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  1. Not sure about shooters but I am going to finish Alex Kid In Miracle World on the Maser System one day!
  2. Wow - This sounds amazing - may hang on for this though :- https://www.iam8bit.com/collections/sayonara-wild-hearts?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=swh
  3. Gonna take you ages to update the joycons.
  4. Nice - will give that a go tonight. I was playing with a pad as I didn't like the flight controls with the moves but on foot controls with move are excellent.
  5. Oh so you can just swap controllers or do you have to change settings?
  6. Have they changed the move controls for the spacecraft yet so it is actually flyable?
  7. Yeah you can actually read the text. Just had another couple of hours in PSVR. It's incredible.
  8. Significantly improved image quality in PSVR: reduced blurriness caused by TAA jitter and fixed low-quality terrain/atmosphere jaggies.
  9. Looks like this has had an update including aim support.
  10. Yeah. Jeff and Giles need BAFTAs ASAP. Awesome work from day 1 to present day.
  11. They were all full last night after the update. All 9 of them
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