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  1. parrapatheslapper

    Codemasters Announce GRID | 2008 or 2019?

    Grid Autosport was incredible - if this has everything from all the games in it then this could be brilliant.
  2. parrapatheslapper

    Blood and Truth

    Day fricking 1 - this will be awesome.
  3. parrapatheslapper

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Is there anyway to download and watch this on either Switch or mobile - will be perfect for my plane trip tomorrow?
  4. More to come in June..... Looks amazing!
  5. parrapatheslapper

    Gaming soundtracks on Vinyl

    Copied from ATF :- I am trying to find out if this is worth anything. I picked up a copy from the states a few years ago and it seems to have been pretty limited and the only prices I can see online seem a little OTT. Does anyone have any idea if it is worth anything?
  6. parrapatheslapper

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    Is the first one worth playing?. I need a decent FPS and nothing has scratched the itch since Doom (PS4)
  7. parrapatheslapper

    Gran Turismo Sport - Mondays 8PM UK forum races!

    Not tonight with City been on but will be back to join you in a couple of weeks due to hols. Enjoy!
  8. Cheers Andy - great info and I certainly don't want to even think about posting it!. Got me thinking about keeping it now though as like you say I won't ever get another one and certainly not at the price I paid for it!. Need to have a think but if anyone is after one on here in the Derbyshire / Manchester area give me a nudge and it might persuade me.
  9. I think the time has come to sell my Sony PVM due to space restrictions. It's only the 14" one but as much as I love it I can't justify keeping it. I am trying to get a rough idea on pricing but nothing shows up - has anyone any experience of selling one? The one I have is the PVM-1454QM and it all works great. It comes with the PVM component to scart connector so you can use it with pretty much any console.
  10. parrapatheslapper

    Rage 2 - May 14th

    Maybe they will do one with a blue swirl?
  11. parrapatheslapper

    Rage 2 - May 14th

  12. parrapatheslapper

    The Humble Thread

    LCU is out on PC?! Sold!
  13. parrapatheslapper

    Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    I started TLG multiple times before sitting down and finishing it and I wish i had done it sooner. Its a lesson in frustration but my god does it pay off.
  14. parrapatheslapper

    Alien: Isolation

    Pretty sure it would run well on Switch
  15. parrapatheslapper

    Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    I think you can also do time trails to unlock item location on the map.

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