even that Starlink game by Ubisoft has the whole landing on planets thing going on.
  12. How's the PS1 emulation? Seen some videos of it looking full speed on some games. Bollocks surely?
  13. Tim Rogers was on the dev team for Ziggurat on the iPhone, a near perfect game. He also correctly ranked DQV as the best in the series until this showed up. He knows whats up!
  14. BBBBBB

    DOOM - Rip and Tear... Anywhere

    Motion controls on the Switch, can you aim holding two joycons like the nunchuck/remote combo on the Wii?
  15. BBBBBB

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Keep trying to re-watch this, and keep falling asleep. Weird, was very much into it at the cinema, came out on a bit of downer for a day or two, but liked it the more I thought about it, not getting the extreme hate at all. But just find it's a bit too all over the place and I think that's why I'm literally drifting off to sleep. Never mind, it's just a film.

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