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  1. I tired this after playing it in 60fps. It felt terrible
  2. More impressions please! No reviews about for this I assume?
  3. 60fps 4k PS5 patch tomorrow... https://www.vg247.com/2021/02/01/god-war-ps5-patch-4k-60fps/ Boy
  4. I dont watch much TV but Season 1 and 2 done. This is the best thing on TV ever. Roll on season 3.
  5. Thanks all - I am going to guess my I7-4790k with GTX1650 isnt going to cut it so I will have to factor in a probably PC ugrade as well which could get very pricey..
  6. Quick question. Thinking of selling my psvr VR kit and getting one or these. I have an average pc but these run games without a pc? Will I miss out on much? Can I play half life alyx?
  7. Just had a very quick look from the beginning. It's certainly a lot clearer and the menus are waaaay better. However. I sold my ps4 pad as I thought I didn't need it anymore. I forgot about VR . Have to try moves tomorrow but first impressions are very good.
  8. Probably already mentioned but I finished the single player last night and its stunning from start to finish (in VR) I have also just started Sackboys Big Adventure which is far better than I expected it to be. Add to that one of the best soundtracks in years and its one of the best launch titles ever. I am going to try and spoiler the playlist as I would recommend playing the game first!
  9. https://uploadvr.com/no-mans-sky-psvr-ps5-update-incredible-gameplay/
  10. OK tried again (Tetris Effect) and everything works as expected - however - when I move my head the whole screen moves around and follows me so its not in VR mode (depsite saying it is). Tried it in Wipeout - just gets a black screen but sound is working fine. All works fine when not using the Anker hub so not the VR kit I guess Wonder if its some PS5 setting (HDMI etc). EDIT: Sorted it! - It was the tracking lights that were all over show! - Went through config of that again and now seem to work all fine! A bit strange it sometimes did then sometimes didnt work bu
  11. Yeah same hub (non powered) and V2 PSVR - all a bit strange but I shall try again as it seems it should work!
  12. Thanks mate - I will take another look at this today and try again. Are you running V1 or V2 PSVR?
  13. Camera and hard drive are in the back. Hub coming out the front. Not ideal for my cable OCD either but it's not too bad. I was just thinking the same about PSVR2
  14. Yeah I think the PSVR camera doesnt like not been plugged into the back so had to use the hub from the front. All works fine now but might be worth bearing in mind if you get any issues
  15. Thanks mate. I have it setup in same way however wipeout black screens for ages when first starting up but then eventually starts and runs fine. I have tried tetris effect and that doesn't seem to register that I am in VR properly. All very strange but I shall continue to test it out.
  16. This has turned up today but I'm having issues. The camera and external hard drive have to be plugged into the back of the console so can you share how yours is set up? Thanks! Edit. So camera doesn't have to be plugged in the back. So I have my ext HD and anker hub coming out the back. Into the hub is psvr camera and USB from psvr hub. Problem I am getting is a black screen for a while in start up on wipeout and some stranger than expected goings on in paranormal activity. Maybe I need to try and new hdmi cable.
  17. What a great month! Was about to get Concrete Genie but no need now and looking forward to Control on PS5 as I have held back on it.
  18. Digital foundry write up is available. Sounds... Good.
  19. Charging docs seem to be available at shopto
  20. I can help if you change your mind (assuming its a disk version)
  21. Mine was after latest update running RT 60fps mode. I have an external drive plugged in. Pretty sure my hard crashes were only during cut scenes though but I maybe wrong. Had 3 overall where it was an unplug ps5 job.
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