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  1. I take it we all know about this? Would much rather a sequel the Wreckfest from Bugbear (who knows what they are up to?!) but it could be fun.
  2. It was good to be back last night! - I was very rusty but it was great fun. Apologies to who I hit head on at the end of the last race - I didn't totally intend to do it but it had started the drift into the corner early so I just stuck with it. 🤣 I think some of the guys I played with over lockdown fancy a spin again so they may join us if thats ok .
  3. Thanks - thats exactly the same as my setup - I will take a look at the access points.
  4. Could you tell me how you have done this? I have my router downstairs and my ethernet PC is connected upstairs where I primarily play my quest 2 but don't get a decent enough signal to the router from there. I also really need a new gfx card capable of decent VR if anyone has one going 😃
  5. 😯 It's not going to be for everyone but this has sold me.
  6. I keep forgetting about this - I will add it to my calendar for next week!
  7. Known issue that I thought would have been fixed by now. Make sure you don't use the voicemail machine
  8. I watched a review of this and it looked amazing. Is that the native quest version you are playing?
  9. Cheers for those tips I totally forgot about 355 so will give that a spin and try and sort out the wheel with it. Sega rally 2 running at all is impressive as I don't think redream supports any games based on the Windows platform they used.
  10. Cool. Just got a key for 16 quid for ultimate edition. Really need to upgrade my gfx card for VR though as I have a quest and that hand tracking mod looks amazing .
  11. That's this weekend sorted cheers! Had a quick spin with flycast earlier and it's bloody great.
  12. Just having a look into some PS1 mods for emulation and stumbled across this guys site https://cookieplmonster.github.io/mods/# Its a goldmine of mods for various formats but just look at these! (running in Duckstation)
  13. Quick question - this is a different game to AC: Competitionzone?
  14. Yeah it was great that you got the voice to teach you along with the screens - and then you could type in examples before moving on.
  15. Anyone remember An Invitation to Programming. My first (and last sadly) attempt at programming but it was handled in such a great way for the time.
  16. I have used redream for a while and its great for a quick setup and go but I will give Flycast via Retroarch a go. Can you play PSO via Retroach? I never played it but loved the old PS games.
  17. Never worked in one but spent a lot of time in Gamecity Stockport (and the place over the road) and Another World Hanley when they were doing imports. Great times and you got to see some very interesting people 🤣
  18. And what's a playstation portal s?
  19. Just had a spin of the demo and it seems great..aiming seems a bit off but that might have been my setup. Also the train driving game mentioned earlier seems great! Bit more to it than just driving the train thats for sure. Would love a VR densha de go.
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