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    Shame its not on PC Gamepass Not played PES in ages and fancied this.
  2. I am just on the final section of this and after coming from 60 hours of days gone this is a brilliant slice of pure Resident Evil fun. There is a lot of talk this was more designed for multiple play throughs but with the exception of upping the difficulty I can't see why? Ah should have finished reading @Timmo post.
  3. Just seen this. I was full of Xmas drink I suspect
  4. Oh really. So no point in buying the more expensive PS5 version? Seems a bit silly?
  5. I have picked up another pad for this to play with the Mrs but its still a bit pricey so going to wait it out I think. Tempting though.
  6. Picked this up on ps4 for 20 quid on Facebook. Going to be playing on PS5. Is it worth starting with now it's been updated or shall I wait for next gen patch?
  7. Me neither but I am tempted to sell my Pandora's box 2 player controller and get one of these instead.
  8. Has anyone put a preorder down for this - it looks fantastic https://www.8bitdo.com/arcade-stick/
  9. Still on for a 2021 release https://www.fig.co/campaigns/psychonauts-2/updates/1378
  10. Or drop it to normal?
  11. After falling out with this a few days ago I have now finished it and got the platinum which is only my 2nd ever and my first for an open world game which tells you all you need to know about its quality. Its just such a shame it took so long to be able to attack the hoardes as they are the best bit. Good story as well and hopefully we see a sequel.
  12. Totally agree with this and this is the first copy of Edge I have had for years (at its release date). Not sure what it is but great vibes scrolling through this issue.
  13. Not sure but if you can the full game is brilliant and well worth the price you can get it now.
  14. Yeah good month that. Been wanting to play Maneater at minimum cost.
  15. To add. I have now just got to my first hoard after 33 hours and I am playing on Normal. All has been plane sailing so far but fucking hell these are impossible. I have dropped it to easy and thats not made much of a difference. Will try a few ideas out but I am sick to death of stupid difficulty spikes in games after 30 hours. I just want to see the end of the fucking story!
  16. Totally disagree after nearly 40 hours with it. However it does bloody drag on a bit!
  17. And.. its back. Yeah - I shall power down I think from now on.
  18. Hmm just come to power on this morning via the controller. Controller comes on solid blue. PS5 sat there with flashing orange light and that's it. If you press the disk eject button it beeps and nothing happens, if you press or hold the power button nothing happens. Guess I am going to have to try the power cable again but I suspect this is due to setting it in rest mode instead of turning it off overnight. I have had zero issues with doing this previously so perhaps this is more of an issue with MM.
  19. To be fair that is the first hard crash I have had but it was a little scary and I need to remove the power cable for a while and then reboot / hard drive check seems to have resolved it. For now..
  20. 15 mins into Spiderman MM and mine has just hung during a cut scene and then shut itself down totally. And now won't power up at all..
  21. Jackbox and Buzz are about to come out. Happy Xmas Muckers.
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